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  1. He's trying to banter with the kid, man, trying to deal with a kid on a kid level.
  2. Fugazi though, can't beat that sh*t. That's that good xoomer life.
  3. Let's face it, that argument was entertaining. As for Cam, he's not getting enough credit for how well he handled that. That said, if he had a chance to do it over, maybe that kid doesn't HAVE a dad. Maybe that's why he's acting like that. But Cam handled that really f*cking well.
  4. It's a discussion board for fans of the Carolina Panthers. People talk about stuff. What food they're eating. Our next QB. Hot sauces. Things that are going on in our country and affect our countrymen. Get used to that.
  5. Yeah, no one should talk about that dirty nasty subject. History and reality have no relevance in our perfect little fantasy world.
  6. I have wonderful parents and still ended up an addict, as did my brother. (We're both in recovery now.) Over the years, I've known plenty of people where you could look at their childhoods and be like, "WOW NO WONDER HE'S ON BOOZE AND DRUGS" - but also plenty whose backgrounds do nothing to explain their addictions. There are much worse people in football with sober offspring.
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