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  1. Looked like it was over the line. It was a hell of of save if it was.
  2. I cannot believe we can’t get some pucks in.
  3. We have looked good, hopefully some fuging shots start in ding the back of the net. Hopefully martinook is okay.
  4. We need our defensemen back. Hopefully we get Bear back soon and Deangelo and Pesce get back quick.
  5. We have been getting good chances the past few games but they haven’t been falling.
  6. Yeah we got lucky on the high stick prior, so I get it. still pissed me off, lol.
  7. That looked like a bullshit penalty on Kotkaniemi.
  8. We have had a few chances, we need to capitalize.
  9. Looking like dog poo. Slow, no handles. Turnovers galore.
  10. It would get called on us for sure. We get the Carolina pro sports treatment.
  11. He threw a shoulder in Svechs face to start it and we get fuged. The officiating has been shits.
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