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  1. Just to play devils advocate on coach vs QB importance, would this board rather have Matt Rhule with Patrick Mahomes or Andy Reid with PJ Walker
  2. Football is easy to play on Cocaine, see ball hit ball. Basketball requires you to catch ball, dribble ball, pass ball, shoot ball. No chance he could've done that on Cocaine. Peppers still wins.
  3. Ok, not to derail this thing too far away from the football game tonight, how about we agree MJ is the greatest anything, Peppers is the greatest athlete, and Vince is the greatest leaper. The best missed dunk I've ever seen ... and Shammond Williams hit the 3 anyway. Fucc Duke.
  4. Love MJ, minus what he has done to run the Hornets into the ground, but there is no way you honestly believe he is a better athlete than Julius Peppers. Not basketball player, just pure athlete.
  5. Don't disagree, but I think you are explaining why the rest of the world is more skilled / technical than us, not why our best athletes don't play soccer. Little kids in America can grow up to be ANYTHING they want (regardless of options), they aren't choosing soccer. I think my theory is why.
  6. Greatest athlete the school has ever had! Love it. Get out the Oranges!
  7. This is success for US Soccer, whether you like it or not. Getting to the knock out stages of the World Cup is the best they will ever do until the sport evolves and it's no longer a bunch of women flopping and pussy footing around a field. Little boys don't grow up hoping for fame and glory based on a referee giving them a free kick because they were able to win an Oscar for best fake foul or hand ball. They grow up wanting to dunk on people, truck stick people, and hit homeruns off people. Imagine Cam Newton playing soccer, or Lebron James playing soccer, or Aaron Judge playing soccer. It would never happen, because those players definitive athletic advantage would immediately be compromised by the fact that every time they brushed another player said player would fall down and it would be a foul. Until US Soccer convinces the rest of the world to play soccer like men, and not like a bunch of bitches, the majority of kids in the US will refuse to embrace a sport where the softer you are the better you are. There isn't another sport that rewards that. I like soccer a lot, I would love for this country to dominate in the sport, but it will never happen.
  8. Lamar, is that you? By posting here, is this your way of saying you're coming to the Panthers?
  9. Not a single franchise changing QB in this year's draft. Keep trying to win, best player available wherever you pick, as long as that player isn't a QB until way late in the draft.
  10. Joe Brady is the Bills QB coach? How did I miss him ending up there ...
  11. I would take CJ Stroud with a broken throwing arm and a wooden peg plant leg before I'd even consider taking Bo Nix. And I would never take a healthy CJ Stroud.
  12. Like I've said all year, if Iowa, Indiana, Purdue, Northwestern and any of the other Big 10 schools not named Michigan get to be in the NFL, then CJ Stroud is the guy. But if he has to play against NFL talent, he will be lost and isn't worth a first round grade.
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