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  1. I don't see us grabbing a WR in rounds 1 or 2 at all. Robby sounds like he loves it in Carolina and wants to stay. So I say a WR early would be the biggest surprise.
  2. Chin... Chins... Double Chin.. Jeremy Chinn... I think they're on to something
  3. The only way I am not going LT with the 8th pick is if Kyle Pitts is sitting there waiting to hear his name
  4. I think too many people are looking at this as a "Bears" type move. Yes it has a hint of desperation but remember that we aren't a QB away from being a contender. This was a safe move to build the entire roster through the draft. We already ruined the relationship with teddy so there was no way he was QB1 heading into week 1. Sam will most definitely improve his numbers... now it may not be by much but he is stepping into a much better situation. That being said.. he is just a better looking placeholder if you ask me, but if he winds up being more than that then our FO did a great
  5. Best Case: Fields/Wilson Most Likely: Lance Worst Case: Darnold This is the way I see it at this point.
  6. That had to be a record for most poo reactions on an initial comment
  7. I think you need to create a third category for someone of Tom Brady's talent. He belongs in a "Hybrid" category because he does "what needs to be done" in what situation he is in. I think you could argue Tom can be both a gunslinger and a game manager depending on what the defense throws at him. Also depending on what your views on what a gunslinger or a game manager is. This is just my opinion though
  8. My guess is that any QB coming in will have a good enough head on their shoulders to ask Cam via social media or however.
  9. Glad rod wave dropped, i need some sad poo to listen to
  10. I never said he was. But If we are 'All in" on our QB and I doubt that ATL trades with us....
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