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  1. Fine w/ that. I just don't want to add these caliber QBs to the mix. I also don't want Matt Corral to be the week 1 starter. I don't think there will be nor do I want a legit open competition. But I want him to play to get an idea of what he might have. Because I think after this season we will want to know to make our next play/move. I do think the fanbase/stadium will allow us to see Corral at some point if it is just Sam/PJ on the roster. I think we just repeat last year and eventually Corral just has to get out there. Hopefully we won't see it until mideseason.
  2. you said there was no comparison. I responded to that narrative. The comparison is they are both checkdown QBs. Teddy and Jimmy G. And they do compare statistically too. I responded to that. They have very high and similar career completion percentages because of all the checking down. whatever the goal of the article is doesn't matter lol. Unless you think he is falsely being portrayed as a checkdown QB by the author. That was just the first one that popped up on a google search because it is a long discussed issue of Jimmy's.
  3. CRA

    Hey there.

    I'm saying you are one of the key cogs of what you are complaining about. You spend most of your time here being upset because people think Matt Rhule sucks.
  4. I mean if you are into hot italian guys I can at least accept that as an arguement.
  5. I think I read the post wrong. You said make it past 7 games. I read that as wins intitially. That's where my mind got 8. You meant CMC. But yeah, I'd take the over if forced with 6. I can't get much higher.
  6. Even San Francisco media is tired of Checkdown Jimmy G leading the 49ers (msn.com) yeah, there is. They are both checkdown QBs that can't and don't make the throws downfield you need from a QB. That comparison has been here since Jimmy's name was very first brought up awhile back. * It's why they have almost identical career completion %.
  7. I'd just rather get Matt Corral on the field by midseason. That seems more fruitful and has more purpose. I think adding these guys stops that from happening.
  8. we had him. his name was Teddy. and Jimmy G would just be our #1 QB. QB discussion over.
  9. If Matt Rhule gets his hands on Jimmy G no one here is seeing Matt Corral. New season, same Panthers. The brand is basically Groundhog Day.
  10. CRA

    Hey there.

    Jimmy is a good dude. He cares
  11. CRA

    Hey there.

    I mean, the Rhule and Tepper hate would probably go from an 8 to a soothing 4....if there weren't Rhule and Tepper fanboys running around every day claiming the Earth is flat. kind of like here. You once again, are complaining about people complaining about Matt Rhule. Which you do over and over. Often not in response to someone actually complaining about him. Of course you do that then too. Because someone can't just say Matt Rhule sucks and you let that slide as a reality. I mean the Qanon theorist comparable isn't people saying Rhule/Tepper suck. As you say. It's those that argue they don't suck and/or have a problem w/ it being pointed out. And they insist on making that known over and over again.
  12. I have yet to see someone take a schedule and put the actual 8 wins out there though. It would then require the Panthers pulling some big upsets IMO after basically running the table on all the close ones.
  13. Matt Rhule needs wins to stay employed.
  14. and excuding somewhere like maybe Montana. Most of the maps where internet is lacking is prime college football real estate.
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