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  1. Next rant letter will be something like this: LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Cam Newton is teaching children that footballs will be given to them without any work on their part
  2. I'm 100% sure is just like the Cowboys fans in Thanksgiving.
  4. For some reason I did, I guess we will have to take out the Seahawks.
  5. Nothing in this game is guaranteed, so I would recommend against it.
  6. I honestly never cared for the dab, and now that everyone is doing it Cam should stick with his trademark the Superman.
  7. What they need is to start playing well, they have had enough close shots like to keep with this they need a scare. We have already all the scares, they need to get their head out of their assses and start playing like they were before NO.
  8. The problem is that all the last games except ATL have been looking like that, we are getting worst at the worst time.
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