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  1. Good riddance. This is a good day for the Panthers. Get rid of everyone who was part of the Jerry Richardson stench. He was a mouthpiece for Richardson and the same for Tepper, but this time Tepper gave him some actual responsibilities. He was part of the Rhule search and was vocal on keeping wilks. people forget he was part of the group calling sexual harassment victims and so kindly reminding them of their NDA’s.
  2. No one is telling Thomas Davis who the pick is. If they are they should be fired immediately. Also if someone actually did, then Davis is a moron for revealing it to everyone. My best guess is they used him like a pawn and he fell for it.
  3. Joe person still is a joke. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a family member.
  4. person in his article making it seem like it was thielen or chark and the panthers were concerned with his injury history. also made it seem like not trade for hopkins or jeudy, referring to thielen as their big move at WR. very disappointing
  5. lol never said he was. said all three are awful at their job. i have always thought joe person was the worst beat writer ive ever followed. kunkel is giving him a money at actually being worse at his job. his tweets are laugh out loud funny.
  6. person, kunkel, newton three fools competing each day to show the world who is the worst at their job. ive always been team joe being the single worst beat writer in the history of the 4 major sports, but kunkel is giving him one hell of a run.
  7. He doesn’t know poo. He’s worse than David Newton.
  8. That’s fine. I like elite players. It’s that mindset that almost got us stuck with the extremely likeable but even more underwhelming head coach Steve wilks. I saw one fool on twitter calling for Fitterers job if Bozeman left and discussion of a peaceful protest outside of BoA if he left. Only in Charlotte could there be Julius peppers and cam Newton detractors, but peaceful protests for Bradley Bozeman.
  9. Is Bozeman a fine player? Sure. but my god he’s becoming the new Steve wilks around here. I’ve never seen an average center who was here one year garner so much conversation and excitement. The city of Charlotte accepts losing and celebrates mediocrity like no other sports city.
  10. Will kunkel knows nothing. Biggest clickbait beat guy in Charlotte.
  11. Good. Him joining the panthers was the worst think to ever happen to the panthers beat. It left us with buffoons like person and Newton who shouldn’t be the head beat options for XFL teams. hopefully he stays local and goes back to doing something similar to black and blue review, which was a pleasure to read. he was the best beat writer this franchise ever had. When he left, it kept me up at night worse than Steve Reed after the Cam press conference. Speaking of Steve reed, another one on the beat who brings absolutely nothing to the table.
  12. Gettleman has become beyond underrated. Only GM responsible for 3 straight playoff appearances. Just look at the giants foundation and it should be obvious how good he was. Daniel Jones, Saquon, Andrew Thomas, Dexter Lawrence, Leonard Williams, Xavier McKinney. i love the hate he got for letting Norman walk and drafting bradberry. Norman never replicated his 2015 season and Bradberry had been the better player from that point. He was a bust of a contract for Washington. Thomas Davis called out gettleman for not extending his contract. Hurney gave him 2 more years and his production dropped considerably. Greg Olsen called out gettleman for not extending his contract. Hurney swooped in and saved the day. Olsen never surpassed 600 yards or 4 touchdowns again. it was widely spoke about that the release of Steve smith was the best thing for cams development. He went on to win a MVP and win a nfc championship. i find it comical how much hate gettleman gets from panthers fans when the baseline for almost two decades had been journalist marty meatball Hurney.
  13. very solid write-up. biggest issues are that bozeman is no way a top 3 center in the league and as much as i cant stand the guy, rhule is 100% responsible for reddick.
  14. we can all agree rhule is a joke, but he isnt our problem anymore. the real issue is, can david tepper do anything correctly? this an is incompetent and is completely incapable of doing anything. team president's, rock hill, matt rhule, etc. this guy is a disaster.
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