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  1. The rest is the schedule isn’t easy for us. Just because someone is 2-2 doesn’t make those winnable games eyeball test says we are uniquely dysfunctional on O and horrifically coached vs the remainder of the schedule.
  2. you mean when we landed a backup center Bozeman and Chubba's backup in Foreman? The icing on the Baker cake. Fitmagic!
  3. I don't consider Robbie Anderson above average talent. There are a million speedsters in this league that aren't great overall WRs. A dime a dozen.
  4. Rhule was 47-43 as a college coach. I don’t really care enough to look, but I wonder how many college coaches that got a try at the NFL won so little. I mean he was barely over .500 in college. Think Schiano probably is a close comp. to this day, I still don’t get how he got the opportunity given his resume.
  5. Matt Rhule doesn’t know offense. Didn’t know it in college. Clueless at the NFL level. I guess in his defense he too didn’t want Ben McAdoo near this team. Rejected him twice for lower positions. But he was the only guy with a name willing to join the poo show when he had to add an OC after that complete poo show of 2021.
  6. I think the GM should go with Rhule. I think In large part they should always come and go together. Tepper fugged up keeping Marty. Right the ship. Fit’s hand was in Sam, the 5th year option, Robbie extension, Baker and all the real messes. The real clusterfug started once Fit and Rhule got paired. He gets a pass on it all from a lot.
  7. Another year where a random kicker is the best thing we got going on lol.
  8. He also has cried while detailing some of mistakes before too in an interview. Everyone cries.
  9. Rhule was asked today if there was anything from a playcalling perspective that might help with that specific issue. Rhule: Blah blah blah I didn’t see anything with that a man once said most teams lose because they don’t know why they lose….. Baker didn’t shrink. It’s a an issue with your playcalling and offense. Defenders are simply mirroring for the predictable short routes they know are coming. ESPN literally ran a special on it. And It’s been talked about for years in regards to McAdoo.
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