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  1. Oh, I actually really like that Travis add late there.
  2. last class was a TE class. This one a WR class. So the Panther thing to do will be to draft punch of safeties.
  3. they had some CB the other day telling folks he was a flat Earther and didn't think anything existed and space wasn't real. Dude needs better people around him. Like, listen guy, even if you believe that stuff just lie or I'll give you a line of how to not actually say anything. Dude was going into detail about fake planets. Teams thinking you are batpoo crazy ain't going to help you in the draft.
  4. and RB talent in the mid rounds is often ready to contribute right away unlike other spots. I think every other year a team that doesn't trade picks for living.....should take a RB for their committee.
  5. draft a RB in the mid rounds. It's crazy not to build your backfield there. We never should spend money like that on a Miles Sanders ever again. You can get better/more complete RBs in every draft. It should be consistent act the team does. Then you let them walk.
  6. Bryce really needs a 3rd down type RB that can be on the field on early downs too. That's what makes it work for that type QB IMO. I don't advocate for Eckler money. They should just go draft one in round 3 or 4 or 5. In this world, you can find really good RBs in those rounds vs meh projects at other positions. Good RB talent goes longer than other positions.
  7. but that just brings me back to what are even doing....biggest problem last year was nothing went together. Bad marriages. If Bryce Young is your QB and that is what your team is going to do....then you need a scheme and offense designed to make it work with him. Giving him just early down runners isn't it. Said it last year. Asking Sanders and Hubbard to catch doesn't make them what he would need. That's not their games. Same goes for the WRs. I mean we are in a tough place. If we had a #1 pick I would just advocate for pulling an Arizona and drafting another QB in the first round and moving on from Bryce. The ONLY way Bryce can succeed and the pick to work is to be all in to him and build a Bryce O. We didn't last year. Doubtful this year. So what's the point.
  8. you don't build a good D....by drastically overpaying Burns like he is something he isn't. You could bring in a couple needed and good players for the cost of Burns. would you want to make a WR one of the highest paid in all the NFL who basically only had one route in his bag of tricks? I mean, he runs that one great. and if he wasn't running that one route was basically irrelevant?
  9. I think the solution is still neglecting to address the same issue I had going into last season. If Bryce Young is your QB......a backfield of only Hubbard and Sanders is a flawed one. Bryce needs a legit 3rd down type RB. A legit pass catching RB. Just because you log some catches doesn't make you one. That has to be part of the scheme. And both Hubbard and Sanders are early down runners ideally. Bryce had 2 GREAT guys in that role while at Bama in Gibbs and Bijan.
  10. Well, again, I think where it is really more evident is with the GM hire than the HC. That’s where I stick on that that convo. reality is college was off the table. Some of these were a no go in the candidate pool like a Vrabel, Harabugh, Belichick given Tepper ain’t meshing with that. A couple retreads and that largely was off the table. We just did that too. So the pickings were just tiny for HC for us in terms of the type of HC Tepper could stomach that would enrage his fan base off Rhule/Reich. But I feel GM was different. I think that was a much bigger pool and less stuff was off limits…..and I don’t believe a search firm would have had Dan Morgan #1.
  11. oh no doubt. Tepper is it. The McAdoo hire imo was the first real sign of what we had become....was seen by the rest of the NFL world.
  12. I mean, there was legit reporting the Panthers were doing a lot of work behind the scenes to make sure they weren't even rejected for interview requests. Carolina seems in total damage control. Interviews often serve tons of purposes. You could probably reasonably argue some rolled in here with no real intent on taking it. It's interview practice for some. League folks have talked about that for awhile. It's some simply not wanting to turn down an offer. For some it may be trying to leverage other jobs and get them to make a move. I mean, we know that type bologna all happens. Did it happen here? who knows. This is offseason imagination time. You can think up all sorts of stuff that could be plausible. I mean, maybe they didn't offer jobs to certain people because they knew the answer. Maybe they found out the real answer before an offer. I think Dan Morgan job is the best indicator that Carolina didn't have TONS of options in reality. Given the search firm talk and ending up doing that in the end.
  13. I would imagine they have already been there and done that. That's why he still isn't sign. I mean, we know they have made a bunch of offers. They started last summer. And you can't keep offering a dude more that did less and less last year.
  14. I mean, letting Burns walk has been talked about here. Heck, realistically it became a path when he went into the past season. if you don't want to overpay him, that's sort of that. tag and trades aren't actually that common and if you just tag a dude that doesn't want to play, that's it own nightmare. especially for a new HC trying to build a new culture here out of the rubble. *and obviously better players than Burns have walked out of here.
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