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  1. Good post. I think whichever team can stop the others running back the most wins. Kamara helped Winston a lot in week 1 by him only needing to throw 20 passes. If we can get that number to 30, 40 we will definitely have multiple opportunities to create turnovers. But maybe the same can be said if CMC is stopped and/or limited by the opposing defense. This game will be muchhh better to kind of evaluate where we are as a team.
  2. I mean they probably win the pass-block at around 2.5 seconds, but likely won't get a sack until (likely between) 3-4 seconds. So the play is designed to get the ball out quickly but doesn't mean your receivers will always be open that fast which led to a lot of quick check-downs and screen plays. I think its a loss for us cause it leads to 7234667 check downs to CMC and we need to limit the amount of hits this man takes on a weekly basis
  3. Damn I didn't know that, thanks for the info. Guess ill just keep my lil 5 dollars lol
  4. I got $5 on Eberle in the end. But Zane will get his lil chance next week. I wonder if they waste a depth position on having two kickers on the active roster (with eberle on practice squad)
  5. I think if you can get a perfectly placed corn on the tip of your big toe... it increases your power +10
  6. I just gotta get a timberland endorsement. If they make me some cleats maybe just maybe... I can hit that kick from the 33 lol
  7. I can kick if they wanna sign someone else that won't "earn their trust" Lemme clip my toe nails real quick
  8. I guess everything I saw was just highlights and overreaction to 5TDs. Or maybe the topic is just focused on Rodgers play. Thanks for the info and post. I definitely never saw this play.
  9. Didn't watch the game. I apologize should've said that. And i wasn't trying to word it like I was. I just want a little insight on what we expect to see next week.
  10. Regardless... We are playing the Saints and Rodgers doesn't play on the Saints and definitely doesn't play on the defensive side of the ball. I saw 10 QB pressures (0 TFL, 0 sacks) and I saw 5 TD's still being thrown with 0 turnovers. Im not sure how our secondary compares to the Packers. I mean I know we can and will generate pressure, but you have to think Sean Payton is really putting Winston in the best position. Still, I think if we can limit Kamara and force Winston to make more throws than he did against the packers that is the key.
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