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  1. Brooks can certainly be a three down back but Stewart did look like this coming out of Oregon.
  2. Both those charts show Mac Jones was off the charts good, which I find very interesting.
  3. Brooks Hubbard Sanders Penny Is a pretty solid RB room. It wouldn't surprise me if they carried four into the season.
  4. I dropped my prediction in the Huddle discord. I said Legette or McConkey at 33 but they jumped a pick. I think they are targeting Edgerin Cooper or Mike Sainristil today.
  5. Corley almost certainly won't last that long, but in this mock he did.
  6. This isn't based on any real source or anything. I just really really like Washington and he was there when we picked in this mock I did lol
  7. I expect every thread on the huddle to turn into a Bryce Young height thread at this point. I will say, Houston definitely had Young as their QB1.
  8. Harrison Nabers Odunze Thomas Jr. Coleman Mitchell Franklin Plus one or two others could easily be first rounders. My guess right now is six but I could definitely see eight.
  9. Only if we can get the defense to squat
  10. Hi all, hope everyone is well. I made my first official mock of the season over on USA Today. This is without a ton of intel other than what positions they value moving forward, but I thought it would be fun to give a little of my input on players I have studied and throw out some good picks with us. I really love our first pick here, and it's a guy who I really feel has a first round skillset. https://pantherswire.usatoday.com/lists/panthers-2024-mock-draft-3-0-post-super-bowl-lviii-edition/
  11. We need three new quality players in the interior. You cannot have a season wrecked by an injury.
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