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  1. No, 2-3rd have been tough. Koochie not looking super human as normal.
  2. Shootout boys… let’s see them balls.
  3. I would give him 2-3 years to see. Decent drafting and a great OC, he may be the leader that gets it done.
  4. Canes played very well. You’re right, I think we are the best team in the league.
  5. We could easily have a few with the chances we have created. We are unbelievably fast.
  6. Close the game out here. Shouldn’t be close but defense struggled so far. 2nd was better though. bring on the storm!
  7. Kill looked good and we brought some pressure and energy.
  8. Clear follow through. Didn’t like that call.
  9. Feel like we have no killer instinct. We play like monsters and then get a lead and than sit on it. Then lose. The amount of lost leads this year is more than in the past. I know both teams play the game, but maybe we are not countering adjustments or something. We start hot, go up, opposing team adjusts and then cracks us in the teeth. Whatever it is….. I fuccking hate it.
  10. I agree. Tony took control, it was his PP. Burns is def. not the communicator Tony was on the ice.
  11. Which is very bad. We are not the same killers as last season. Hopefully we escape down just one.
  12. Let’s come out hot! 3 in 4:09? Crazy.
  13. Noticed that last game too. Looking like asses.
  14. starting to get Panthers vibes. fuging blew it.
  15. Been close with medium blasts past few nights…. Finally buried one.
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