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  1. Hahahahah rivera was such an overrated coach. Glad people are starting to realize what a dunce he truly was. it’s a wonder why the patriots never cut Tom Brady. Patriots got real lucky relying on him all those years.
  2. This complaint is getting old by the fans. Doesn’t everyone here love the roaring riot? Doesn’t everyone love “stadium take overs”? This is what happens when you run morons like teddy and darnold out there. You know when BOA wasn’t being taken over by opposing fans? When cam was here. When there was something exciting to watch on the field. The PSLs have nothing to do with it. Other franchises do PSLs and don’t have this issue. PSL owners can do whatever they want to do with their tickets. How can anyone blame them for spending their hard earned money on this pathetic product? Tepper has set this franchise back years. If he can actually figure it out the fans will be back. Until then it’s all wasted energy. The focus should be on this joke of the owner and front office, not PSL owners.
  3. Zero personal Vandetta. The guy kept Marty Hurney on longer then rivera. Cam, and Luke. He signed off on the most important player in franchise history getting cut for teddy bridgewater snd Sam darnold. This isn’t an argument. It’s a fact. Tepper is a fuging moron.
  4. K and Steven Drummond is also a joke who pressured sexual harassment victims to not speak and got a promotion out of it
  5. I mean thank you for showing me how dumb your are. I’ll refrain from responding to you from now on.
  6. It’s not riduiculous. Been a fan since day 1 and never been more disinterested. I was locked into every game in 2000 and 2010. Tepper is a joke.
  7. You’re a joke. This franchise has been around since 1995. They’ve rolled out the likes of Kerry Collins, Steve beurlein, Chris weinke, Jake Delhomme (who I love), Rodney Peete, Matt moore, Jimmy clausen, Brian St. Pierre, Vinny Testaverde, Derek Anderson, teddy Bridgewater, and Sam darnold. if you can’t appreciate cam I don’t know what to tell you. He has more MVPs than Brees and roethlisberger and Eli Manning combined. He was the key to a 15-1 season. He created a culture in chsrlotte that we’ve never seen before. There is no roaring riot without cam Newton. the fact we replaced him with teddy and sam Is a joke. You are not a real panthers fan if you think otherwise.
  8. Actually reads these boards I would like to tell you the following: 1. You are a god damn clown 2. The way you treated cam was nothing short of despicable 3. the fact daquan Jones is disgracing the number 90 is nothing short of despicable 4. keeping Marty Hurney as long as you did was a joke and shows you don’t have a clue and don’t care about 5. You are becoming dangerously close as a worse owner as Jerry Richardson and he was creep 6. you’re a god damn clown. I can’t imagine cutting the single most Important player in franchise history for Teddy and Sam. 7. Matt Rhule keeps getting fatter
  9. I can’t imagine being as dumb as you. I close my eyes and try being my dumbest self and I still Find myself being smarter than you. How Have Teddy and saM been?
  10. How have Teddy and darnold been? Oh imagine cutting the single most important player in franchise history for those two? do we have the dumbest fan base in all of sports? It’s not even close, yes.
  11. Imagine being a grown adult and “pooing” a post. 6 clowns who need a social life on here.
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