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  1. This list is sily. 1. Andy Reid/Eric Bieniemy 2. Kyle Shannahan 3. Sean McVay 4. Sean Payton 5. Brian Daboll 6. Greg Roman 7. Bruce Arians/Byron Leftwich 8. Matt Lafleur 9. Josh McDaniels 10. Frank Reich 11. Arthur Smith 12. Kellen Moore Our boy is good and young, but he is not a top 10 guy right now. He will probably get there, but you can't put him above guys like Shannahan, Payton, Roman, etc etc
  2. Oher and Remmers were pretty darn dominant and very consistent during the regular season.
  3. Gross is honestly a pretty good comp for Christensen.
  4. What happened to the last set of younglings again?
  5. I had expected us to be in on Leno or Fisher, but there has been no noise in that regard. There isn't anything left on the trade market or FA market, which makes that position pretty much set. Are we really comfortable allowing Erving/Little/Scott/Christensen duke it out to protect our new franchise QBs blindside? What if that fails miserably as history suggests it will? I find it hard to believe our staff shrugged their shoulders at the second most important position in football, but here we are.
  6. HOME OPPONENTS Tampa Bay Buccaneers-L New Orleans Saints-W Atlanta Falcons-W Washington Football Team-W Philadelphia Eagles-W New York Jets-W New England Patriots-L Minnesota Vikings-W AWAY OPPONENTS Tampa Bay Buccaneers-L New Orleans Saints-L Atlanta Falcons-L Dallas Cowboys-L New York Giants-W Buffalo Bills-L Miami Dolphins-L Arizona Cardinals-W Houston Texans-W 9-8 Sounds about right.
  7. Mmm I don't think that was Simmons. Interesting though, I had not heard that.
  8. Wasn't the moving to 3 inquiry before we got Sam?
  9. I had said Derick Brown if he was there, but thought Simmons was the pick if not. Was that not the case? Genuinely curious.
  10. I know there were some people in the building like Fields, but not the right people. Once Darnold became our QB we became committed to him, clearly. I also thought we would have taken Mac Jones at 8, which obviously was not the case. Fields was not in the conversation at 8, not really anyway.
  11. Hard to say. I don't think they had any intention of drafting a QB in this class unless it was Lawrence as more stuff comes out.
  12. 1. Pitts 2. Sewell 3. Chase 4. Horn
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