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  1. A lot of yall sound like total simps that will try to slide into some womans DM when her alpha male bf that you cant challenge goes off of jail.
  2. If we need an opposing team to have an injury or two to have a good chance at winning we need to do some soul searching and reevaluation of our roster! Ice up young man. I want to know what we have in OUR team and that means playing good teams at their best.
  3. As interesting as it will be to watch what happens with Darnold, for me having (a) so many up and coming pieces (Horn, Burns, CMC, Arizona Dude..etc) (b) something close to a normal season in regards to Covid is far more exciting. It's going to be a fun season!
  4. I remember the days many here were calling him a bust and trash. Cheers on him for having threads devoted to him and showing fools they dont have a clue what they are talking about.
  5. weird how you steer this to a player only you are talking about. Are you his agent?
  6. Exactly. Damn what is he supposed to do sit on the sofa playing Madden? Man is working to be a part of the NFL. Regardless of the success he has or doesn't have he is putting in FAR more effort for his dream than most are willing to for their own dreams. World full of haters
  7. No opinion. Not my team, so I could not care any more than to leave this comment.
  8. Good stuff. Im so looking forward to seeing what he can do against elite WR's in a live game!
  9. So good to see REAL practice happening again this early in the year! Damn Covid...
  10. Yeah boy! And I swear, people read PFF just to gripe about it. Why even bother?
  11. ohh yeah. I remember the days just a few short years ago when many here were swishing their mouths with Tepper's balls, singing his praises and almost as if he was Andrew Luck 2.0. Now suddenly that same "in your face" businessman that everyone was so ready to embrace as the hero JR wasn't, is the scorn of this thread? How DARE he run a business! How dare he use PR and taxes and the city and leverage to advance his position and interests...lol. Exactly the wine and cheese reputation! It fits~
  12. Hasn't it been said over and over they are continually evaluating and bringing in competition?
  13. I remember playing Number Munchers and The Oregon Trail on apple computers in elem. school. Cheers on the retirement!
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