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  1. Once again, not true. I don't make a single penny off any video I've posted here. But carry one believing what you want
  2. They mean should he be extended now, without ever having played a down. They mention the exploding WR market as the reason for asking this.
  3. I'm sure most people would be happy to have that after all the previous years under Tepper. Five winning seasons in a row plus 4 years of playoffs is a lot better than what the Panthers have done since the last SB appearance.
  4. Not true. If you don't like what I post, don't open the threads, don't read the posts, or put me on block so you don't have to see it.
  5. That was supposed to had been done when Richardson got the money for his improvements a few years ago. But maybe Tepper doesn't think he has to honor the deal Richardson made.
  6. It's not going to need injuries to be at the bottom of the league. It was there last year despite some cherry picked stats showing otherwise. Opposing teams basically scored on the Panthers' D at will. Nothing done this offseason shows me that things will be any different this upcoming season.
  7. I saw that Hurley got a big offer from Kentucky that was worth as much or a million less than the Lakers' offer. He'd have less games, work, and not as many egos to handle if he stayed in college.
  8. My mom has been on medicare for five years or so now. It gets worse over time and they pay less each year as they shift medicines from one tier to another. She has an inhaler and they started making her copay higher than what they paid last year. Thankfully, the local pharmacy she uses started giving her the generic version for less than her copay as the price for the name brand version went up.
  9. I remember being told years ago that they had their factories all setup for marijuana if it was ever legalized. Don't know if it's true or not though. As for lobbying, they probably don't because they're so far out of favor with the government and have been content with their other cash cows.
  10. Maybe timeouts are in order for those derailing all the threads.
  11. With the way some act like they hate the guy, it'll probably continue until Young isn't part of the team any longer.
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