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  1. He was holding his head when he was down. On replay, his head whiplashed into the boards. Not surprised if this is concussion related.
  2. Final standings from the inaugural "You call the shot" contest, sponsored b y absolutely nobody. Fun how it shook out. We started on November 18, with a total of 66 games being played since the first pick was made. There were 40 correct picks made from those 66 games, which, collectively, is a higher percentage than Martin's save percentage against Columbus the last game of the season. I'm pretty sure without fact-checking. Well done to everyone and thanks for playing along. There will be a playoff contest with an added choice. It'll be posted Friday sometime. Anybodyhome - 8 DavidEng - 7 Harbingers - 6 CarolinaWillRise - 5 WelshPanther - 4 Panthers Fan 69 - 4 DamnitJake! - 2 panthers81 - 2 MillionDollarCam - 1 organicrusty1201 - 1
  3. Ottawa laid down for the Rags and Boston laid down for Ottawa, opting for the Leafs.
  4. Tampa v Rags would have been a physical match that could have gone either way.
  5. Speaking of.... what does the goalie situation look like next season, in your opinion.
  6. Wait, after reading some of your posts over the last 6 months....
  7. TT is the worst interview. No wonder they call him Captain Serious.
  8. I don't care if it is a throw-away game, it's embarrassing to get your ass handed to you by a bad hockey team.
  9. Martin is not good. He looks like Raanta after the Tampa Bay game that essentially ended his career.
  10. Liking Nadeau too. Those cannons from the dot playing on PP 1
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