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  1. Garbage call. I am beginning to think the NHL is trying to make this a series.
  2. I always think of Smith as a little slower and lumbering but he was up at 22mph. it was awesome to see and a perfect setup and pass.
  3. I am lucky too. My wife watches when I am out of town and texts me about it. she loves hockey nearly as much as I do.
  4. I think he always and Tuevo at times hold it too long, shoot or move it. I don’t love Necas on the PP at all though.
  5. We seem to holding on too long. We are at our best when we are putting it on net, we don’t have to wait for the perfect shot.
  6. Slavin is the most underrated dman in the league. The Staal line is a big time. Dammmit. We have to keep high compete.
  7. Could be. But I can’t count this team out.
  8. We are not playing as controlled as we have.
  9. He has been on fire. Some of the saves unbelievable. he is the future.
  10. Aho. I love this team. Jarvy is nasty
  11. We need to keep Stephan up. He needs to be in the rotation.
  12. I was trying to say before my phone glitched was that the kid has been great.
  13. Chara is trash. Hit Svech and Martinook in the face.
  14. I would certainly be interested in using him heavily to end the season and see what we have. If the kid plays tough maybe we are able to work our way to the cup.
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