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  1. How is it a spoiler if that what all y’all been crying for anyway ?
  2. Spoiler alert we took an o line men and he was one of my favorites athletic freak
  3. I don’t like darnold I’m thinking about the future he won’t be here next year anyway after he stink up the joint just like i knew teddy would when we signed him, so idc if he get smashed up he’s not our future .
  4. If we somehow snag hunter long or Brevin Jordan in the third woah this offense would be loaded with weapons i never said that about us ever !
  5. Yoo i forgot all about the Joe Brady connection .
  6. Alright now go to the trenches on these next three picks . I don’t like our o line at all
  7. His upside is scary nobody that big should be able to move like he does ! I’ve liked him for years now
  8. Yes sir big bodied wr i love it great value .
  9. Who’s that dude in our draft room that look like David Newton lmao ?
  10. I’m bigger than tutu that’s crazy and I’m way under 200 lbs lol
  11. Nobody talking about it but maybe we take a tight end here ?
  12. Yeah we’re trolling at this point lol more draft capital I’m not mad at all
  13. Surprised Terrance Marshall still on the board crazy upside
  14. If we go into the season with cam Erving as our LT darnold gone be seeing way more than ghost lol
  15. He wasn’t even the best safety left on the board . Moehrig is someone still available idk why he falling .
  16. Because we get a 3rd while everyone else is getting 4th rd picks to trade back. Great value in terms of the trade by us . Package those 4 6th rd picks we can easily recoup that 5th rd pick. Actually pretty smart
  17. What did i say have to do with race ? What’s really on your mind ?
  18. That’s true but in his case i can’t see it . He’s been horrible all three years . Jets ruined him . He’s damaged goods
  19. If cam started his first 3years off like darnold he wouldn’t even be in the league rn lol certain QBs get passes others don’t .
  20. So bet rn that darnold will live up to any of those guys pedigree . You just compared darnold to hall of famers and multi time mvps . Lmao how many chances you need before you can say a person is just who they are . Dude is ass but as fan i catch me lying to myself thinking he can be something but nah man he just not it . He showed you every year he’s been in the league but for some strange reason no one wants to believe it . It’s not his fault at all , all the jets fault right ?
  21. Didn’t like him in college . Then he get to the nfl and stinks yeah i know he had a shitty team but if he a good qb you never gonna throw more ints than you have touchdowns idc what’s around home . Even if we turn him around a little bit at best he’s a game manager . Nothing about him says franchise qb not one thing . And I’m afraid to ask the fo anything they seem to not know what a good qb is in back to back off-season don’t worry we will be here again next offseason darnold is not our future idk why the panthers even lying to themselves if they truly believe so .
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