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  1. I think J Horn is a first rounder, but pretty much every nfl analyst has Surtain as a better NFL ready cornerback. One of the reasons was Horn's maul the receiver after 5 yards tendencies. He won't get away with that in the NFL. Those down field pass interference penalties are game changers. Any thoughts?
  2. To me, this is the worst pick in the draft for the Panthers. IMO, too slow and not much interception capabilities.
  3. I will be rooting for Sam Darnold to do well, not just this season but to have a good career. I hope it's in Carolina. Maybe he will have a better O-line and more time to throw the ball. From the footage I've seen, it looked like the defenses just ran right past the Jets O-line and Sam Darnold had no time to think about where to throw. I also hope having Joe Brady as the offensive coordinator will be beneficial to Sam in making better decisions. I don't know much about the QB coach Sean Ryan, but I hope he will be an asset to Darnold too. I didn't care for Teddy Bridgewater, bu
  4. I guess this pick really means that Panthers running backs Rodney Smith, Reggie Bonnafon, and Trenton Cannon all stink and need to be traded.
  5. It sure looks like what they are doing.
  6. Maybe Scott Fitterer is the BUST of the draft!! Not impressed so far.. although I do like WR Terrance Marshall, IF he can stay healthy and not spend his career making millions while sitting on the bench.
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