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  1. Wasn't that one of the reasons for talk of a dome? And people will come where ever the game is.
  2. I guess this means Tepper has given up on the idea of hosting a Super Bowl.
  3. Love hearing him speak. He is confident, enthusiastic and well spoken.
  4. Only a few of us here still around to get that one.
  5. Oh no..they will have to cut someone at the bottom of the roster and it will be so upsetting...may put the season in jeapardy.
  6. Didn't the city of Charlotte contribute several million dollars for upgrades that were just completed a year ago? I doubt they thought the stadium was falling down anytime soon. I do not see an appetite in the near future for a new stadium.
  7. Love the concern that Greg has for the donor family and that he spoke about it publically. Also love the support for TJ shown by the Panthers and the city of Charlotte.
  8. That is so funny....and sad because he really said it.
  9. Wonder if Ron learned anything from that...since he is in Washington learning from his Carolina mistakes.
  10. The Panthers have not had a QB who could throw a deep ball in some time. Receivers have had to slow down to catch the ball...when if thrown where they were running would have been a TD. The receivers must be thrilled at the prospect this year.
  11. He was also found dead in his home when he did not report to work. Covered a lot of sports. Tough times at the Observer, and especially for those 2 families. Some devastating background: Beloved Charlotte Observer photographer David T. Foster III was found dead in his home at age 52 on May 24. Eight days later, we found out Rick Bonnell had also passed away.
  12. Even more impressive that Darnold has yet to say anything negative.
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