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  1. Then quit being a bitch about the first round picks. Just let Fitt know who to draft in the second,third, and fourth rounds since you know everything.
  2. Nothing is more important than early draft picks. Not a damn thing. At least that's what I have been told here.
  3. Damn, y'all draft nerds never stop.
  4. People who want their team to lose for draft picks eat corn on the cob longways.
  5. You’re just pissed your team won.
  6. Minnesota is really screwing up their draft position.
  7. And I didn't type fug by the way.
  8. Sacking the QB on 4th down ends a potential scoring drive, I would classify that has helping to win a game.
  9. Yes, but what I posted was completed seasons, this season is not complete. Who ties your shoes?
  10. So, me posting a link showing Burns stats was me saying he was better than Bosa? Makes sense I guess. The stat was not wrong because it went from 2019-2021 not my fault you are too dense to understand that. This season is not completed yet, those stats will be updated once it is.
  11. Show me where I said that. I posted a link to the Panthers bio page of Brian Burns which included stats up to last year then you brought up Bosa.
  12. So we don't need 1st round picks, we can just take better players in the 4th round. You should let the GM know.
  13. I'm not crowning anyone, just pointing out what you said was patently false. Some of y'all just love being miserable and ALWAYS looking for something to bitch and moan about. Lighten up, enjoy watching the team you supposedly like when they win. You never know when it may be your last Panther game as no one is promised tomorrow.
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