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  1. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/carolinas-defense-has-it-looking-like-a-contender-if-sam-darnold-and-the-offense-can-keep-up/
  2. lol...nice try...I am a vegetarian.
  3. Got some potato, broccoli, and cheese soup in the crock pot. Keeping it simple.
  4. 38-12. D gets a safety. Texas get a late junk TD in the 4th. I'll give Sly the XP and 1-2 on FG. Mills does not finish the game.
  5. Can't wait for this game. I expect it to be a great one. Also really good to get a game on the road and extra time to prepare for Dallas. National TV and the coming out party for Snow and the defense.
  6. Rhule made the Texans sound like a great team. Good presser.
  7. Next week their excuse well be the rookie QB.
  8. https://www.scoresandodds.com/nfl?week=2021-reg-3 Scores and odds opened at Panthers -4.5. Now -7.5.
  9. I would have expected him to voice concerns quite some time ago. Maybe he did and was ignored. Someone should have seen this coming and he was the closest one to it.
  10. I think the B- for Blackburn is very generous. Special teams were awful yesterday...10 men on the field, gave up big returns, blocking on FG...well...they did not. Can't find a kicker (situation is embarrassing). I give him a D at best. Also...Rhule...going to blame him for the poor 3rd qtr performances . The team has been terrible in the 3rd qtr in every game Rhule has coached. Looks like the opposition makes adjustments..our coaching staff does not anticipate them or have an answer for them. This will cost us games (and has). B here for me...Brady B-.
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