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  1. Varlamov is 3 years older than Raanta, I believe. But you're right- 2 debacle games with a combined total of 13 goals allowed on 29 shots. That should only happen to a really bad team once a year maybe.
  2. Don't trust 52 at all. Canes need to keep possession and win.
  3. Wasn't Varlamov available in the off season?
  4. Top 5 team in fewest shots allowed, bottom 4 in save percentage. 4 penalties this period.
  5. Team plays well, team D is outstanding, allow a ridiculous low number of shots but losing the game.
  6. 4 goals 12 shots. Our goalies are not good.
  7. 3 shots 2 goals. Going after Raanta's dubious record?
  8. This team doesn't make a legit cup run, it's goal tending and an elite scorer. Oh, sorry, have we heard this before?
  9. That's on Kochetkov. Went back and too low. Easy high goal.
  10. Plenty of opportunities, just gotta get it home.
  11. End of period let down. Horvat right down Main St with nobody close. WTF
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