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  1. I'm just saying, if the Panthers are going to show Tepper in that space......you are going to rightfully get that response from a % of hardcore fans. I don't get having a problem with people having that natural reaction. It makes sense. That's why I call it Groundhogs Day. We have already done variations of this and so has Panther PR. We literally did it last offseason. So given that, my first thought is NOT going to be Dan Morgan is now in control. I can acknowledge the intent of the PR. But the intent of the PR isn't what people have to walk away with. That seems to be what you are implying. Well, they intended for you to think X so you should only walk away from it thinking about X. Not Y. Even though Y has been the consistent theme for a half decade.
  2. I know enough, people saw Tepper's face and had a reaction about what he has consistently been here. Seems fair. So I call it fair. I have given up Panther content entering a season. That was made last offseason. Panthers control too much in that content space now and I'm not buying any preseason thoughts at this stage about how Tepper is now different, new GM is now different because insert whatever, etc. It's Groundhog Day at this point. I'm waiting on proof at this point. Until then, it all is what it is.
  3. I mean, it's a couple seconds of PR content. I'm not going to use those seconds to attempt to redefine what Tepper has proven to be. I mean, we sort of have attempted that dance in prior years around this time.
  4. I mean, if you showed me a picture of Jimmy Clausen I would say he was a trash QB. It's just the first thing that comes to mind. I think trying to spin that type reaction as some uncontrollable rage that haunts someone is a bit much. Tepper is a really bad and meddlesome owner to date. You want to show him in the type settings where we know he had been bad news.....again, don't be surprised if the first thing people think and comment on is saying water is wet. and for transparency, I have watched any of this video.
  5. what the video does simply by showing his face.....is remind hardcore fans here that he is still our owner. The bad owner. The one who has been the worst in all of professional sports. The meddling one who makes consistently bad decisions. So if you don't want hardcore fans to comment on that, don't put him in a "hype" PR piece. It's an instant turnoff. As this thread shows. That's my point.
  6. well, I don't think he is a "normal" owner. I think he is a bad owner. and if a PR video is going to show him at all.....then it's just a constant, hey don't forget, we have the worst owner in all of pro sports to a big % of the hardcore fanbase. A very involved one. I don't see how a quick clip of Tepper somehow should make people now think he isn't doing Tepper things just because the clip doesn't present that way.
  7. yeah, people are acting like he is the worst owner in all of professional sports or something.
  8. I don't think most Americans know the comical price of assisted living care. I mean, that million would be gone in 2 years. And that's just the average. Higher cost state or a nice facility? It would be gone real quick.
  9. heard this the other day on Tepper, believe what you will. my buddy's neighbor works at BOA and he told my buddy that one of his co-workers at BOA went into the restroom, turned the lights off and said the name David Tepper 3 times into the mirror. Needless to say, the man has never been seen again.
  10. everything shown is Panther PR essentially and edited exactly how the team wants things to be seen and perceived. David Tepper is David Tepper. It proves to be that way every year. With everything he is involved in. There is no reason to assume anything has changed or likely will.
  11. I mean, 40 year olds that grew up on other teams.....simply aren't the same as people that were passed down a team for generations in their family. When I was kid, my favorite player was Darrell Greene. Because my team was the Skins. If the Panthers suck, I can just watch the NFL at large. It is what it is. I adopted the Panthers because they were the local team. The Panthers and the Browns simply aren't going to have the same fanbases right now. Shouldn't be expected. And most of the real purchasing power is with people who didn't grow up with the Panthers. The money isn't with a 19 year olds. and if the Hurricanes were less successful, people wouldn't be hyping the Raleigh fanbase as much. But I can concede that is slightly different, as hockey isn't big in the south so most in the area haven't switched over from other teams. It's their introduction to the sport. Which makes the Hurricanes a little different than other franchises. They probably compare better with Charlotte FC IMO. If you gave Raleigh a random MLB team that sucked......I don't that folks could get away with claiming Raliegh fans are "built different" than Charlotte folks.
  12. it's more entertaining the what the Panthers have been the last half decade. Unless, you got a kink for torture.
  13. generally speaking, to be committed to bad teams......you need time. Born into it. Generations. I mean, that's why people support the Jets, or Cubs or whoever that can suck for a decade. Panthers still lack the time to have a "proper fanbase". 40 year olds still grew up on different teams because they didn't exist. so the Charlotte teams are largely in the you have to be good for people to care window. One of the reasons Raleigh is deemed a passionate fanbase is the Hurricanes actually had early success and are currently succesful. In the postseason year 2 and in the Stanley Cup by year 5. Then won it a couple years after that. I mean, that's actually beyond early success. That was great success. And if you look more recently, they have had 6 straight playoff seasons.
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