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  1. This is an awful take. I can’t stand Tepper as much as the next guy, but Tepper absolutely needs to address the fan base and answer hopefully some tough questions by the media.
  2. This is all for nothing if Fitterer isn’t next. Hire a new GM and let him choose his coach.
  3. I’m the worst at posting tweets on my phone. But tabor the interim.
  4. Come on. Will kunkel doesnt know anything. He tries to pull this all the time and it’s proven over and over again it’s made up.
  5. I can’t be the only who finds it incredibly weird this poster is a rivulet hoping for someone else’s baby to be born on their birthday right?
  6. Tepper sucks. The man does not have a single redeeming quality. I have never viewed this franchise as the standard of excellence, but I’ve also never viewed them as a dumpster fire franchise like the jets, browns, lions, etc. Tepper has absolutely done that to this franchise in 6 short years. He 100% gets credit for the disaster of 2018 for continuing to employ Hurney and rivera.
  7. I thought David Tepper had the easiest job in the world. All he had to do was be better than Jerry Richardson. Somehow this asshole couldn’t even do that. He’s done the impossible and made me kind of miss that dress down Friday, leg shaving, racist, misogynistic son of a bitch.
  8. These threads are so stupid. Do you have a right to be mad? Absolutely.to quit or find a new team is a joke. You either are a fan or you’re not. If it’s that easy for you to just quit or find a new team then you were never really a true fan. It doesn’t work like that.
  9. The guy was on the sideline for plays on the final drive of the game. I’ve had enough of him. Shut up and go make plays. 2 games to start the season where he was a non factor in 2nd half. Maybe spend less time on the Spider-Man act and more on the pass rush act.
  10. It’s simple. If your answer isn’t gettleman the best and Hurney the worst then you’re wrong.
  11. Lol yeah because he was the problem. Not the owner who refused to spend any money and would show Peyton manning pie charts while screaming at him during labor negotiations.
  12. Other than BS the media, there was not a thing ron rivera did better than John fox. This guy went to a Super Bowl and another nfc championship game with jake Delhomme as his QB. I love jake, but he’s not the caliber QB you expect to win super bowls with. guy took a 1 win team and won 7 in his first season with Rodney Peete as his QB and had the leagues 2nd ranked defense. He went to the Super Bowl in year 2. Year 3 they lost their most electric player in Steve smith and arguably their best defensive player Kris Jenkins in week 4. They still won 7 games and were back in the conference championship again in year 4. fox never won less than 7 games outside his final season where Jerry Richardson sabatoged him and the team for the “shield”. He did this with the likes of Jake Delhomme and Matt moore. John fox was an outstanding coaching and wasn’t just the best coach in panthers history. He was a good coach who got 2 jobs after his panthers stint. that clown Ron wasted the primes of cam and Luke. John fox is everything people though ron rivera was.
  13. Let’s calm down. To write off Bryce young after 2 games is beyond stupid. Not looking great early but it’s been 8 quarters.
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