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  1. Prepare for the flood of out of state new residents, especially if the house prices are still below the average.
  2. I think they'll be fine with paying the fees for the next 10 years, if not longer. This is a huge country and it'll take years to build out the necessary internet infrastructure to be able to ditch pay TV. And even then, there will be streaming versions, which we're already seeing.
  3. Maybe Chad thought it would get more views?
  4. Nah. He's still in the honeymoon phase.
  5. Considering how badly the broadcasters want to hold on to their traditional TV pie and that content is king, yes. Even the WWE got 2 separate 1 billion dollar TV deals for their small audience. Despite the rising popularity of streaming and ditching the cord, there are still millions of people in the US that depend on cable, network OTA channels, and satellite for TV service since they can't get broadband internet service.
  6. As if Boeing didn't get enough of the government's money. Just kidding. I'm not surprised Boeing has once again entered into an agreement with NASA and that this capsule will be used to ferry astronauts to the ISS.
  7. I never saw a lot of that talk. Most of what I saw was that he was considering retirement.
  8. There's still and beach if you're into those sort of things.
  9. There has been a small group of us saying that for a long while now while most others were saying he's learning or just clueless.
  10. Terry Stotts is now being mentioned as a potential hire.
  11. Never said I was arguing against you. I didn't gloss over the OL. I'm just not ready to crown a rookie LT, if he wins the job, and a couple more free agents until I see how they gel and play together. I think Sam has been Carr'd, but he could still have his best season ever even if it's not good by most measurements.
  12. None. I don't plan on spending a penny on the Panthers until they show they can win again.
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