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  1. I suppose Fla. though not a fan of either. As good as the East has been, only right.
  2. It’s unbelievable that we haven’t netted one. The pressure has been nuts.
  3. I think we need to put our top players together. We are trying to spread all our talent over 3 lines. Put the best three together and scrap the remaining lines together, everyone on the team will fight every play. Give us the best chance to net one. We have to put our best chance on the ice all at once.
  4. Not as blatant but they were allowed to dirty the game without any calls.
  5. I don’t think we look defeated. Honestly, we have been the better team in large portions of every game. we have just had no luck luck, penalties at bad times, etc. feels like we are the most unlucky team in history.
  6. Come out hard after the break. Hopefully we can end it and get our offensive game back for the next one.
  7. We need to score on Vitek. Will go a long way for game 3. there we go.
  8. That is super sick! It is 3am where I am, watching in the bed from a land far away. Looks like great fuging seats and a ridiculous first period. Enjoy it!
  9. What a period. If we get past the Devils, I will feel pretty damn good. Rangers gone….. Bruins gone….. still a lot of hockey to go but we can play with anyone. Our style and versatility is tough to outmatch. When we are on.
  10. Worst that I have ever seen us look. this is 6-0 without Freddie.
  11. Always go prepared with a flask or a water bottle filled with vodka. That’s what I use on Sundays.
  12. I am curious to see how Drury does with some continual time on the Aho line. I really like Drury. Speaking of newish players I really like Noesen’s game. He’s gritty.
  13. Something is certainly wrong with him this season… I have not been impressed. Still hope he’s not hurt and finds his game., we need him.
  14. Hate OT when it’s not a point!!! We need this OT.
  15. We stopped playing in front of Raanta. Pretty damn ugly.
  16. We need him to be on. We have a shot if he and Necas are playing well.
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