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  1. I'm going to bump this every time Darnold wins to remind you that you're wrong.
  2. Finally something we can agree on.
  3. I'm seeing a ghost right now. I killed your account with our bet but here you are.
  4. Did Darnold kick your dog or something? Your constant dogging him before giving him a chance to see what he can do here is getting old. Give it a rest. We get it. You dont like him.
  5. https://stathead.com/football/pcm_finder.cgi?player_id2=DarnSa00&player_id1=AlleJo02&sum=0&request=1
  6. I. Know. You are still trying to make something out of nothing. You can talk to players before you draft them. I dont know how else to break it down for you.
  7. You can talk to players before you draft them.
  8. 1. Darnold takes a liking to massage parlors. 2. CMC decides to hang up the cleats and become a yoga instructor. 3. Horn gets abducted by aliens, probed and loses his desire to play football. 4. DJ Moore and Robbie Anderson demand that Rhule let them tie their legs together and play WR as the 3 legged man. Could keep going but these are the main ones
  9. Just stop trying to create problems/ drama when there is none. Its ridiculous.
  10. So you can win titles missing in round 1? I thought you said "you cant miss in round 1." Which is it?
  11. You obviously have never seen the Patriots draft.
  12. I seriously wonder how some of you people make it through the day. Just looking for things to worry about.
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