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  1. 11 hours ago, Waldo said:

    I'm always happy for football, I'm just not wasting that driving time to drink and watch a poorly run or constructed team, I can do a lot more of that from home. Hopefully it's worth it this year. I'm not driving to watch Teddy, Sam Darnoldson or Mac Jones quality lead teams. 


    I can 100% guarantee Sam Darnoldson will not be leading the team. 

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  2. 5 hours ago, Sean Payton's Vicodin said:

    our WFT winning culture made sure we have no shot at getting him

    Get help.  A therapist would do wonders for you, buddy.

    Your pal,

    Sir Purr

  3. Just now, PootieNunu said:

    Well I guess you don't have the intellectual fortitude to realize the ramifications that came along with winning said football game.

    Now we get to watch our division rival Falcons pick ahead of us along with a handful of other teams.

    I want the Falcons to pick in front of us EVERY year.  You should too, actually.

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  4. 6 minutes ago, PootieNunu said:

    Ok lets go by your logic. Screw it lets throw Teddy two yards back out there again with no obvious plan to upgrade and suck another season. Hell we already missed the playoffs three years straight, lets make it four or even go for 10 so you can enjoy us winning meaningless games late in a lost season. It will be ok we can beat up on poo teams with trash coaches. 

    If the team wants a QB they will figure out a way to get one. Just because they are picking a few spots lower does not change a thing, LOL.   You guys are funny.

  5. 1 minute ago, PootieNunu said:

    Thats what you do in the NFL. Nobody is out there trying to throw games, guys are trying to put their best on film to earn their next contract. Still being an idiot on a message board just to rile other fans is stupid and immature.  No actual Panthers fan is glad we won that game and went from picking at 3 to 8.

    I assure you there are. I'm one.

  6. 2 minutes ago, PootieNunu said:

    You pull for wins when you are in the playoff hunt. You seem to come from the MoRon Rivera coaching tree. Winning when you are out of the playoffs does nothing at all.

    Dont try to act like you are all high and mighty because you pulled for us to win a meaningless game. Three years now we have sat out of the playoffs that is being a loser.

    Some of us actually want to get a QB to put us back in the playoffs consistently. 

    YOU may only pull for wins when they are in the playoff hunt.  Not me.

    If never pulling for my team to lose makes me high and mighty so be it. 

    So pull for losses so we can get someone on the team to help us not lose?  Gotcha.


  7. 1 hour ago, nctarheelreincarnated said:

    Guy literally adds no value to the Forum. 



    Someone has to help offset the losers who actively want their team to throw games over a crapshoot draft pick.  Pull for wins not picks!

  8. 1 hour ago, GoobyPls said:

    Imagine if Wilson, Lance or Fields go on to become a great QBs and we miss out on them cause of this meaningless bs game

    Imagine if Wilson, Lance & Fields end up being scrubs and the guy we draft at 8 becomes great but would have missed out on him because we lost that game and drafted one of them instead. It works both ways. There are NO guarantees in the draft, not even Lawrence.  Everyone whining about winning a game and losing draft position forget the NFL is about winning games not who gets the highest draft pick.  Get over it.

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  9. Just now, mav1234 said:

    Hey guys this thread is getting stale let's make a new one on this topic 

    I think this is the only thread about this subject?  The others are whining about it. I'm dead serious. My favorite win of the season. 

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