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  1. I am really not looking forward to these threads for the next 8 months.
  2. Signing Donte over Gilmore would make literally no sense.
  3. What a clown show that we see tweets about interviews for HC and GM positions followed by "Carolina interviewed Scottie Montgomery for OC" lmao
  4. New Orleans had four different QBs and were right in the thick of the playoffs. Ben Roethlisberger is one of the worst QBs in the league right now but is playing this weekend. Mac Jones is not exactly a world beater either, but again, playing this weekend. Those teams all have something beyond the QB, and that is fantastic coaches. We probably have the worst QB and HC in the league right now.
  5. what coach says this about players? I can't think of another coach who does??? Especially after the season?
  6. I have been sitting with this all day. What kind of logic is this? You have confidence in a head coach steering the future of your franchise solely based on if he can find an OC that you like? Otherwise you will fire him? That makes no sense. If this is your reasoning, just find a HC you do have confidence without these weird contingencies. Go hire Kellen Moore/Byron Leftwich/etc as HC if you want a great OC. This is seriously the dumbest thing that has come out of our owner, and that is saying a lot.
  7. Be careful, Joe Person might report all of our enthusiasm for Darnold
  8. Hey in 7 years I won't have depression.
  9. Do you think I could bill Matt Rhule for my therapy?
  10. For this game? Not really. The draft position doesn't matter, we are still trotting out the worst QB in the NFL out there behind the worst offensive line in the NFL, we make zero adjustments to the opposing team, the team looks absolutely lethargic, and it is truly boring to watch this current team. I am simply echoing the same energy as a viewer as the team and coach is putting out.
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