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  1. looks great but lets be real. Its just putting lipstick on Jr's legacy. old ass stadium ( really...its not that old but mofos these days diva AF) But hell yeah Tepper wants to swing his balls around and buy up a stadium. Cool. We salute you! -
  2. And i just posted a gif. Get over it! It was my opinion of your post. If my opinion and take is right or wrong...why do you worry about it so much? You dont have to fight with random people on the internet. Pie here isnt so important. You made a post. I read it the way I did. I responded the way I did. Its all good. Smoke a fatty and relax bro. You dont need to win the internet every single day!
  3. Agreed. I posted a gif of you beating a dead horse by telling us (as if we didn't know) how bad Teddy is. You took issue with it. Its cool. You want us to know how bad Teddy is. We got it!
  4. Lets be honest shall we. You did not make this post for any other reason but.. A) To continue the shitstorm on Teddy and join the many that want to crap all over him B) Speak up your hopefulness of Darnold (I think many are hopeful) but do so for a QB that for the most part was equally as bad in general. You try to disguise comparing you nearly equal piles of poo by complicating it with a nuance of comparing not only the color of the poo, but also the texture, smell, and location ( hence your mention of Brady) But really....you just wanted to make a post of about how bad y
  5. I cannot send enough bags of poo to that team and mostly their fanbase! I skipped my sisters wedding in 2003 to stay home, drink Carolina Pale Ale I used to be able to buy for 4.49/6pack with a few bowls. The poo they did to our fans that were brave/stupid enough to go into that mesh pit of fat hairy belly snow beasts and their toothless women makes me hate them more than even our own division rivals. Fug that team and their fans!
  6. Kind of weird the video team there cant cut out the front end 17 minutes of the logo. I mean I get they want the logo but damn.
  7. Considering that Joe Brady is likely to be off to a head coaching job in 2022 meaning a whole new regime and offense is likely incoming, if we did draft a QB I hope he sits all season and marinates.
  8. Post count here counts for so much. There are all kinds of crap posters here, but since they have been posting crap for so long they have a high post count and therefore often times get a pass. They often get called out by other posters but rarely it even reprimanded by mods. You just gotta lay low. This site is basically the premiere NEWS source for the team. Dont try to think of this as a place to have a "discussion". Just sit back and enjoy the way so many compete to be the first to report some tweet. They get dopamine hits from being first. Be grateful there are that many dopamine ad
  9. I wont state numbers and I have no concrete expectations. I just hope that if he is the starter (until TB is traded or ruled as a backup, there will be a competition and the better player will start) that he can learn and improve week by week. Someone else said it best. He might be a 3 year vet but really because of where he was, that situation and Covid messing everything up last year, a full reset and treating him like a rookie seems to be the best approach,
  10. This fuggin 100! Not all positions need a hybrid talent! Give me a big ugly specialist in this position
  11. Truth. Given that this kind of mess happens seemingly on a daily basis speaks volumes to a deeper issue that few if any are interested to address.
  12. Wish the best for Cam, his family and charitable activities. No interest in seeing him back here. We are trying to get "younger". I however would be open to Cam suiting up in the Sir Purr costume!
  13. Can I pie this 100 times? Damn the smallest things people cling to and start threads about
  14. You seem hurt. Apologies to your sensitive nature. I forget we are in PC culture where mofos cant accept different opinions. Many apologies to you.
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