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  1. The Hornets almost always suck when playing early afternoon games. Hopefully they ball out tomorrow. Yep.
  2. Yep. For a few reasons too. If they are all in on Darnold, it makes no sense to draft another young QB that highly and have Darnold looking over his shoulder at a guy that is also expecting to have the same job. If Darnold doesn't pan out, odds are the Panthers are picking high again next year and can go for a QB then. They might be able to fleece a team that is desperate for a QB. Take one of the high LT prospects and keep building the team for the next guy if Darnold doesn't pan out.
  3. Take Sewell. If he pans out, you have an elite LT which this team hasn't had in years. Other teams will also be looking to pick up those young and cheap LT options in the later rounds, so that means the Panthers might not be able to get one due to a run on them. Don't pass up the chance when you finally have it.
  4. Trying to change the subject to Clausen: 1+1=2 not 4. And two is a couple.
  5. Now you want to play word games? You said a couple which means two. Triple is three and quadruple is four if you need a refresher.
  6. This would have been so much better if you had photoshopped Teddy's head onto each bean.
  7. It's not just outliers though. There have been a lot of players in the NFL and other sports that have played at high levels for a long time after having bad injuries. There have also been some that never recovered and played again. But, you give him a chance and see what happens. At worst the Panthers are looking for a QB again next year. But that could be true with a rookie or other vet as well.
  8. Thomas Davis and Steph Curry say hi. Don't hold injuries against someone unless it is to the same body part each time.
  9. Bolded for you. A couple generally means two. As for easier than ever? That depends on the individual and which team drafts them. Things have changed in how teams treat rookies in the last decade or so. The feeling used to be that all QBs needed time to sit and learn. Now, teams have no problems throwing them out there day 1. It is very possible that some of them could have always played from day 1 if teams didn't make them sit.
  10. I always thought The Last Boy Scout was a good popcorn movie for the time it was made. And yeah, it did have some good one liners.
  12. The question wasn't every three years, it was every year since you had stated a rookie no longer needs two years since they were making the transition easier these days.
  13. So you want to draft a new QB in the first round every year until you find one that meets your standards?
  14. Why would another team give Teddy a chance to start when the Panthers, who were a bad team last season, are saying he wasn't good enough for them?
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