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  1. It's going to be the most popular club here.
  2. Well, technically I guess we should have lost all of the games to ensure the number one pick. Let's root for that next year, and maybe the year after as well? You tanker guys let me know when it's cool to start pulling for W's again.
  3. I think he stumbled across this message board.
  4. No. This is a thread of a fan seeing a need and working on filling said need. How many shall I put you down for?
  5. I'm going to trademark it and make shirts for some of you guys. Let me know what size and color you prefer below.
  6. On second thought Keep Whining. That should be the Huddles motto it goes well with Keep Pounding.
  7. The Steelers only scored 17 against them 2 weeks ago and the Seahawks only scored 20 against them last week. Quit whining.
  8. 9 first round picks on that roster, 3 of them were top 10. Try again.
  9. Look at all of the Super Bowls they won by doing so!
  10. So two players is wildly inaccurate? He said a TEAM of high draft picks and name-brand superstars and you picked two. LOL
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