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  1. Also, for anyone interested in going in the game, Lane & Associates (official dentist of the Canes) has a link available online to buy some wildly discounted tickets. $45 for club/lower level and $20 for upper deck. https://hurricanes.spinzo.com/carolina-hurricanes-partner-appreciation-game-2022-01-13-NHMYG?group=corporate-partner-offer-7nw2 Pack the house!
  2. Curious the reasoning behind keeping LaFontaine up over Lyon. Is Don sympathizing with the lack of goalies the Wolves have right now? Or is he just that confident in LaFontaine?
  3. Really curious to get a good answer on this one. I think the confusion starts with some misconstruing of the Jarvis situation from earlier this year, when the rules seem to be completely different since Jarv is 19 and Drury is 21. From the reading I've done, it all had to with when the entry level contract officially kicked in, not waivers. Say Jarvis had been sent down before he hit 11 games, his ELC would slide a year and he wouldn't be an RFA until after 2025. But since he's played more than 11 games, he'll be an RFA in 2024. According to Cap Friendly, Jarv is still waivers exempt for another 140 games because of his age. https://www.capfriendly.com/waivers-calculator/seth-jarvis#results Again, I'm a complete neophyte in this area, so don't take my word for much worth.
  4. Completely missed this handy tool on Cap Friendly earlier. https://www.capfriendly.com/waivers-calculator/jack-drury#results It seems to indicate that he has 78 games until he's no longer exempt from waivers? Maybe my interpretation earlier was completely wrong and all that truly counts are NHL games? If so, I've never been so happy to be wildly inaccurate with a take.
  5. Imagine they reschedule all the postponed games to the Olympic break given that NHL players won't be going now. Would make the most sense at the least.
  6. G Great point, wasn't sure whether World Cup games were considered professional or not so I excluded them. All these niche rules have my head spinning, but if there's anything I've learned is that our team is DEEP in minor league talent and this is a great problem to have. Glad it's Waddell and not me figuring out how to navigate these waters.
  7. Just found this write up about the waiver exemptions rules. Pay special attention to the last paragraph given Drury's age (21) and having played professional in Sweden last year. Waiver Exemption "The most difficult part of the waiver system is that of exemption. As a general rule, developing players are exempt from the waiver requirement: teams are free to assign them to the minor leagues and to recall them. Specifically, exemption is determined by a combination of the number of years under contract and games played. Once a player hits a threshold number of games played based on the player's age and the number of years since he signed his first NHL contract, he loses the exemption and must pass through waivers. The number of years and games is set down in a table in paragraph 13.4 of the CBA: Goalies Skaters Age Years from signing-NHL NHL Games Played Years from signing-NHL NHL Games Played 18 6 80 5 160 19 5 80 4 160 20 4 80 3 160 21 4 60 3 80 22 4 60 3 70 23 3 60 3 60 24 2 60 2 60 25+ 1 1 For waiver purposes, NHL regular season games and playoff games count the same. Immediately after a player plays the number of games indicated, he loses the waiver exemption. If he doesn't reach the number of games, he nevertheless loses his waiver exemption on reaching the number of seasons under an NHL contract. This is relatively straightforward. However, there are a number of additional rules that make it more complicated. First, the number of years is reduced by two for eighteen year old or nineteen year old players playing more than eleven NHL games. So, any goalie playing more than eleven NHL games by age nineteen will lose waiver exemption after four seasons and any skater doing the same will lose waiver exemption after three. Additionally, for players twenty or older, all professional games count, not just NHL games. This includes all minor league games and European league games while the player is on loan and signed to an NHL team. For waiver purposes, age eighteen means the player reaches that age between January 1 and September 15 of the draft year. Ages from nineteen to twenty-one mean that the player reaches that age during the year of the draft." I'm not the most intelligent guy out there, but that last paragraph would seem to indicate that Drury would be eligible for waivers by the end of next month regardless of if he's playing in Carolina or Chicago. He's played 66 pro games between Carolina, Chicago, and Vaxjo. However, what I'm not sure of if that 80 game rule is retroactive, or goes into effect after signing the NHL entry level contract. Drury didn't sign his deal until after the season he played with Vaxjo, where he logged 41 pro games. Long story short, from my understanding it seems he wouldn't be eligible for waiver for another 14 AHL/NHL games at the very minimum. Please feel free to poke holes in this theory as it's something I've only put together while avoiding work for the past 15 or so minutes!
  8. Would he hit waivers should we call him up and send him back down a 2nd time? Not sure how they work tbh. Would the same rule apply for a potential call up during the playoffs?
  9. What's the likelihood of us seeing him called up after the break if Necas is out for a couple of weeks?
  10. I remember seeing they were out of protocol and training, having both back would be a huge boost on Tuesday night. Once both are ultimately back, do we see Chatfield staying up for most of the rest of the season? Him and Lajoie have been impressive in their time up, but Chatfield seems like he'd be a great fit on a 3rd D-line pairing on occasion.
  11. Do we know the status of Pesce and TDA for the Minnesota game? Would hope they can rejoin the team now that we're back on the right side of the border.
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