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  1. Hoping to see him soon. If he doesn't play he will obviously be bumped as he won't come out. The physical tools are insane and it's very early in the season. Probably three.
  2. 1. Evan Neal 2. Rasheed Walker 3. Zion Nelson 4. Charles Cross 5. Logan Brown For me right now
  3. We have a very very young core, we do not need to rush anything or spend massive amounts of draft capital on any position that isn't QB.
  4. It is so massively obvious he has improved on things he has struggled with for years. Has he made some dumb decisions? Sure, but those are less common than the number of 'wow' throws we see every game. He is a huge upgrade over Teddy and has shown he can drive this team straight into the playoffs. Stop making excuses for his success, we have dominated every football game we have played this year.
  5. I am perfectly fine with the pick we made. Horn is obviously a monster, so is Slater, it is what it is.
  6. We will have to play much better than we did today, but we can very clearly shut done the run which is what NO will rely on.
  7. We are not interested RIGHT NOW. I really doubt we are out of the race should Sam Darnold fail. Just a matter of timelines really. Front office confidence in Darnold is very high, but we all know that can change in a matter of weeks.
  8. It was a very close competition, one of them not being at risk of COVID protocols certainly tipped the scales into a decision. Once they knew it was Mac, no point in having Cam breathing down your franchise QBs neck.
  9. Definitely not happening ATM. Confidence in Darnold in the building is very high.
  10. Not a huge fan of the deal. Like it even less if it means losing DJ, which isn't a guarantee by any means.
  11. Always surreal when it happens, and always so sad to hear. We are all family here. RIP CosmoGirl and Jimmy.
  12. Try "bird chewing through the $300 complete in box collector video game" sometime.
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