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  1. yeah, I mean Curtis was actually a RB in college. We can't just use him like Curtis. But I think you could dress up the run game a little with him. Some end around action whether it be real or not just to give some aid to Chuba by presenting it. Maybe a screen here or a pop pass here or there.
  2. it took 1 start to figure out PJ... but 44 in with Sam and you don't know? I mean, Sam has been pretty consistent as a QB. USC, NY and now here.
  3. I don't think the odds of him going to jail at this point are high at all. Acquiring him and him not actually being allowed to play in the 2021 or the 2022 season? Super high.
  4. Still his 4th year as a starter. This is the Teddy arguement all over again. It's not all a Jets creation. A lot of Sam's issues existed before the Jets. He has those issues here. Because it's what he is. Some of it is just QB DNA. You can't change certain things. Good athelte. Good dude. Not a great QB.
  5. It is Sam’s 4th year as a starting NFL QB. Think it is safe to speak on him not being a very good at playing QB at this point. Who has clear cut issues that have nothing to do with the Jets. They exist here and were the same concerns coming out of USC.
  6. I think the gap between Gilmore and every corner here is pretty big. I’d rather just go find a S if we kept Gilmore around.
  7. You know what PJ’s training camp battle with Grier and his NFL starts have in common?
  8. I mean nothing you are saying refutes what you claim to be “calling out”…. Does Tua having a winning record despite being a young player on a bad team? Yep. Does he have a good endzone/turnover split despite being a young player on a bad team? Yep. Did he play well last weekend in his second game of the season despite being a young player on a and team? Yep. did you actually have a point? You think Tua is trash and should be moved on from after not even playing a seasons worth of games? Then say that.
  9. this you? I mean you are on here talking about Cam Newton wasn’t a great rushing threat.
  10. Again, they have a winning record with Tua. Tua wasn’t the QB for all those losses this year. did you watch the Jags/Phins game? Is your argument Tua is why? Tua played well. I mean if you wanted to single out that part, you could of at least attempted to disprove it.
  11. Yes, Cam Newton is the greatest rushing threat in NFL history. lol. Going the he doesn’t run like Vick/Lamar route means nothing. No, he doesn’t run like them. He was much more problematic. Every run was on the table like he was a featured HB….but with the numbers edge that a QB runner brings. He is the greatest rushing threat because he didn’t have to run away from people. That was the problem for defenses. He was always at the advantage. And there has been nothing like him and probably never will be. Love him or hate him, he is a unicorn.
  12. I think front offices simply don’t want the media and fans in on what they are doing. So when it doesn’t work out….they get to pretend nothing happened and don’t have to address it. take Washington denying they are the team wanting Tua. It would make sense. But they don’t want everyone to know that. Because If you don’t get him….you still have to deal with what you have in house and may have to for some time. So you get to play the cards that you always had complete faith in guys….that you actually want to upgrade on.
  13. Again, you either don’t understand the real point or are intentionally missing the point. We have a roster full of guys worse than Cam present day. That’s the problem. It’s not an argument to sign Cam. And someone having a stronger arm doesn’t make them a better QB. See last season as further evidence. Cam Newton is still the biggest rushing mismatch in NFL history. Which is why he ultimately is still so much better than guys.
  14. Last time we faced a trash NY team….we barely squeaked by in reality. I got faith the D can setup a win. I just don’t know if the O can do their part. Just too inconsistent. And turnovers are clearly becoming a real issue.
  15. They don’t really conflict. they said the Panthers have talked to the Texans about Watson Rhule simply said HE didn’t. That’s not his job either. Then gave coach speak on Sam. clearly Carolina would be interested in what they would view as a good deal. That just doesn’t seem to be on the table. and for the record, I don’t want Watson in a giveaway deal at this point. GM shouldn’t be looking for a good value there.
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