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  1. well, I do think the manner in which he allows us to compete in games will be vastly different than Teddy.
  2. I don't know if Darnold is the answer. I do think Darnold has proven to be good enough to at minimum have us compete in games and win some.
  3. well, I was just trying to highlight how the Brady pass offense by design spreads the ball around. Both in college and the pros.
  4. Joe Brady at LSU also had 5 guys with at least 45 catches. On 2 less games than guys will have next season.
  5. that doesn't mean anything. Jimmy Clausen was ahead of Cam Newton on the depth chart at this time in 2011. Moore should be ahead going into camp simply because he is a vet and the kid just got drafted. Simple as that. Doesn't mean anything right now. We won't have a clue about depth charts until they put some pads on and start working. The Seattle WR has never logged more than 400ish yards in a season. He is going to keep a talented rookie off the field if that rookie is ready and we hit on the pick. Look at Higgins, Claypool, etc last season. Should Moore of kept them o
  6. that was not financial advice. Everyone should know not to be getting financial advice from someone on the huddle that promised you Dwayne Jarrett would be the truth. The best financial advice is on twitter, you tube, and tiktok. There usually will be a very colorful thumbnail that talks about going to the moon to indicate if it is the best advice.
  7. Well, he has two vet WRs in front of him. So there is that. CMC will eat in the pass game a lot with Sam. But the other side the coin is what Joe Brady does on offense. And that isn’t running an O with 2 WRs on the field all game. Look at last years draft. 2nd round WRs had no trouble getting up to speed with no preseason or offseason. I think the 300- 500 yard range is what he will do as a rookie. A situational roleplayer as a rookie.
  8. Elon Musk is going to touch his elbow on SNL this weekend and a bunch of people on internet are going to take that as a sign....and go crazy. * that’s not a suggestion you should buy Doge after Elon does anything on SNL
  9. and it isn’t a knock the player. But Aaron Jones is a bad dude. And GB already struggled enough getting him enough touches given they so heavily rotate in (the solid backup whose name I can’t remember).
  10. And what equated to a 3rd string RB with their 2nd rounder following the Love pick in the first....was GB really hammering the point home that year to Rodgers. We aren’t drafting and building to help presently.
  11. I think I want the hardest road game week 1. Week 1 is so weird I'd rather get the game we have the smallest odds of winning then.
  12. I mean, we know from reporting there were people on staff that wanted Fields. So Tepper likely has people he pays telling him Fields is the guy. You think all the offensive staff in Carolina has agreed about the drafts that have gone down with Rhule as the HC?
  13. so Joe Brady and the offensive staff would be the logical conclusion there.
  14. and if that is the case, more people than Tepper were on the Fields side of the argument. I mean, if Tepper leaves the football stuff to Rhule/Fitterer.....we have enough reporting to logically conclude Fields was being debated with Horn. GM makes the call. But we don't know who Joe Brady wanted with that. We don't know who Rhule even preferred. We just know the final decision.
  15. Drafting a QB top 10, in Carolina's position, is going to generate a lot of excitement around the franchise. Acknowledging something extremely obvious doesn't mean that is the only reason Tepper wanted him.
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