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  1. Being part of the can’t fish worth a fug crew, i caught a sun burn today
  2. Burns is back today also couldn’t read report but Panthers social posted burns today
  3. I invited myself but they declined
  4. Olave with second round grade and Trevor Penning with im assuming a third round grade Could still turn out to be good players but yikes considering what they gave up for that extra 1st
  5. TE Isaiah Likely Coastal Carolina
  6. And as a coach he has to just take responsibility and get better as coach if they part ways. Its not like he won’t get a coaching job after (in the college ranks)
  7. Im sure fathers of these kids are just proud their kids are going to the nfl.
  8. At least the hornets had a winning record this year. While we’re waiting 7 years for that the jay-z way…
  9. (From the outside looking in) I like DJ moores contract, but not so much Robby. (Reality) Robby could play up to his contract or even out play his contract. Is it likely with the QB (Darnold, PJ, Rookie) he’ll have? Maybe not. He did do pretty well with Teddy so maybe after an improved OL, but still prolly no improvement at decision making when it comes to QB play. in the end, i like DJ’s contract but i think the money used on Robby could’ve been used elsewhere. Maybe we could’ve saved some of next year’s cap instead of pushing a lot to next year.
  10. Ahh understood. I keep thinking people are talking about what they want, not what they expect, to happen.
  11. So next years qb class is way better, and you wanna take a chance on a qb this year when the potential for bust is much higher on these qbs in this class. Especially with the coaching and culture we currently have. Just take OL in draft and keep picks next for year. Leave these 2022 qbs alone.
  12. Thought we were doing what we want to happen. Not what we expect to happen. My bad
  13. Roll with Darnold. Continue to build the roster. Find QB in 2023 draft. Maybe even a new head coach and OC if we’re lucky.
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