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  1. Then you have the idiots on ESPN talking poo about how he is not a leader and an unliked player.
  2. Matt Rhule saying that there wasn't many interceptions today when we know Sam had at least 3 it's ridiculous. He needs to give up the charade and name his starter. The fans knows it, the team knows it, the media knows it, why does he still have to pretend?
  3. That's the big issue. Just like Baker in Cleveland all the talent in the world means nothing with bad coaching.
  4. I agree with both of you. Baker unfortunately is not a top 10 QB and I'm a Baker simp. At the same time the hatred for Baker is ridiculous in here. top 15 QB for someone who has had as many OC as years in the league is not bad at all.
  5. I watched every single Baker's game in Cleveland since the Jets game. He was top 10QB only in 2020 for the second part of the season. IMO He isn't top 10 but definitely top 15. Just so people manage expectations Baker will make this team look good but in some games he will look very bad which I'm fine with.
  6. I'm not bashing Corral, but I do think that Baker can be the guy. He found some success in the shitshow that is Cleveland he can do a thing or two here.
  7. Corral is a project. He will benefit from sitting and learning the game. I hope everyone who wanted to rush him to start can finally realize that not every rookie QB is prepared to play right away.
  8. I'm still waiting to hear "THE PANTHERS YOUR SB50 CHAMPIONS!"
  9. We just wont lose THIS IS OUR TIME!!! no matter who want us to fail we are going to win the SB and start a legacy.
  10. I'm sure he will cry about winning a SB ring instead
  11. Two perfect ints dropped, now watch them get the 1st in 3rd and long.
  12. Even no points as long we take 5 minutes or more of time.
  13. We need to stop them, do not let them have even a little hope.
  14. Why aren't you banned? weren't we supposed to be eliminated against the Seahawks?
  15. Whatever makes you happy, as long the Panthers win :)
  16. Can we just move forward? this is turning very stupid argument when we are 27-7.
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