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  1. Yeah, I had to stop reading Facebook comments to avoid getting into fights lol.
  2. If they Cards lose, the new #1 of the NFC will be the Seahawks or some poo lol
  3. Time to hear 100 times how the Cards are the best team in the NFC
  4. What did the fug I said? close but we are going to win!!!!
  5. Oh look, Cam being a leader, but he is a selfish thug right?
  6. I agree. I was like we got this, then I looked at the clock.
  7. by calling the TO there is no play to be challenged, this is bizarro world.
  8. That's an aspect that I want to see more of Cam.
  9. First half is behind us, we can't worry about the mistakes already made, but we have to play perfect football for 30 minutes. Many expect us to fail, many want us to fail. We are strong, we are capable, and we are tough. Stay awake, stay proud, but more than anything KEEP POUNDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I agree the worst is already done, we will win in a close one, but a W is a W.
  11. Well, he did went full retard, but it worked so YAY!!!!!
  12. We already went through this a few games ago, we are going to be ok bro.
  13. The ruling on the field stands " the player didn't take 20 steps, jump over 3 players, and took a sip of gatorade"
  14. Because he already said we were going to lose, but now that we are doing ok he has to post about how great we are.
  15. Like I said we are going to win and PU will make a thread about how he always knew we were going to win even when he already posted that who cared about this game anymore.
  16. We are going to win, big teams are build to come back from adversity and the Panthers are that kind of team.
  17. Whoever is already giving up in the game, I suggest you to go and cheer for another team. Even IF we were to lose today, is a great lesson for our team about handling to come back from behind. We can't honestly expect the team to never be losing, so if you give up early in the game because we are 14-0 go and cheer for the Patriots or whatever.
  18. STFU didn't you guarantee 16-0 and now you play it like nothing happened?
  19. This is my point of view as well, but who cares 11-0!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. There was just no penalty, Dez Bryant wasnt even close for Norman to trash talk to.
  21. Then a 4th one is not out of a question :) I mean if we get another pick 6 I wont be mad.
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