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  1. DJ Moore is a production guy. He isn't a WR1 because he doesn't give his all on 100% of his routes. Maybe my eyes deceive me and its just a blame Joe Brady thing. Brian Burns creates good pressure, and has been playing pretty well. He may be playing below where we want because in our eyes he should be doing what hasaan is doing right now. I think he just gets too greedy and bites too much when trying to get the big plays. All of our DTs have been playing poor this year Chinn has played well. I don't have any complaints with him. Robby is questionable. Not sure if he took a step back or if play-calling is hurting him. I never was a big fan of Jermaine Carter. He is a depth piece.
  2. Bailey Zappe in the 4th round. Very intelligence kid with good footwork/mechanics in a very pass-happy offense. He has a chance to set single-season NCAA records in both Touchdowns (Joe Burrow holds with 60) and Pass yds (not sure who holds that record).
  3. Would love to see change in OL Coach, TE Coach and OC. Not sure/on the fence about ST Coach due to the same reasons you pointed out. Great breakdown. Don't think I could've done it better if I was paid to do it.
  4. Think about how well Adam Gase probably sold his case to owners in the past lmao
  5. Not sure who you may have as a late round guy that you'd either love to have or just thinks may have some value to step in now or develop and step in later. I hope to see a lot of OL in our draft and/or free agency haul. But one guy I've had my eye on is Bailey Zappe. Stats and video on why below. Not saying we should draft him, but in a weak QB class he seems to be a nice late round pick (4th round). I would prefer we go OL and take a QB in 2023 but this is a guy to look at if looking at QBs this year.
  6. In a red jersey obviously. But I really hope he isn't being rushed back.
  7. Breaking: Reddick currently leads his position in NFC Pro Bowl voting.
  8. ahhhh memories. Idk which one put me on my ass more. This or 4 loco
  9. First thing my cheap ass saw was $75 a bottle. Still gonna buy at least one. But bet that ima bitch about it.
  10. Exactly the reason why this thread has no mentions of DTs
  11. Defensive ends Haason Reddick and Brian Burns have been a two-men wrecking crew all season. Reddick, through 11 weeks, has collected an NFC-high 10.5 sacks—behind only Cleveland’s Myles Garrett (13.0) and Pittsburgh’s T.J. Watt (12.5) for the league lead. And Burns’ 7.0 quarterback takedowns aren’t that far off. Reddick and Burns are also amongst the best “defeats” artists thus far. Defeats, measured by Football Outsiders, qualify as any of the following: -A tackle that results in a loss of yardage, including sacks. -Any play that results in a turnover, including tipped passes which are then intercepted. -Any tackle or tipped pass that leads to a stop on third or fourth down. And the pair ranks third and fourth in the stat. To cover all of our pass-rushing, backfield-disrupting bases—Reddick heads into Week 12 with 12 tackles for a loss, 16 quarterback hits and 31 total pressures. Burns has recorded 10, 13 and 33, respectively, in those categories. https://pantherswire.usatoday.com/2021/11/24/panthers-haason-reddick-brian-burns-defeats/
  12. Robby. Now build an OL so we can have time to let plays develop and let guys get separation and run those double move, big hitter plays.
  13. A rebuilding team with enough weapons to have opportunities to win.
  14. ahhh memory is a lil foggy preciate it
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