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  1. I disagree about turbo. He makes Aho better. Turbo stays.
  2. 6 wins in a row 9 points in a row. Last night was another comeback of all comebacks. let’s get this last W before the All Star break fun!
  3. It’s either Kane or no one now for me. These last few games proved what we have is cup level.
  4. 6 game win streak 9 game points streak. 69 pie for everyone??!
  5. Wow. Another comeback to get a point. Calling Svech to win it in OT.
  6. What if the canes don’t make a move and are afraid to fug up the chemistry. When patches came in, yes he scored 3 goals but we looked off. Aho has turned into an absolute machine lately. Something to think about.
  7. Coming off the best win of the year destroying Boston like no team has done this year…..how do we play? On a major points and wins streak again. Let’s keep it alive. lets go canes!!!
  8. Islanders still have to deal with suspect goalie play and defense.
  9. Sami is and Bloodline is def the hottest thing is WWE for sure.
  10. Kane is def going to be a canes for cheap soon!
  11. I believe the canes catch Boston this year. When they turn it on like yesterday, no one can touch us.
  12. Great win! Handicap crowd was a little tamer than my sections but I can’t complain! we play like that….we win the cup. Best game all year and it’s not close.
  13. Pregaming before heading to the game boys! Bad knee and all! This won’t keep me from watching our boys kick Bruin ass live
  14. 1 vs 2 in the league. Canes going for 7 points in a row while the bruins have lost 2. Going to be rowdy crowd at pnc. Let’s go get us a win!
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