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  1. How is it a spoiler if that what all y’all been crying for anyway ?
  2. Spoiler alert we took an o line men and he was one of my favorites athletic freak
  3. I don’t like darnold I’m thinking about the future he won’t be here next year anyway after he stink up the joint just like i knew teddy would when we signed him, so idc if he get smashed up he’s not our future .
  4. If we somehow snag hunter long or Brevin Jordan in the third woah this offense would be loaded with weapons i never said that about us ever !
  5. Alright now go to the trenches on these next three picks . I don’t like our o line at all
  6. His upside is scary nobody that big should be able to move like he does ! I’ve liked him for years now
  7. Who’s that dude in our draft room that look like David Newton lmao ?
  8. I’m bigger than tutu that’s crazy and I’m way under 200 lbs lol
  9. Nobody talking about it but maybe we take a tight end here ?
  10. Yeah we’re trolling at this point lol more draft capital I’m not mad at all
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