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  1. I'd rather give Carey all the minutes along with the other guy they drafted last year instead of paying any of those guys.
  2. Understandable, but maybe they should give Carey and Richards this coming season to see if one of them can be good enough to take the job. If neither works out, then make a trade or attempt at a free agent.
  3. Pass. He's not much of a scorer, he doesn't get boards, or block shots. I'd rather stick with the two young guys the team already has at center and see what they can do than make a trade for another team's castoff. And heck no to Cousins. He's on the downside of his career and still does too much stupid poo.
  4. Would said trade mean we get two 3 & D guys to take the place of the Martin twins? If so, yes!
  5. Haven't heard the interview, but thank goodness that he has the right mindset and is saying the right things. Hopefully they stick to that and let the guys they want to keep develop naturally instead of rushing things like the previous braintrust did with Kemba and Big Al.
  6. Even if Moton is average at best as an LT, he might be the best available this year.
  7. So the team wants to sign a long term contract that they can backload instead of possibly paying more at one time for the tag? Very insightful reporting. Wouldn't have known that if not for Joe.
  8. Haven't watched that video. If the third Ball brother doesn't shoot or play defense any better than his brothers, he would have to be a hard pass. The Hornets need scoring and defense instead of another ball handler.
  9. I could see that happening, especially if they don't resign Graham and/or Monk. Or if they trade Terry. Sure, they could put Hayward at the 2 spot like Batum or Paul George, but he might not play well there against faster 2 guards or if a team is running 2 point guards. Also, Mitch might not want to keep playing the Martins as much as JB does.
  10. I highly doubt Hayward gets traded. If he misses a lot of games next season, I could see it happening after that though. Resigning Graham should be a gimme. As your quote says, he is a success story the team can point to. Plus, he doesn't seem to mind being a backup for Ball. I'm torn on Terry. He's a good scorer most nights, which the Hornets really need, but he also seems to go cold at the worst time. If Terry would sign a team friendly deal, then go for it. If not, trade him for what they can get. Monk? I've never been a fan and don't care if he leaves. They could sign or dra
  11. Hopefully they are smarter than overpaying for one of those vets in FA. The team already has two young guys that they need to kick the tires on. They might be serviceable or better. They might be worse too. Either way, they need playing time to see what they are. Hopefully the team drafts the best available at 11 instead of trading the pick or more for a guy like Turner. Overpaying for a vet or in a trade for Turner would be a very Hornets move.
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