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  1. The hurricanes front office is, indeed looking to make a trade for a goalie. Per sources, they recognize the window is now and their goaltending is second worst only to Edmonton. I wouldn’t be shocked in the coming weeks or maybe a month we don’t see a move.
  2. So after a night of sleep and cooling off…happy we got a point. That building shook with the buzzer beater to go to OT. But with that being said. This team has three major problems that a killing us. 1. Goalie. We don’t have one. 15 shots 8 goals and a week later. 15 shots 5 goals. 2. PP. it’s bad again. Without Tony D, it stinks. And we are going up shortys at a strange clip this year. 3. This one is odd but true. PK. Our PK is not good. We are giving up too many power play goals. What is it like 6 in the last 4 games? I really believe you have players like necas or a few others that don’t fit this team. However….good teams trying to win a cup or usually buyers or when they trade it, it’s for a true need. If we can just get average to above average goalie play…we can win and close the gap on the Rangers.
  3. With our defense we just need a Goalie that when he doesn’t see much action needs to make saves. Freddie is the only one that consistently does not crap the fuging bed. Give us a an average to above average goalie. This team sucks with this asshole stinkshittt of a goalie rotation.
  4. Our goalie situation has to the be the worst in the league.
  5. This makes late Cam Ward and that Jack leg from Chicago look good.
  6. Don’t pull a David Tepper. Get us a FUUUUUUCKKING goalie. Our window is now. 15 shots 8 goals 16 shots 5 goals.
  7. Another game with 15 shots and 5 plus goals. we have no goalie. Waddell needs to make a move. This is a cup team and our goalies fuging suck. I’m sure rod will trot out Raantas old ass Saturday and it’s gonna be another 17 shot 6 goal game. GODfugINGDAMIT. Tired of this limo dick goalie poo.
  8. You have. I still think we make a move for one of the two.
  9. Necas needs to sit or be traded. That guy with two awful turnovers. One lead to a shorty.
  10. Koochie played great. We had 1 defensive lapse with Slavin and it cost us a goal. Other than that. We owned that period.
  11. I love our group btw folks. This small group we have in here is like our own every game watch party with different opinions of our canes. Enjoy this folks. We are in the thick of a canes window. It can disappear fast like the panthers and you see their board.
  12. Going turbo like I’m trying to win the lottery.
  13. Most of that minus 10 is when he enters zone all by himself weaving between players then turns it over. Every…single…time. last year, a case could be made that Necas should have been our All star. He passed well. Scored ALOT. Didn’t enter the zone and turn it over. This year, minus OT, he has regressed to 2 years ago. 2 years ago he was playing the same.
  14. I love bunting with the top line. That is where he belongs and can make a difference.
  15. That was Svech ha necas must stay though. Who else is gonna score in OT?
  16. I’m giving Orlov credit. He is playing well right now. Getting him with chat has been huge. I believe Orlov lead the team as a plus 5 or 6 the other night.
  17. There nothing fun about this team except being tickle fuged by Tepper robbing the fans.
  18. Starting to build something with Koochie????
  19. Is it just me or if burns being lazy and haphazard with puck this year?
  20. Rank them. Fox > Ron > Capors > Wilks > Rhule > Seifort > Frank never thought it’s would be this bad. I think it’s gonna get worse.
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