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  1. i am with you and that’s crazy to me. I have been all in on this franchise since 1994, before they ever played a snap. I was all in living in NJ and couldn’t have been more passionate about this team. I attended 3 games a year while living out of state. Went to college in North Carolina and had season tickets. Would make annual trips to Charlotte with my fiancé/wife in the summer. Would spend hundreds of dollars on panthers gear/memorabilia a year (couldn’t tell you the last time I spent a dollar on panthers anything). My entire basement is a shrine to the panthers. The middle names of my children are Charlotte and Cameron. The name of my dog is Julius. my fandom has never wavered no matter how bleak things looked in the past, but the duo of Rhule and Tepper changed everything. They did something I never thought was possible and actually have me indifferent about this franchise. next year will be the first year ever I don’t have the Sunday ticket since it came out. I cancelled directv after last season ended. people can call me fair weather or whatever, but it’s simply not true. I care too much about this franchise to just accept mediocrity. Who am I kidding? Mediocrity would be a gigantic upgrade to what we are witnessing now. The state of this franchise has never been worse and that includes 2001 and 2010. I have zero faith in the idiots in charge and fear things are only going to get worse before they get better. that is my long winded way of saying I’ve also never been less excited for the draft.
  2. Would actually be happy. Ikem, Neal, Cross, or trade back. Don’t want Willis, but wouldn’t be devastated if they take him at 6. Anything else would be an unmitigated disaster.
  3. Oh I forgot. Rebuilding teams don’t give out record breaking contracts to running backs. Add that to the list as another reason this team is absolutely not rebuilding.
  4. That’s the million dollar question. They have a clueless owner. A terrible head coach. A general manager who wasn’t able to hire his own head coach. No competent QB on the roster. A $20M running back who can’t stay healthy. No LT. No 2nd or 3rd round draft picks. The most cap space in the league with most of the free agent class already locked up. this team is a dumpster fire. I don’t even think they know what they are doing.
  5. this is a fact. outside of moving the logo to midfield, there isn't a single positive thing he's done.
  6. lol in what world is this a rebuild? rebuilding teams don't sign mediocre quarterbacks to 3 year $63M deals. Rebuilding teams do not trade multiple draft picks for a god awful quarterback. They especially don't trade 2nd round draft picks for god awful quarterbacks. Rebuilding teams don't trade draft picks for 31 year old cornerbacks. Rebuilding teams don't trade 3rd round draft picks for project cornerbacks. Rebuilding teams don't go into a draft with 1 pick in the top 135. If this team is rebuilding, then they are doing an absolutely terrible job at it. Rebuilding teams should be collecting assets, not giving them away.
  7. According to rappaport. this franchise is a dumpster fire. Thanks Dave.
  8. Tepper is as bad of an owner that there is in the NFL. He kept Marty Hurney on too long. He’s now making the same mistake with this idiot of a coach. Tepper wants to be like the Steelers, but doesn’t have the slightest idea of how to make that happen. the way he cut ties with cam Newton was nothing short of a disaster. I understand wanting to move on from cam, but the process of how it went down was embarrassing. First you go on and on about how much you love cam. Then you trot that sloppy troll looking coach out to go on and on about how excited he was to work with cam, to only wait to cut him with 1 year left on his deal after free agency started. At worst you had 1 year left of cam, who was the single most important player to ever step foot in Charlotte. Instead you unceremoniously cut him for Teddy check down. Then you traded Teddy check down and took on more dead cap to trade assets for Sam darnold. Not only did you trade assets for him, you guaranteed him $19M. Now you’re letting the same idiot who signed off on Teddy and darnold to make a 3rd QB decision. congratulations for taking less than 4 years to completely destroy everything that cam and Luke spent a decade building. It has been extremely impressive how inept this ownership has come off so quickly.
  9. For almost three decades the Charlotte sports media has been utterly useless. As bad as there is anywhere in the country. Ellis has been a breathe of fresh air this year. Someone actually using their platform correctly. As good as I’ve ever seen in Charlotte.
  10. I’ll always be a fan, but I finally cut directv a few weeks ago and will go without the Sunday ticket for the first time in pretty much 2 decades.
  11. Imagine this is your response to someone backing the most important player in franchise history. God awful fan base who deserves Matt Rhule
  12. Yeah definitely dude. That’s a great point.
  13. Cam put this franchise on the map
  14. This is why Tepper and Richardson were able to get away with murder here. A simple minded dumb fan base who just accept mediocrity
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