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  1. I really think people lie in bed at night thinking of things to bitch about when they get on the huddle in the morning.
  2. Yeah, I got mixed up on the per reception vs per game. Anyways, I think we can all agree we have much larger problems than Terrace Marshall.
  3. He averaged 20 yds per reception in the preseason. Pretty much the exact same as he's averaging per game like you posted.....
  4. LOL " Sam darnold which easily could have been a first round draft pick this year because of his age it’s like a got a big time steal guy has all the tools coming from a terrible offense , could be the biggest steal . Adding these weapons to mccaffrey, dj Moore , Robby Anderson lsu beast terrace Marshall , David Moore which is so underrated . This will be the last year we have joe Brady , cheerish , what better way to get a head coach shot than winning a super bowl . I feel a magical year . 8 of those loses came late and by a td or less sounds familiar? 2014 vibes ? What happened the next year 2015 15-1 super bowl appearance what if I told you this team is better ? Really all comes down to daronold but I think we hit the lotto . I will be betting $100 on us winning the super bowl . Don’t be shocked if it’s a jags panthers or panthers patriots "
  5. Samuel averaged 6 targets per game. Marshall is averaging 3 per game PLUS he is a rookie. All I am saying is give him time. Everyone expects instant results. It's not realistic.
  6. He has caught 14 of 22 targets for 116 yards. Averaging 8.3 yards per reception. He is a rookie who is the 3rd or 4th option at best. Not sure what you expected?
  7. 4Corners the type of guy who cancels his doctor's appointment because he's sick.
  8. I never thought I would have said this 3 weeks ago, but there's a pretty good chance the Panthers beat the 1-5 Giants. There have been far too many moments they appear motivated, rested, and properly coached. They have been downright exciting to watch at times. They do not appear like a team that went 0-2 at one point. Quite frankly the Panthers do not seem to like losing anymore. A win against a very bad, injury depleted Giants team would signal a firm turnaround to finish the season. There would be no hope of losing another game if the Panthers beat this bottom 5 team, and there is every reason to believe the winning streak will be much longer if it begins on Sunday. Who should get the credit? Should there be some coach promotions? Paying some starters?
  9. Craig the type of guy to pick up prostitutes in GTA and take them to safer neighborhoods.
  10. This right here is the type of high quality content that keeps me coming back. Great work OP!
  11. You guys laugh now, but I bet we won't get out of November before the tankers come out. I'm just trying to be prepared.
  12. I know how much some of you guys love pulling for losses to get dRaFt PiCkS! When does Huddle tank season officially start? I'm new at this and want to be prepared, I may even buy jerseys of the opposing teams so I can really get into the spirit this year. Thanks in advance! Your pal, Sir Purr
  13. Y’all some impatient mfers. Damn. Give the guy some time to learn the system before you start whining about a 3rd round pick.
  14. Neither is Minshew. I don’t get your man crush on him.
  15. Lol at this entire place
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