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  1. I feel we lost the CMC trade more than anything. Would love to have him ready to go while we groom our rookie QB.
  2. He is a decent backup for early downs. That’s it. Carolina still needs 3rd down help and depth. Eagles didn’t love Sanders in that role. He can do it but that’s all we got. Rookie QB needs someone reliable
  3. healthy Nuke is top 10, arguably top 5. but he is a rental for a team trying to win a ring. He ain’t coming here for a check.
  4. because you wouldn't go into week 1 with both your #1 and #2 QBs never having logged an actual NFL snap?
  5. fair shot to do what? Be the 3rd QB? I mean, yeah.
  6. I do think the diva WR era is a recognizable era/window in the NFL. I could see it returning though. Especially as the league continues to become a passing league, social media, personal brand building etc.
  7. Trevor also had a talent issue his rookie year and a coaching issue. So his big jump wasn’t just him improving. It was some of it. He would have looked better as a rookie if in a place to have success. Bryce likely is put in a better spot year 1.
  8. Chris Simms had Zach Wilson ahead of Trevor Lawrence. Mond ahead of Fields. Simms has always embraced throwing rankings out meant to generate clicks
  9. OP wisely left off who is coaching that team. That's where the real drama is lol.
  10. Trai Turner is getting in at G for me. I'm going Lathon at OLB over Spoon I'd also put Beason over Morgan. But I get it either way that goes. I can't put Horn on that list either. He hasn't even logged a full season worth of games yet. Godfrey shouldn't be the #2 all time Safety. We ain't got much there but I just couldn't do that.
  11. It’s all a play in words. Rated higher at the time of draft. He could have said he had Baker rated higher than Tom Brady.
  12. He is just doing what the 49ers just did with the recent talk about Darnold and they both are just doing what Carolina did when they signed Sam and then Baker. AKA blowing smoke up their fanbase’s rear end. We laugh at them but we were literally just spit the same thing.
  13. probably. reading a defense, field and being able to quickly get to a 2nd read in the small ball world of today's NFL? Yeah, Sam Darnold is an implosion waiting to happen. Would he look good in a veteran combine? Yep. He has tools. Size. All that stuff.
  14. 49ers O is all about seeing the field with quick and good decision making. That's not a place for Sam to thrive Best place for Sam Darnold would be a cloud of dust offense that hands the ball off and ask the QB to occasionally gamble deep downfield off the play action IMO. Basically an era gone by.
  15. another day, and another story repeating the classic Sam Darnold nonsense. The problem with Sam Darnold is between the ears. And no HC is going to change his DNA.
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