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  1. The post we are speaking about is about those vaccinated. That means those Fully vaccinated, not those simply administered to with a first dose. Please, do try to keep up
  2. I gave facts here. I cited real sources this moderator did not bother to cite before making baseless claims. We were told that was a perma ban offense. I know yall wont. He is one of yall. But exposed today
  3. Its not on the county. Dont blame the county. You are a Mod. The buck stops with you. I think you made fun of me when I made a comment about using alts. This is the kind of bullshit you should say with your alt account...not your main and MOD account. But here we go. See attached file for baseless claim said MODERATOR posted. Now the evidence. Doses Administered in Buncombe County according to a source out wonderful mod would not cite. 97,300+ Source: https://www.buncombecounty.org/Governing/Depts/Health/News_Detail.aspx?id=19057 Population of Buncombe Country according to latest US census: 261,191. Source: https://www.census.gov/quickfacts/buncombecountynorthcarolina But you are so wrong bro. Really, mods should not engage and be wrong on their main, If you do the math, the percentage is 37.27 . A FAR cry from the uncited stay of 61% touted by a Mod.
  4. I had really hoped you would prefer not to expose you in public. I have already done so via report and they obviously turned a blind eye. I will post the links and info here, in which i am sure you or some other mod will quickly ban me. rest assured, you were so wrong that 61% of people in that county were vaccinated, and spread false news.
  5. and lol and you asking me for sources to prove your non sourced statements wrong.
  6. check the mod reports. I listed both county and US census data.
  7. You dont have any idea about it because despite me giving US census dats and Buncomme county data in my report ( 2 links to real dats whhile your post gave no dats or link to real information) your mod friends swept it under the rug and decided nah....fug our rules! I suspect even if i spend the time to post it now, you will delete. I will anyway, and screenshot it all the way.
  8. you obviously didn't read the sticky. Zero tolorance for false news. Bulcombe county vaccinations rate is not 61%it is 37.5 ..and holy cow its not really an argument a MOD should be involved in, but if you gonna be in it have accountability for your own rules
  9. I reported YOU. You are a mod. I am sure you intercepted those. I have no doubt your mod status protects you. But i proved your post wrong. Do you really want me to bust that mess out? I reported it. Lets make a bet. I will show you the post I reported. A post you made making statements about a certain county. You said 63% of people were vaccinated. I proived you wrong by a simple search. You want to play with me...its cool but do it openly and show your mod status. Lets go around and let me prove your posted statement wrong ( and in violation of the own laws you bumped after I called you out) If i show proof that after Ricky Spanish's post...you posted unverified info as false and as such is a perma ban offence....will you accept it?
  10. Expected reply from someone in power that can do whatever they want because of that power. Its cool. I got you on record and screenshot posting all kinds of fake news that was said to be a perma ban offense....but we cant get too mad because we know rules are only for the little people. Tis thr world we live in
  11. Why the fug are you even here? I busted your ass posting fake news related to covid. I reported (and you likely intercepted) the report I made of your false news claims. Ricky Spanish says your type of fake ass news is perma ban. Why are you not perma banned when i gave 2 legit sources to prove you are full of poo and your post was fake news. DM me for screenshots.
  12. Familiar indeed. We relied on Cam's "athleticism" too much as a reason to justify little to no O-line investment. Sam isnt half the athlete Cam was.
  13. I'm looking for our team to play a game. To not suck. Truth be told this is all about Darnold! I feel sorry for him in this game. As stated above Jets will likely try to rattle him all day with immense pressure. As the creator of this thread knows we have a shitty oline to protect him.
  14. I wouldn't be mad if this possible trade brought AJ Klein back to Carolina!
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