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  1. It's easy to claim something after the event is over. Joking aside,
  2. Probably, but I was looking for baby type tantrums that weren't cute.
  3. The majority of the huddle when Levis is selected #1
  4. Not yet, though has has played all 13 games the last two seasons, and is rapidly improving. He'll be well worth watching this upcoming season. Defense Statistics Defense Statistics Season GP SOLO AST TOT TFL-YDS SACKS-YDS INT PD FF FR BLK Total 26 10 22 32 2-4 0.5-1 0 0 1 1 0 2021 13 2 5 7 0.5-1 0.5-1 0 0 0 0 0 2022 13 8 17 25 1.5-3 0-0 0 0 1 1 0
  5. Yep. He was the biggest DT in college football last season. Dude needs to lose some weight for his own health but talk about a space eating nose tackle.
  6. Because McCown doesn't make the pick? I think you guys are putting way too much into the happy looks. I've never seen coaches, GMs, and such not look happy when they meet guys at workouts or other events. Expect to see more of the same at the other pro days they attend.
  7. A small frame, you say? He's not much bigger than Corral. This means he's going down to an injury in his first preseason game too! Draft Desmond Watson with the first pick instead Now that's a hog molly Relax fanboys,
  8. Ellis' first point is false. A scripted performance that Stroud practiced at is not the same as a live game situation. The rest is much more valid.
  9. Stroud isn't much of a running threat, so if they do draft him, they should rip those RPO plays out of the playbook.
  10. The NCAA and networks need to cut back the number of bowl games. They won't though. People want to see the star players play those games. You saw how few people attended and watched a lot of the bowls because I think you made a remark about it in the college game thread. The only thing that's going to save a lot of those games is paying the players a NIL bonus to play.
  11. Didn't Frank say they wanted to use RPOs when he was introduced? I guess like boxing, wrestling, and such, the card is subject to change.
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