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  1. Koochie is an upgrade. Was hoping he would replace raanta and back up Freddie with the thought Koochie would be our 1 in 2023-24.
  2. Things have been way too quite. Makes me think something he is coming. Quite before the storm kinda deal.
  3. KB produced his rookie year. Pretty good to. Butler didn’t do a damn thing.
  4. Biggest bust of a first round pick in modern panthers history. I remember this pick. Loaded at DT with Star and KK. Passed on hunter Henry Derrick Henry Michael Thomas. Nipple Shorts fuged us hard with zero lube. Throw in KB and Shaq as first round picks it literally set us back years.
  5. some of these posters want the world to burn because their life sucks. It comes out on these boards. Ignore them or make fun of them.
  6. The running backs were pretty damn good. The D Ends are elite and the corner spot is good. Oline is above average. The team wasn’t that bad.
  7. We WERE pass happy with Brady. Get a solid run game with great pass blocking and good QB play. Think 2005 panthers with Smitty.
  8. Thank you for the constructive comments. This is what I was wanting to know Vs children $hitting on every comment. Yea, I’m new to the game. I only use what I know and that is Tepper being a trash owner.
  9. Don’t hate me….PJ Walker, …..Shi Smith and the guy from Va Tech
  10. However don’t get me wrong. Mick knew his stuff. He could break down a play. However, his play by play was very dry. Very dry. Wasn’t my cup of tea.
  11. Better than Mick. That guy was the equivalent of listening to paint dry.
  12. Found someone that likes losing AND Tippie Tepper.
  13. The team seemed with the other coach to be competing and heading in the right direction in their first year. After Titties Tepper fired him, the team just doesn’t have it. It’s also like the 2020-21 panthers. Just not fun to watch. The crowds are getting smaller. Am I missing something?
  14. Fell asleep and it was 0-0. Woke up 3-0. Passed out and woke up to 5-0. Yuck
  15. With our coaching do you believe we can compete?? The team just looks selfish and our assignments look very piss poor. Not a lot of faith in Coach L.
  16. Rumor has it Matt Corral has already come back and won this game.
  17. Is Rhule trying to showcase Darnold and Pj to try to get picks for a trade? Only justification I can think of for how much those 2 for playing time. Maybe they know Corral will be on the team anyway so play those 2 and see what we get??
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