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  1. I'm still waiting to hear "THE PANTHERS YOUR SB50 CHAMPIONS!"
  2. We just wont lose THIS IS OUR TIME!!! no matter who want us to fail we are going to win the SB and start a legacy.
  3. I'm sure he will cry about winning a SB ring instead
  4. Two perfect ints dropped, now watch them get the 1st in 3rd and long.
  5. Even no points as long we take 5 minutes or more of time.
  6. We need to stop them, do not let them have even a little hope.
  7. Why aren't you banned? weren't we supposed to be eliminated against the Seahawks?
  8. Whatever makes you happy, as long the Panthers win :)
  9. Can we just move forward? this is turning very stupid argument when we are 27-7.
  10. Again, just like you I have watched every single game since he has been in this team, so don't use the new fan card on me, and while he can break a tackle and run for 15, he has cost us a lot of points by taking the sacks.
  11. Even if he doesn't I'm sure NO ONE in that defense will want to let him down.
  12. Poor TD, I wanted him to go and destroy Manning in the SB.
  13. You would guess wrong, he keeps not throwing the ball and taking sacks.
  14. Not bad 3 points and 7 minutes off the clock.
  15. Why hasn't cam learned to just throw it away....
  16. Fuging Bruce Arians and his fuging excuses, so you gonna beat us if you do something in the first five minutes? Ok, we'll see.
  17. THIS IS OUR TIME!!!!!! no one can take away this SB from us
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