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  1. Pretty sure Daniel Jeremiah reads my posts He just mocked Wilson and Lance over Fields
  2. Yeah I did have a first round grade based on his potential, like multiple other NFL teams, shame he didn't live up to it. I am glad the Panthers took Burns over him in the first round. Would love to see your scouting report on him
  3. Oh yeah? Me reporting the Panthers had heavy interest in Little in the first means I thought he should have? Reading comprehension is tough.
  4. Right around the price range, probably throw in a 2nd and a couple more mid round picks though. The price is insanely high.
  5. People should definitely get it out of their minds that CMC wouldn't be potentially involved in the trade for Watson. Everything is on the table right now.
  6. I can't imagine they would let Stafford walk for anything less than #8 tbh
  7. The number #1 priority for Tepper and Rhule this offseason is getting a QB. Whether that is trading up for Zach Wilson or trading for Watson/Stafford/Whoever, it will happen.
  8. At least three teams had a round 1 grade on Little. Multiple teams also had a 1st round grade on Cody Ford.
  9. I think you should certainly watch every game he played in 2019 to get a better idea of the overall sum, but this is a good place to start. Some very impressive throws outside the numbers and on the move.
  10. I'd like to take the time to pat my own back for having both of them QB1 or QB2 during most of the process. You can never overstate the importance of a big arm that can throw across the field with added mobility. I thought people were insane for discrediting Allen and certainly Herbert. ALWAYS TRUST THE TAPE.
  11. I honestly would not read too much into the one game that Lance played this year, most front offices certainly won't. The 2019 tells a pretty insane story for Lance, and that tape is going to stick. Will he go ahead of Fields? I honestly have no idea, I think he should, but I can certainly understand either argument.
  12. Again, I still think Fields is plenty worthy of a first round pick, don't get it twisted. He IS better than Haskins, but I certainly think he has more concerns than a Wilson or Lance. (sorry for the delayed response, I am currently moving across the country)
  13. NFL throws are NFL throws regardless of level of competition. Wilson consistently rose his team above everyone else, it was almost always on Wilson and he pulled through. Fields struggled against IU and Northwestern. OSU could have lost games BECAUSE of Fields. You expect an elite blue chip QB on an elite football team to help carry an elite team, Fields certainly did that against Clemson, but I do think he is inconsistent in too many games.
  14. I tell you all every year Tape >>> Stats. I'll get into the whole Fields vs Lance/Wilson thing later. Just know that Fields game against Clemson certainly helped him a lot, but you should go back and watch his two previous game as well a spay attention to where his deep balls land against Clemson with keeping in mind in the NFL DBs are going to drape receivers and your QB is going to have under 3 seconds to throw.
  15. I think the "character issue" thing is extremely overblown with Wilson. His teammates would die for him and his growth has proven he works hard day in and day out. Comparisons to Manziel are lazy and I am not sure what they are based on at all. Not to mention Wilson is a much better prospect that Manziel was coming out.
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