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  1. I think it is silly, but I do know they will try and get Pitts. Wouldn't be surprised with an Alabama WR either.
  2. Because he doesn't want to be here and there is mutual interest to facilitate a trade.
  3. Probably drop his pay before a trade to minimize a cap hit.
  4. Will Sam being away from Gase make him the franchise QB he was meant to be? Who knows. Will he be better because he no longer has Adam case as his HC/OC? 1,000% yes. Here is a good video breaking down how the offensive design Sam was given lead to failure, and how Gase never put Sam in a good position to succeed.
  5. The more tape I watch on Slater, the more I am convinced he can and will be a dominant LT. Either way, you are getting a force of an offensive lineman.
  6. I'll have a final mock draft coming in a few weeks but as of this moment I think Lawrence Wilson Mac Lance Chase/Pitts Pitts/Sewell Waddle/Fields/Smith Sewell/Slater
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