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  1. I love our defense a lot since I'm a defense guy, but I have to admit we have flaws. If we erased all the 4th qts we would be the most dominant defense in the league, we are amazing, but need to learn to close strong.
  2. I mean they are when they feel like it, but there is games that they don't look as good and Cam has had to bail them out.
  3. After we win PU thread, like I said it we were going to win 16-0 this team is so good I can go do shopping until February.
  4. Yes, but momentum can be taken away, it only takes a play,
  5. Can we please get a petition to get PanthersUnited banned ? he must be the most annoying person I have met in a forum.
  6. No one is talking about 16-0, but even if we win we haven't secure anything.
  7. Some people don't understand how seeding works, also rust going into playoffs can be as bad or worst than injuries.
  8. I want Newton out, I don't trust the Giants defense to play clean after how the game is getting heated.
  9. Beckham can catch for 1000 yards, Norman won this battle hands down.
  10. Overall, how did Peanut looked out there? I know he got the caused the Fumble, but not much since that.
  11. Cam is out, bad news for the Giants, when the game is put away is when the defense goes bersek on the rivals.
  12. I really feel stupid for being a hater when we drafted him, I'm so happy he has been proving me wrong since that day.
  13. I hope not, we are a better team than that. Ok, now that I acted PC, release Finnegan on his ass!
  14. Until next Sunday when we are in for a rude awakening or something.
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