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  1. 2 hours ago, Wundrbread33 said:

    Chinn is literally smaller faster Luvu. He’s a linebacker. He’s explosive. He’s a heavy hitting guy. 

    He can blitz, he is strong enough to hold the edge from time to time even if he’s lighter. 

    A back or TE tasked at blocking him is a tall order. He plays bigger than his size, although he isn’t even small. 

    The anti-YGM. 

    Chinn isn’t that good. Not sure why people think he still is. Luvu is our best player on D. 

  2. 37 minutes ago, USDepartmentOfSavagery said:

    I was there…drunkenly bought a Bryce Young jersey. Now I have to pretend to cheer for him in front of the better half. Otherwise I’ll be castrated. 



    I’m sorry. Sell it for its value and by a Jarvis Sweater. Get it now before he explodes! 

  3. 5 hours ago, Ricky Spanish said:

    No we haven't. You all sound like a bunch of whiny babies. Lions fans have gone through hell. Browns fans went through hell. Jets fans have gone through hell. CARDINALS fans are perpetually in hell. 

    We went to a superbowl less than a decade ago and haven't earned a top 5 pick since we took Cam.

    God forbid the rookie QB doesn't look like an all-pro with a cast of jags who have never played together before. 

    So a fan telling another fan how to feel and be a fan?  Is that what you are saying?  You are telling me Your way of being a fan is THE ONLY way?

  4. 4 minutes ago, Black&BlueBubba said:

    This fuging moron would have gave up on Peyton Manning.    

    All these keyboard warriors who probably have the athletic ability of a fuging toothpick.  Just stop sucking on your mammas tits and go back to you fuging basement. 

    Peyton Manning throwing 22 ints is a million times better than what we have. 

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