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  1. And the third flaw is that it's a passing league.
  2. Yeah, I had considered making a comment about him only being available for 4-5 games but decided against it.
  3. CMC? There was that tweet yesterday about him having his way with the Pats' defense.
  4. I love seeing that. Now, we just need some soccer hooligans to offer their help too.
  5. PJ Washington, Ally Batenhorst, and Luisa Blanco Oh...right. For the Panthers, CJ Henderson and Shi Smith.
  6. Perhaps his seat isn't as hot as people hope it is. He's not running the team that way. As Mr Scot pointed out, he's running the team as if it was a college program and that he has all the time he wants.
  7. That wasn't a good first play of the series by Corral.
  8. Someone go check on LG. He might have passed out because all his blood just rushed south once Howell scored.
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