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  1. lol, then why didn't Peterson say "well, during covid this was what we did as well" He didn't. He laughed at what Teddy said.
  2. People who have bad opinions, whom I couldn't care less about.. ya
  3. The Dolphins are the most recent example. The Panthers did it successfully not that long ago.
  4. Why? I'm sure it will be nothing of subtance. They'd be dumb to take that bait.
  5. Pretty easy to do so considering it is actual evidence that supports negative opinions of the staff.
  6. Clearly you read none of this thread.
  7. That's fair... Fields might be great, but hearing that he's a LIFO guy is a huge red flag. You can't do that and be effective in the NFL unless you're a legit super athlete like Vick.
  8. Meh. I dunno. Teddy was limited, but Allen was flat out dumb a lot of times. Honestly, I think Heinecke might be the best of the 3.
  9. Not a Fields guy. The stuff leaked about his work ethic scared everyone off. Would've preferred Jones.
  10. Come on, Teddy wasn't that bad. He's the main reason why we missed on the top 2 QBs.
  11. Who said we needed to intentionally lose? We should've sold off everything that's not nailed down to get as bad as possible and lost the natural way. You know... like how normal teams rebuild.
  12. What does several mean for you? 3 in a row or is that not enough? Pederson had tons of warning signs as they slowly turned to poo. I'd compare Lurie more to Tepper than Jerry. Jerry was loyal to a fault. Lurie and Tepper seem to be irrational.
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