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  1. I think moving him in the draft makes more sense than before than prior. It's knowing what you can do with the first round pick vs guessing.
  2. you can find a take that says anything... Houston reporter says the Texans are in fact discussing the possibility of trading him. And this one says, it is the Bears not Panthers that will do anything to get him. You can probably find someone saying Steve Smith is going back to play WR and we are bringing Jake back if you look long and hard enough
  3. 2nd week where they brought back the post credit scene. Make sure you watch it this week it.
  4. only we don't know that. Tepper has never displayed that yet. All we have is click bait social media post by people who want you to read and follow them.
  5. I don’t even like soccer and think it’s cool he is bringing soccer here. Panthers have always had a presence in SC and should. Plus, Rock Hill is basically an extension of Charlotte. And if you don’t view it that way.....it will be in time. Tepper just brought in his coach this past season....who overachieved per the national outlook.
  6. well, my ears are open. I was just guessing off the fact that was the name of Tepper's hedge fund and the fact they did look at times of distress (Houston) to cash in.
  7. Hell, it probably was Houston. In hopes Tepper would come out and squash it. Try to take some hope away from Watson. See, Deshaun, everyone isn't going to bend over backwards to try to get you. who knows, as rich as Tepper is....I don't put that narrative out there.
  8. not a lot of info gets out of NE. But we know it isn't exactly a happy place. and a lot of bodies have left NE. Big names. Probably no team has parted with more big names to watch them play elsewhere. I seriously doubt that was always a one way street dictated only by Bill.
  9. who knows. But you got time and interested teams. Longer it goes? Maybe someone like Tepper keeps sweetening the deal. But I think if he isn't traded by the draft, it isn't happening. Texans will force him to sit. And I think he will sit a year if they call him on it. Which could be the play. Then Cal can take a shitty year and use it as an excuse to restructure things just how Watson wanted but have the angle it was all his idea because of how the team performed.
  10. We don't know how he always arrived at "his terms". You think the "Patriot way" involved Bill having highly paid leaders of the franchise sitting out and trashing him?
  11. the NBA mentality is coming to the NFL. It won't be a clone of what we see in the NBA....but superstar athletes are going to start flexing on franchises in ways we haven't seen. And by superstars, we are basically only talking about stud QBs.
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