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  1. This is the worst officiated game all season.
  2. I’d allow this excuse but we only had around 7 last night.
  3. Start moving the ball better and stop turning the ball over and we’ll be fine. Worst ball movement from any game I can remember.
  4. This is what happened last game… all the calls magically started going against us… specifically the shooting fouls (the one’s that matter).
  5. Need one of Bouknight or Washington to provide some depth.
  6. Hopefully Nick’s x-ray’s are negative, he’s been playing well.
  7. Looks like Kupchak may have hit on another second round pick in JT Thor.
  8. Going to be interesting to see if the youngins earned extra playing time.
  9. I actually think we manage to keep him for around $6M per year. Dundon values offense more than defense. After all, he stated that we’d never draft a defenseman in the first round while he is owner. Not to mention, the Canes value the center position more than any other position as they are constantly drafting centers. I think Trocheck is resigned as he’s the perfect 2C. Additionally, I think the thought was that KK could make Trocheck expendable but that’s obviously not the case. Couple that with the fact that Staal is on his last contract with the Canes, I believe Trocheck is resigned to a $6Mx5 and he makes it in the fourth year of his deal before he is traded. For the next couple of years I project that we stick with Aho/Trocheck/Staal/KK or Drury I could see the future looking like Aho/Jarvis/KK or Rees/Drury
  10. No idea of the validity of these two accounts.
  11. Hey I agree, PJ straight up is all I’d offer. Unfortunately the Pacers are creating a bidding war and someone will do something stupid.
  12. It’s not how we evaluate him, it how the Pacers value him. He’s been in the block for forever and never gotten moved. That should tell you all you need to know… it wouldn’t be cheap. Anyone thinking otherwise is delusional.
  13. A rebuilding team is not taking Hayward’s contract. You can’t rebuild when the guy you are trading for has more years on his contract than the guys you are trading out.
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