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  1. We now have one...draft could bring #2...learning curve for sure but start that now if the right guy is there. Also a factor is what things look like for next year. Have only heard ppl say that this year is a very good yr for TEs.
  2. If, at that spot (whatever it is) TE is not BPA...and you are wanting one...then trade down. I am just saying that I believe it is a very valuable position.
  3. A stud TE makes all the diff IMO. Where would KC be without Kelce? Shockey and Olsen were so good for this team made me wonder why we never tried to do that again. Get stud TE's, it makes the receiver room better and you never have to pay top dollar for a receiver...plug and play.
  4. Since this is such a good year for TE's...do we draft out TE of the future? If so...where?
  5. Liked Zane but his injuries were concerning. Was surprised when we heard he was going to be the kicker moving forward. Eddy hung in there last year....good for him.
  6. The 10 years of NFL coaching experience combined among these latest additions to the staff pushes the team total to 206 years. The Panthers also have another 75 years of NFL playing experience on staff, from Reich and quarterbacks coach Josh McCown, assistant head coach Duce Staley, receivers coach Shawn Jefferson, offensive line coach James Campen, offensive coordinator Thomas Brown, and assistant secondary coach DeAngelo Hall. I am so excited about this staff. What an amazing turn around for the organization.
  7. That's a great link...thanks. Very informative and worth the read.
  8. The more I read about CJ the more I like him. Not only a good talent but seems to be an even better person. This from The Athletic: But if not, [ picked 1st] I just want to go to whoever really loves me not only as a football player, but as a man of God and a man of the community.” But the Panthers’ Week of Quarterbacks began Tuesday night with a dinner with Stroud that was mostly devoid of football talk. “It went great,” Stroud said. “We didn’t really get into X’s and O’s. But we just talked about life and some personal stuff. Everything went really well, so I appreciate them talking to me and taking the time.” But Stroud said Wednesday he wasn’t going to get too wrapped up in the discussion of whether he should go No. 1.... “It’s not my decision, so being that first pick isn’t really something that’s on my mind,” he said. “I just want to go to the right fit. Whoever likes me the most, whatever offense I fit the most, it’s on them to pick. So it’s not really my job to stress about that. So I’m just gonna keep being myself.” https://theathletic.com/4337593/2023/03/22/panthers-top-pick-cj-stroud-nfl-draft/?source=dailyemail&campaign=601983
  9. Already saying Keep Pounding......love it! (Gosh I really dislike everything Rhule.)
  10. Yea. Decent food was a struggle for the family. Said he learned to play QB by watching Youtube videos of Drew Brees.
  11. Impressive young man...he is only 21 yrs old. Sadly, someone who had a tough childhood....father sentenced to 30+ yrs in prison when CJ was 13. Seems to have a loving mother who struggled working multiple jobs to support 4 kids. Family was close to being homeless at times. When college recruiters came to visit the family was living in a 2 bedroom apt over a storage facility office that his mother was managing. CJ does not like to talk about the struggles. Like any teenager with those challenges he could have become angry and acted out. He chose the other path. https://www.si.com/college/2022/12/30/cj-stroud-ohio-state-quarterback-family-father-mother
  12. I credit Wilks with taking some swift actions to correct the course. He was the anti-Rhule that we needed at the time. It was obviously a very welcomed culture correction. Felt like we got our team back. Love what the new staff is doing. Fitt seems like a new man.
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