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  1. Just saw this....yes...getting better everyday and learning so much. Thanks!
  2. I would contact the BBB. Also, there is this: If you think a car dealer is breaking the rules, tell the Federal Trade Commission online or by phone: 1-877-FTC-HELP. You also can tell your state attorney general's office or local consumer protection office. If you are having trouble getting your money back...most local TV stations have a reporter that looks into these kinds of things...gets the dealer some bad publicity.
  3. Fun fact: There was never a time in Sean Payton’s career where he had lost a game being up 18 points. Payton’s streak of 72 wins after accumulating an 18-point lead was vanquished last weekend against the Washington Commanders. https://www.milehighreport.com/2023/9/21/23882751/horse-tracks-if-the-broncos-lose-to-the-dolphins-its-time-to-turn-off-the-bright-lights
  4. Interesting stat: Offensive philosophies prioritize short, precise passes, and the average air yards per attempt has been on the decline for the past four seasons. Defenses have adapted by focusing on the pass rush and coverage, pressuring quarterbacks to release the ball even earlier, thereby encouraging even shorter passes and the highest overall pressure rate since 2017. Meanwhile, personnel groupings featuring multiple wide receivers and a single running back have become more prevalent, again encouraging quicker passes to exploit favorable matchups in open space. The net result: If current numbers hold, NFL teams would average the fewest passing yards per game since 2008. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2023/09/20/nfl-picks-odds-best-bets-week-3/
  5. Just checked a couple of sports news sites...they are reporting the resignation and nothing else. Just family and personal stuff like everything is normal.
  6. He was in...2 feet touched as well as his butt.
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