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  1. Would’ve liked for him to have gotten preseason reps, i fully expect him to be better.
  2. Looking forward to reading. Was great last year.
  3. 1st preseason game with A LOT of new additions to this team. Calm down. Will be good film full of mistakes for this coaching staff to point to. I remember a lot of people saying they trust this staff (i was/am 1), so lets trust them.
  4. I thought it was great. And i think the quarterbacks they chose were perfect. It showed 3 quarterbacks in 3 different tiers and situations.
  5. Probably his team trying to get the Patriots offer to his liking (more money).
  6. Gonna have to go ahead and buy a bryce young and brian burns jersey. Haven't been this excited in a while.
  7. Now go get our OC and go get our QB. Im very excited for this season.
  8. Analysis | Why did the Seahawks move on from Kris Richard as defensive coordinator? A look at the numbers https://www.seattletimes.com/sports/seahawks/was-kris-richards-downfall-that-he-blitzed-too-much-a-look-into-the-numbers/ Edit: sorry the title/link is so large.
  9. From used car sales man to used carr? jokes aside, I’m take the wait and see approach here. Im not mad at the hire, but im not excited. The OC, DC hire as well as who we grab as our future QB will directly effect how excited i am for 2023. But i am by no means mad or disappointed in the hire.
  10. Ravens also parted ways with their OC
  11. Why do you care? You’re basically just asking do you want Sean Payton.
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