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  1. Burns mugged Trochek. Loved it. fuuucccckkkk!
  2. One of our only good seconds in the series. Play a canes 3rd and we are headed to NY for 7.
  3. 1-2-3 he was a fuging wall. We softened him up a ton. 5v5 we are unmatched when playing the right way.
  4. Agreed but without him do we make it for the chance 6 years? I’m not sure either way. But to lose the frustrating Rod, you also lose all the good. Not sure if it’s a good trade off.
  5. If it weren’t for our special teams nose diving off a cliff, this series is over and we are resting for rd. 3.
  6. Orlov has been good this period early. Compete is there.
  7. PP is fuging disgusting. I feel like the Indians fans in Major League.
  8. Second time he has taken a very undisciplined penalty this series.
  9. He's always been mouthy and willing to mix it up, but since becoming a Ranger it went from confidence to fuging arrogance. He has become very unlikable.
  10. fug. Shoulda scored and fuging Kuzy with a dumb penalty.
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