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  1. You guys will whine about anything.....
  2. There are some weak minded bitches around here......
  3. I can 100% guarantee Sam Darnoldson will not be leading the team.
  4. Get help. A therapist would do wonders for you, buddy. Your pal, Sir Purr
  5. Not worried. I have been assured by the Huddle that ALL 14 QB's will be gone by pick 8.
  6. Half of the huddle just got hard.
  7. Funny seeing guys talking about first round draft picks busting are the same ones saying we should lose on purpose to get a higher pick.
  8. Thanks, I was always bad at math.
  9. I want the Falcons to pick in front of us EVERY year. You should too, actually.
  10. If the team wants a QB they will figure out a way to get one. Just because they are picking a few spots lower does not change a thing, LOL. You guys are funny.
  11. I assure you there are. I'm one.
  12. YOU may only pull for wins when they are in the playoff hunt. Not me. If never pulling for my team to lose makes me high and mighty so be it. So pull for losses so we can get someone on the team to help us not lose? Gotcha.
  13. Someone has to help offset the losers who actively want their team to throw games over a crapshoot draft pick. Pull for wins not picks!
  14. Imagine if Wilson, Lance & Fields end up being scrubs and the guy we draft at 8 becomes great but would have missed out on him because we lost that game and drafted one of them instead. It works both ways. There are NO guarantees in the draft, not even Lawrence. Everyone whining about winning a game and losing draft position forget the NFL is about winning games not who gets the highest draft pick. Get over it.
  15. I like to think so. We are undefeated on the road since that win!
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_eibQlFap0
  17. Around page 30 is when reality starts to set in for the tankers. LOL Good read!
  18. Probably watch it again tonight while reading the game day thread here.
  19. I think this is the only thread about this subject? The others are whining about it. I'm dead serious. My favorite win of the season.
  20. Don't care if we would have dropped to 20th. Still my favorite win of the season.
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