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  1. FTW. Well done and the funniest thing I've read all week!
  2. So, 59-year old guy is banging his mother-in-law (they are closer in age) and his son, the 20-year old, is banging his 33-year old sig other. It's simple, you don't need to be Suze Orman to figure than one out.
  3. https://theathletic.com/news/hurricanes-dougie-hamilton-on-lightning-we-lost-to-a-team-18m-over-the-cap/z0dG0hBqAH8n Hurricanes defenseman Dougie Hamilton had high praise for the Tampa Bay Lightning on Thursday, but also pointed out how the team that eliminated Carolina in five games in the second round of the playoffs used the salary-cap rules to its advantage. "We had a great season. We lost to a team that's $18 million over the cap or whatever they are," Hamilton said during exit interviews with the media. "I feel like we played them pretty close." Hamilton made it clear he w
  4. Also be interesting to see what Tampa Bay does in the off season. Not a lot of free agents on their roster, so how do they get under the cap with 5 guys making up over half of their cap?
  5. Why, because he's considered a 2nd year player, although he's played in 4 seasons (2 full, part of 2017-2018 and 2018-2019)?
  6. Forwards: Scary situation here. Who are you going to expose (and it has to be 2 of these)?: Aho, TT, Nino, Staal, Trocheck, Fast, Necas Staal can't be exposed- he's got a no movement clause.
  7. Defensemen: Canes only have 4 blueliners under contract for the 21-22 season with 40 games played this season or 70 in the past 2 seasons and they have to leave one unprotected: Slavin, Pesce, Skjei and Jake Gardiner. Jake played but 26 games this season, but played 68 last, so he's eligible to be drafted. I think the team has little choice but to let Jake go to protect Slavin, Pesce and Skjei. Let Dougie walk, new contracts to Jani, Bean and LaJoie (RFA) and go find a couple FAs.
  8. The Chi (Showtime) City on a Hill (Showtime) Mare of Easttown (HBO) Barry Succession Alone Loudermilk Sneaky Pete
  9. Tampa Bay is playing with a $100M roster right now and beat the Canes, who are only playing with an $80M roster. We basically played them straight up during the season when they were without Stamkos and Kucherov. Here are your playoff salary rosters: New York Islanders (Saints): $88M Tampa Bay: $99M Vegas: $82M Habs: $82M Boston: $81M Avs: $82M
  10. Dougie wants $8M. He'll walk if all the Canes offer is what he's making now.
  11. Fug, TB is in the playoffs with $99M roster. Canes played with $79M
  12. I found the requirements, so I may sit down and try to figure out who would be left available.
  13. Can anyone provide an accurate list of Canes players who are vulnerable to the Kraken expansion draft? I've heard a lot, read a lot of speculation, but is there an actual list of those who could find themselves in Seattle?
  14. Staal's value to this team goes way beyond what hockey skills he has. Let's face it, he's a very good hockey player, but how many guys in the league wearing the "C" are on their team's 3rd line? That "C" on his sweater may be more valuable to this team than his skill set. He's had some clutch goals this season, been outstanding on the PK and is one of the best face-off guys in the league. But, the most important part of his game, in my opinion, takes place off the ice in the locker room. Canes players would run through a brick wall for this guy.
  15. We said goodbye to Chief today. He developed bone cancer at the site where his femur was snapped at the age of 1 when he was run over by a truck. The surgery to repair the leg was extensive, but you'd never know it as he grew up. We were always worried about how bad the arthritis might get, but that would have been welcome news besides what we did get. Once it began, it didn't take long and we didn't want the pain to rule his life. He was a great dog, gentle soul and his unconditional love was for everyone. He will be missed.
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