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  1. Cheap-shot Tkachuk gets blasted into the net, goes after the back of Hill's legs, then hits him in the head and Hill just went right back at him.
  2. Rumors abound regarding a trade with Winnipeg to acquire Mark Scheifele. His last 6 years with the Jets looked like this. And his current salary is $6M.
  3. Adin Hill is in net for Vegas. They had Robin Lehner, he went to IR and Jonathan Quick is the backup.
  4. This. Florida tried to come out physical and it worked.... for about 12 minutes. During a first period play in front of the net, when Sam Bennett got behind Vegas goalie Hill and cross-checked him from behind and the first scrum of the game occurred, which included Hill throwing a blocker punch, it took a couple minutes, but Vegas decided they weren't going to get pushed around. That being said, Bruce Cassidy (Vegas coach) is a dick; Cheapshot Tkachuk and Bennett were the asshats everyone expected them to be and Bob is human.
  5. Has Vegas always had a hurricane siren to start their games?
  6. Would you say that if it was Boston or NY? No? Fug 'em all. I don't have to be loyal to anyone but the team I support.
  7. I'll stick with these UFAs if the Canes want to "get heavier." Ryan Donato, Pierre Engvall, Ivan Barbashev, Michael Bunting, Jonathan Drioun, Tyler Bertuzzi....
  8. Marner is currently making nearly $2M more than Aho. Talk about a cap buster. The Canes would have to extend Aho by $2-3M AAV just to keep him. Can you honestly see the Canes paying Marner and Aho $11M each or more? I don't think so. Especially after Waddell's comments hinting at wanting to sign Aho for another 8 years. Doesn't make sense.
  9. Vegas might be the most physical team in the West. They're probably right on par with Florida, and I would expect each team will try to establish that physical presence, especially on home ice. Should be interesting to see how far the refs let things go before the league office tells them to shut it down. But, I guarantee, if the series goes to 2-2, there may not be any let down.
  10. What seems to be completely lost is volume versus audio quality. It's one thing to have a beasty bass, it's quite another when it sounds like the paper speaker and the cardboard rear deck are just vibrating with no recognizable sound. I laugh at those. But I'll bet they think it sounds good! The notion of actually adjusting the sound based on the source and ambient noise, say with an Eq, well, that's another story.
  11. Let's look at Aho's playoff production over the past 5 seasons: I tend to agree with the sentiment that he'll obviously help the team get to 100 points and make the playoffs year in and year out, but will he make the impact that gets this team to a Cup final? The reality is Aho puts up nearly a point per game during the season (.90 to be exact). He's better in the playoffs at a .92. But that's a deceiving statistic because it's more than the point total. It's the impact he has on the game. If I'm an opposing coach, I worry about Aho in a couple scenarios: PK- his ability to get away and get a short-handed opportunity is downright scary. Second, regular season overtime (3-on-3). Another situation where his ability is on full display and he can make you look silly (say hello, Tony DeAngelo). But 5-on-5? I'm not so sure. He'll get his point per game average, may even have a goal and a couple assists, but is he the go-to guy with the game on the line much like (dare I say) Matthew Tkachuk? Or Zibanejad, or Robertson.... Hell, I'd go so far to say that when Necas is on his game, he's more impactful on a game of 5-on-5 than Aho. We'll find out soon enough if Aho is going to get $10M from the Canes after the 23-24 season. Especially if TT, Martinook, Chatty, Skjei, Pesce (also UFAs) and the RFA list of Necas, Drury, Jarvis, Suziki and Rees are all still needing contracts.
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