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  1. Wish we didn’t sign those o lineman everybody else fine . We need a starting corner there’s so many young sleeper corners that were available . Browns just scooped up Troy hill i didn’t even know he was fa .
  2. All he do is catch touchdowns . I wanna see the contract number tho cause Miami only got fuller for ten million im kind salty about that one .
  3. Carson literally quit on the bengals lol
  4. We got a shitty roster i wouldn’t want to come here either
  5. New gm and owner same ole Carolina I’m going back to sleep . Nobody wants to come here
  6. Nope and from the looks of it, it’s never gonna be sad day indeed .
  7. I wanna know why teams with less money make better move than we do year in and year out . I’m starting to believe free agents just don’t wanna come here .
  8. There’s no outrage from me it’s just we always sign the same type of mediocre talent . Fans have a right to be upset at the team when they continually do the same poo year in and year out without consistent success . But if you are okay with mediocrity then that’s fine too but don’t be upset when others want more than the status quo .
  9. Sign guys that have shown potential that’s all i ask . We always sign guys that were ass on other teams and just hope for the best .
  10. Idek why we even participate in free agency anymore . We always make the wrong moves or don’t have enough money . And when we do have enough we signed scrubs we all knew were scrubs . GM looking shaky to me already . Draft day please come soon
  11. But I’m the emotional one lol stop assuming champ it’s okay we disagree it doesn't have to go no further than that .
  12. I’m not being emotional why would you make that assumption if you wasn’t being emotional your self . Your guy Zach Wilson is not it stop crying every-time someone state that fact . He’s Mitch Tribusky 2.0 all over again . Mac Jones will be better that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it . Quote me on that . Every thing you saying about Mac i could counter and say about Zach that’s why it’s funny . Yeah his arm talent is better but it’s plenty of throws i seen that would’ve been picks in the nfl .
  13. If being able to throw deep was the only quality you needed to be a good nfl qb then you would have a point . There is a huge difference between the two and if you don’t see it then you don’t wanna see it .
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