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  1. Sam is the same quarterback he was coming out of USC, maybe a little worse given his pocket PTSD.
  2. It's kind of an "oh poo I am on the hot seat" moment for Matt Rhule, he knows there is no way he can roll into 2022 with Sam, Cam, or a rookie and keep his job. It is poorly timed adjustment for years of QB negligence.
  3. I do think Baker is more likely. It really is a fluid situation as I understand it.
  4. Oh for sure. What I have heard for months now is Jimmy/Baker. Just a matter of whose chips fall first. I am guessing it will be the Browns eating Baker's contract to get him off the team sooner rather than later. Don't want the idea that he could start when Watson is suspended to linger, it is Jacoby's job if that is the case (Or Darnold's should that happen that way)
  5. It would be very awkward to be put in the same position as last year for sure.
  6. I think they are kind of keeping Cam at arms length honestly. They much prefer other QBs but Cam wouldn't be the worst fall back plan?
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