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  1. So which P5 team is going to give that Liberty QB a mil in NIL money.
  2. He’s the best cheap option that’s probably available. Gibson is 100% available as he’s asked for a trade before. It just comes down to compensation vs. retention. Gibson is owed a lot of money over the next few years and while the Canes could probably fit Gibson in if they put Andersen on LTIR and moved out Raanta and one of Drury or DeAngelo, I don’t know if the Canes would want to pay Gibson $6.4M a year over the next few years. A trade for Gibson also means Andersen isn’t going to be available until the playoffs because there’s no way we could open up enough cap room for him to return in season. I’d be open to something like this… Carolina Receives: John Gibson @ $5M ($1.4M retained) Anaheim Receives: 24’ 1st Round Draft Pick, Antti Raanta, and one of Vasiliy Ponomarev / Ryan Suzuki OR Carolina Receives: John Gibson @ $5M ($1.4M retained) Anaheim Receives: 24’ 1st Round Pick, 25’ 3rd Round Pick, and Pyotr Kochetkov
  3. Mrazek is way better than MAF. Mrazek has proven success with our team, system, and defense. He also has a .900 on a bad Blackhawks team which is way better than what Raanta and Kochetkov are putting up on a good Carolina team.
  4. Anywho, I’d call up Anaheim and see what they want for Gibson. If something like a first round pick, Raanta, and Ponomarev/Suzuki can get it done then I’d probably do it. If the Ducks ask for Nikishin, Morrow, or FUS then I’d pivot to Mrazek and see if he could be had for a third or fourth round pick.
  5. I also don’t think Stamkos is on thinners. His clot was caused by organs pressing on veins, it was corrected with surgery. Vasilevsky actually suffered from the same issue. Not sure if Freddie has this issue or something entirely different. Edit - He actually is on blood thinners. Dangerous game to be playing.
  6. Not always, Stamkos came back from his clot. Albeit, I’d retire if I was Freddie. Being on blood thinners while playing a sport where guys are flying around with knives on their feet isn’t exactly something I’d sign up for.
  7. Also fake news. The Observer ran an article prior to this stating that Bridges will probably be back. Hell, Miles even questioned this report in a tweet.
  8. There’s not a whole lot of teams out there that are going to move a number one this early into the season. Most teams are still trying to figure out if they are a playoff contender or not. I only see a couple options… The cheap option is Petr Mrazek and the expensive option is John Gibson.
  9. If the current results hold, it’ll be all tied up heading into the Duke/Arkansas game. ACC - 5 SEC - 5
  10. Think it’s a combo of the two. They won’t shoot this well every night, but I think as Cadeau becomes more and more comfortable with the college game, Carolina will continue to progress. Over the past couple of years it’s been all iso, Cadeau is really helping with the ball movement. The Heels have 13 assists on 19 made FG, Cadeau has 6 of those. When UNC shares the ball they look like a Final Four team. When they don’t, they look like an NIT team.
  11. Have not seen Carolina play this well since their first half against Baylor in the NCAA Tournament a couple years ago. Up 61-39 over Tennessee.
  12. Oddly enough, this is the first game that we’ve only allowed one goal. We’ve had two shutouts and the rest of the games we’ve allowed at least two goals.
  13. Only the third time all year giving up one goal or less. Good job Kooch and the defense.
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