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  1. $14.5M is the tag number for OL this year. Moton is coming off a 4-year, $4.15M contract. From $1M to $14M in a single season.
  2. From a purely statistical perspective, Carr is between top 10-14 in all the meaningful QB stats last season. Granted, he doesn't have a DK Metcalf or Tyler Lockett to boost those numbers.
  3. And neither the Cowboys nor the Raiders are in need of a QB. That being said, Dallas GM Jerry Jones is fugging brain-dead and picks head coaches the way Trump picked cabinet members. Thinking a 32-year old Russell Wilson has more upside than a 27-year old Prescott is just dumb. Let's not forget this is the same team that will leave Zeke standing on the sidelines for 3 plays when it's 1st and goal from the 3 yard line. The Raiders? There's very little difference between Carr and Wilson- both can scramble and run, Carr probably has a better arm and he's 6 years younger than Wilson. Ca
  4. As soon as you can convince me that parents and politicians are smarter and know more about the pandemic, the virus and its effects than science, I'll start to listen to them. Otherwise, if I had kids, I'll defer to the scientists. I don't give a fug what parents, school boards and politicians say. Wow, one kid, huh? Gee, I didn't have to attend most of my junior and senior year classes because I was a varsity basketball player. My grades were assured and attendance was optional. And I still graduated early. And that was almost 50 years ago.
  5. Nope. There's a reason it's called the Champions Tour. It's not the PGA Tour. He has 82 PGA tour wins, but in reality he's won a poo ton of tournaments if you include all the non-PGA events.
  6. Think about it- Detroit is terrible and won't sniff the playoffs. They got a face-off in the offensive zone against a very gassed Canes shift and going on the PP. Pull the goalie and take a chance with a 6 on 4. All you need is to win the draw and control the puck against a dead-legged Canes shift. A quick goal on the PP and you put the goalie back out and wait a couple minutes before pulling him again. Tripp said it best- was a gutsy move by a coach giving his players a chance by taking a risk.
  7. Could very easily have caught a 2-game suspension there. Not sure why he felt the need to do that. Was Fabbri taking shots at other guys? Only reason I think Pesce would even do something like that is if he or one of the other guys took a couple cheap shots from Fabbri.
  8. Only 2-3 commercials per game now, usually in the 2nd and 3rd periods.
  9. If I were a man of faith, I'd be praying for his brother. After all, he's on the Detroit Red Wings.
  10. He's made a few bad decision this season that cost the Canes a couple games. But, look, if the team doesn't come around, the reality is he's playing for his resume and that could translate into a very good year for the Canes if he really comes around. On the other hand, Bean is 6'1" @ 190, Dougies is 6'6" @ 230 or so. I prefer a D with some size to get physical when needed- and I think that's been a factor in the playoffs against the Bruins and Caps and a few others who like to play hard- they just wear down a smaller team. Carolina has the 6th highest paid D roster in the league at
  11. https://www.thescore.com/nhl/news/2126020/report-tangible-gap-between-hurricanes-hamilton-in-contract-talks Something's got to give in the negotiations between the Carolina Hurricanes and Dougie Hamilton. The two sides have held discussions about a new contract for the pending unrestricted free-agent defenseman, but the talks have simmered since February and there's "a tangible gap" between what Hamilton's camp and the team are looking for, reports The Athletic's Pierre LeBrun. Hamilton would be the best blue-liner available if he were to hit the op
  12. Isn't Tepper the guy who had to tell Hurney to tell Rivera to get Cam off the field, ultimately resulting in him going on the IR, because he couldn't throw the ball down the field anymore? Not saying it should be the norm, but there are times when coaches and GMs are so deeply involved (call it "head in ass syndrome") that they cannot see the forest fire for the trees and it takes someone on the outside looking in to point out the obvious.
  13. Was going into the office for a little while Saturday morning and the local Cracker Barrel parking lot was overflowing, the mall was jammed and there was more traffic on the roads than I've seen in a year. What does this mean? I'll be watching the numbers surge again around March 8-12.
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