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  1. Now go get our OC and go get our QB. Im very excited for this season.
  2. Analysis | Why did the Seahawks move on from Kris Richard as defensive coordinator? A look at the numbers https://www.seattletimes.com/sports/seahawks/was-kris-richards-downfall-that-he-blitzed-too-much-a-look-into-the-numbers/ Edit: sorry the title/link is so large.
  3. From used car sales man to used carr? jokes aside, I’m take the wait and see approach here. Im not mad at the hire, but im not excited. The OC, DC hire as well as who we grab as our future QB will directly effect how excited i am for 2023. But i am by no means mad or disappointed in the hire.
  4. Ravens also parted ways with their OC
  5. Why do you care? You’re basically just asking do you want Sean Payton.
  6. Didn’t know that was a OSU thing. Thanks for that info.
  7. Also pushes back his possible big contract resign if he actually becomes a franchise guy, another year. Not sure if he’s thinking that far ahead though. And I don’t think he is a lock to go #1 (or #2) to texans. Maybe if he was a lock like trevor was coming out that would be more viable. But he’ll still go to a terrible team if he waits till next year. Random: He had an interview on the pivot podcast last year with bijon robinson (texas rb). He sounded very religious and well spoken if you wanna give it a watch/listen.
  8. All of Watson, Wilson, and Lamar are completely different situations. Watson hadn’t played football in 2 seasons, most think Pete knew Wilson may be past his prime, and Lamar just can’t stay healthy a full season (& may be losing his locker room). Not advocating for Lamar, but I don’t think we can keep comparing all three situations just because of bad play. A lot of factors in play. If next season Watson and/ Wilson plays great then what. Big IF but who knows with a new coaching staff, etc.
  9. I think there’s two things going for us… (for those who want ben johnson) 1. We have the second richest owner in the league 2. This may or may not be his dream job (don’t think that’s been confirmed yet)
  10. Ill probably find a different way to post information i see since its acting weird
  11. Sorry I don’t have a twitter so im posting screenshots of panthers accounts i follow on instagram
  12. So virtual and in-person interview? That means he’s the only Candidate with essentially two interviews so far?
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