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  1. very solid write-up. biggest issues are that bozeman is no way a top 3 center in the league and as much as i cant stand the guy, rhule is 100% responsible for reddick.
  2. we can all agree rhule is a joke, but he isnt our problem anymore. the real issue is, can david tepper do anything correctly? this an is incompetent and is completely incapable of doing anything. team president's, rock hill, matt rhule, etc. this guy is a disaster.
  3. I don’t know what some of you guys saw, but I’m back after that press conference. I’m all in after hearing coach reich speak. I’ve been a fan since day 1. Midway through year 2 of Rhule was the first time in my life where football sundays didn’t revolve around the panthers. Year 3 between Rhule and wilks, I was completely checked out. I would check my phone, but this is the first time ever I was going to friends houses to watch red zone. after today and hearing an actual adult in the room speak, I couldn’t be happier. You can tell he knows what he’s talking about. You can tell he’s a real football coach. Now I’ll always still be reserved with that moron owner in charge, but I finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. they have to continue the positive progress and move heaven and earth to draft the QB they like. They cannot sit at 9 and settle for whoever falls or bring in another idiot like darnold, bridgewater, and mayfield. Go pair coach reich with the QB he likes the most. for the first time in a while, things are looking good In Charlotte.
  4. Welcome to the Charlotte sports media. Been tolerated and accepted since 1995. As bad as there is in the country
  5. Also the Charlotte media continues to be trash. How did a question about campen or tabor being retained not come up? How do you not ask about defensive philosophy and what he’s looking for in his coordinators. Instead we get multiple 1995 questions that couldn’t be less relevant.
  6. Takeaways from press conference: 1. David Tepper put on some weight and continues to be a coward avoiding taking questions from media 2. Frank reich was a home run hire and we are in good hands
  7. My god. Idk what’s a worse opinion. Jerry Richardson was a good owner who deserves his statue back or Hurney was better than fit. Both are outlandish.
  8. a good portion of panthers fans are ok and settle for mediocrity. the standards of the panthers fan base are pretty low.
  9. if this is true, then this franchise continues to be a disaster. its the exact reason i dont like him being told to keep campen and tabor. you let the coach choose his staff.
  10. thats another one of my unpopular opinions. beason was an overrated moron.
  11. he went on wfnz after a game against the cowboys where i believe it was victor butler who dominated the game. if i remember correctly jared allen was also coming off like a 5 sack performance in another, and beason pretty much called out peppers saying he needed to be more like them. he kept referencing how the vikings big time end was putting up stats and he was planning on talking to peppers about his lack of production. it was such a stupid thing to say on the radio. best part of it was beason actually ended up never saying anything to peppers. i truly believe that was the final straw and peppers was done with carolina that day.
  12. My god this is more than just an unpopular take. Take out the fact that he never oversaw a team that had back to back winning seasons and employed Hurney for 2 decades. He also was forced to sell due to openly using the N word in the workplace and being a serial sexual harasser at best.
  13. agreed and you can probably add damien wilson to that as well. if bozeman is going to cost 15-17m per year, i move on.
  14. you are saving 5.2M this year towards the cap this year where you are currently $9M over
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