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  1. I took Dallas at -1.5 tonight because only Seguin is sitting. We’ll see what happens.
  2. It’s not random lists, it’s literally a common opinion that nearly every sports pundit holds. Not to mention, you’re completely missing the point… it’s not team based. It’s based on how hard it is for the champion to win. It’s not comparing the Hornets’ chances of win the the Larry O’Brien to Vegas’ chances of winning the Stanley Cup, which you seem hell bent on trying to do.
  3. It’s 100% true. It’s not about comparing an individual teams chances to win, it’s about comparing how difficult it is for the winning team to win. You can’t sit here and make caveats saying that if the NBA and MLB had this and that then it would be equal, bottom line is they don’t. Do a Google search for the “Hardest trophy to win in sports.” On every single list the Stanley Cup will be in the top three and on the majority of lists it’ll be first.
  4. Comtois played well, his hands are just terrible. In order from most likely to see the ice to least likely to see the ice should injuries occur, I have him in the middle. Kotkaniemi, Lemieux, Comtois, Nadeau, Blake Then for defense: DeAngelo, Morrow, Coghlan
  5. I actually like Washington getting in over Pittsburgh. Washington plays a heavy game, they’ll do their best to rough up the Rangers.
  6. He’s OHL eligible not sure if he’ll be there or if the Canes will get him signed. My bet is he’ll be in the OHL and the AHL team will have Martin and Perets.
  7. Comtois is a pair of hands away from being a decent NHL player lol. Hockey IQ is good, hands are subpar.
  8. Oh he’s dogshit lol, but if we are gonna throw away the game, we might as well give Raanta one more NHL game.
  9. It’s not, statistically the Stanley Cup is the hardest trophy to win in sports (number of games needed to win, toll that hockey takes on the body, etc.). Not to mention, the NHL has the strictest and lowest salary cap in professional sports. That post just reads something like… “Fooseball and NASCAR are the only sports I watch.”
  10. Dundon and Tepper are acquaintances. Dundon has even mentioned that he likes Tepper and has brought up the possibility of a Canes game at BofA. With that said, billionaires aren’t usually the type of people that are going to beg for help. Now if Tepper wants to be like Dundon, then he should start by getting the hell out of the way.
  11. Was going to say the same thing. He’s guessing at this point.
  12. Comtois gets the honorary assist there. Could have thrown a back handed shot into Greaves stomach but rather pulls up and draws the PP.
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