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  1. Tough situation for all… I think this just reinforces as Katrina did, if you live at the coast you need to evacuate. Easier said that done obviously as some people physically can’t due to medical reasons, old age, or they just don’t want to leave their entire life behind them. The rising waters are one thing but after seeing first hand the wind, lightning, tornadoes, etc… until the actual storm passes, it’s a suicide mission to send first responders in because odds are that neither them or the victims make it out. We didn’t have near the wind gusts that the Fort Myers area had but it still felt like it was going to break the house. I can’t imagine what it felt like for individuals down there. I have a lot of friends down there so I’ll probably head down this weekend to help clean up. Shitty situation all around.
  2. Well, no power, expect to have it back by this evening once the wind calms down. It’s pretty crazy how windy it can get even inland. Wind is so loud it sounds like waves crashing and it’s constant. No flooding or damage on my street but have seen reports of flooding and damage around central Florida.
  3. Just got the alert that if I lose power then I’m SOL for for the next 24 hours cause they can’t get crews safely out there to fix the poles and lines.
  4. Man… The Naples and Fort Myers area got smashed. Hope everyone is okay down there.
  5. So far so good lol. A little standing water on the road, some lightning, thunder, and good winds but other than that no issues.
  6. Getting mighty windy right now in Orlando, expecting worst to be here from 8PM to midnight. Hopefully power stays on.
  7. I see it the same way. Lavalette basically stated that last night that the Canes are going to try and keep 23 and that they need to get as close to the cap as possible so that they can put Gardiner back on LTIR. Right now we are $2M over. Ultimately, I think the Canes posted roster won’t be the final roster. They will get as close to the cap as possible with certain contracts used then LTIR Gardiner which will free up $4M. We are $2M over with our current projected roster (which doesn’t include Stepan or De Haan). Putting Gardiner on LTIR will then allow Stepan and De Haan to come back at $1M a piece and the Canes can keep a full 23 without putting Patches on LTIR. Turbo - Aho - Jarvis Svech - KK - Necas Stastny - Staal - Fast Marty - Drury - Kase Slavin - Burns Skjei - Pesce De Haan - Coghlan Andersen Raanta Extras - Stepan, Bear, Chatfield Injured - Patches Potential Call Up’s - Kochetkov (G), Noesen (F), Stromwall (F)
  8. If we get that Coghlan every night then we legit made out like bandits in the trade with Vegas. Coghlan looks like he can be a solid third pairing defenseman and definitely QB the second unit power play.
  9. Not sure if you saw the damage at the Miami airport last night but one flipped over 15 small Cessna like airplanes and it happened so quick that they were still seeking verification after all the damage occurred. Trying not to think about the worst case scenario but I’ll be sleeping a little lighter tonight for sure.
  10. Still a good amount of people out on the roads right now in central Florida, just a steady rain is all we have now. Should pick up here soon.
  11. Yeah, luckily no storm surge to deal with. Hoping that the storm moves through quickly so that we don’t have to deal with any flooding. From what I’m hearing on the news, the big concern is the tornadoes because they form so quickly out of the hurricane that it’s almost impossible to send an alert out to people.
  12. So basically we are being told to be prepared not to leave our homes until Friday at the earliest. Widespread power outages, anywhere between 18 and 30 inches of rain, and lots of tornadoes.
  13. We just received a new update and we’re expecting a direct hit. Luckily it looks the storm is speeding up so hopefully that helps with the flooding. Unfortunately they are pretty much guaranteeing that we will lose power. I hope your mother stays safe.
  14. I live in Orlando and it was pretty eerie out today. Lots of people preparing but kind of quiet as in not the normal loud tourist city that it normally is. Expecting to lose power so I’m stocked up on water, would prefer to not have flooding, obviously.
  15. And that’s without our 30 goal scorer. You had him to the mix and every single line has the chance to get you a goal… Then you factor in our defense… Burns, Slavin, Skjei, Pesce, etc… and if this is what we can expect from Coghlan…. This team will win a lottttt of games.
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