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  1. This is a decent 20 minute listen about the WNBA and something that happened to Caitlin Clark during her introductory presser.
  2. Things are definitely a mess. And looking at the way things are trending, it's not going to get better. Rent, utilities, food, etc. Everything just keeps going up and outpacing inflation except for wages.
  3. I agree with most of what you've posted, but I don't think things will return to a proper alignment again. The investors are too heavily invested in the housing market now for it to return to families buying homes.
  4. I don't think it's a misprint. They repeated 13500 several times in the listing and even list wanting 15500 for two months or less. This is just someone or some company that is totally out of touch with the market.
  5. Maybe is parts of LA and NYC. I've never seen anyone ask for this high of a price in NC before.
  6. While true, you would think they would want a guy that has started at the position before instead of a guy they want to shoehorn into the spot.
  7. *Glances at the huge gaping hole at the center position* Yep, that's a "good foundation" alright.
  8. It's not a good thing. Never tip your hand unless you're sure you can't be beaten. Nobody could jump them for a QB last year. That's not the case this year as other teams can jump the Panthers by moving back up into the late 1st round.
  9. In yesterday's locked on Panthers podcast, Council said he's hearing and seen reported the Panthers are locked in on taking a WR with pick 33. And I really hope that's just a smokescreen, especially if the centers drop out of the first round.
  10. Ah. Yeah, that makes more sense. He doesn't have the quickness needed for a top 5 pick.
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