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  1. Wonderful... So either Lorentz or McCormick would draw in, I’m assuming Marty would head back to the wing if McCormick was selected. Hypothetically we could be looking at something like this tomorrow. Svech - Aho - McGinn Nino - Trochek - Necas Foegele - Geekie - Fast Dzingel - McCormick - Marty
  2. So my thought was a player could be scratched and replaced with a taxi squad player but I could be wrong.
  3. I’m also very critical of Staal but I will retract my criticism as he appears to be one of only two people (Aho) that can win faceoff’s. Hopefully he is back soon.
  4. If we’re holding people accountable then Bean better draw in for Skjei next game because it was like playing 6 on 4 every time he was on the ice. Good game by Reimer.
  5. Man can Svech drive a line. He’s out there dragging a beer leaguer in McGinn to great chances on net.
  6. It’s clear that RBA gave Skjei and Fleury the kiss of death because they’ve looked horrible tonight. Fleury is all over the place and not in a good way and Skjei is never in the right place to begin with (or he’s turning the puck over).
  7. What are these lines... I get trying to have a scoring option on every line but expecting Svech to carry Marty (who is not a natural center) is insanity. Give me the following until Jordo comes back: Svech - Fishy - Turbo Nino - Trochek - Necas Dzingel - Geekie - Fast Foegele - Marty - McGinn Its a shame we don’t play the Caps every night, maybe Foegele would then be useful.
  8. Well that was uneventful, Mrazek looks sharp though.
  9. If they called every trip on Detroit I don’t think we’d have a minute of even strength hockey in this period.
  10. The ice is pretty horrid. Lends to the fact that you need to have more than cold weather to have good ice.
  11. That’s for sure one of the coolest custom jersey’s that I’ve ever seen regardless of the sport. Lines for tonight: Nino - Fishy - Turbo Foegele - Marty - Fast Svech - Trochek- Nachos Zinger - Geekie - Ginner Slavin - Doogie Skjei - Pesce Gards - Fleury Mrazek If Trochek can’t snap out of his funk playing with Svech and Nachos then I don’t know if he ever will. Interesting call to go with Mrazek. He was beat a couple of times high on Thursday but got some help from the post. Hopefully it’s more of the same tonight.
  12. Yeah, tough to tell with how poor Subban played in net.
  13. Never seen the clip of the Rangers’ reaction, that is hilarious.
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