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  1. Absolutely correct. I’d do 8.5 and 5 and let it happen.
  2. Yep. Full year with those two together would be magic.
  3. Johnny Hockey, Werenski, and Boone Jenner for necas, KK, and a 1st?
  4. However, I don’t know about Svech but Aho and Guentzel playing together for a full year could flirt with those numbers. But just those 2. Jarvis is a few years away and unfortunately, Svech is who he is. Necas will do it in another system.
  5. I just can’t see that happening in rods system unless he changes his tune on some things.
  6. Let him play on a 1 year prove it deal playing center. If he crushes it. Pay him. That simple.
  7. It’s either two things. Wads wanted more money OR Tom had enough of coming up short every year. It can’t be anything else.
  8. I bet he tries to take necas and pesce/skeji with him with some surprise in there like Drury or Chatty
  9. You think we will have 3 100 point players and a 70 point player under rod? That doesn’t even happen with scoring first teams. Ever.
  10. Pay him and let Necas be Center 2. Rod needs to open his eyes. I’ll be absolutely disappointed in this organization if he is traded and scores more points than Aho next year.
  11. Maybe this was a showcase??? Let Rod know I CAN do this. Him taking over for KK would be sweet
  12. Fun game last night. Defense on both sides really was good.
  13. Maybe Rod was a forced Dundon hire and Wads knew that Rod wasn’t going to win a cup even with the players he brings in because the system. Food for tonight
  14. Bryce Young is not even in same universe with those named Mills and Smitty. Mills and Smitty showed promise from the start and had hearts of lions. Pillows is soft spoken and quiet. Bryce yells with his hands over his mouth because he doesn’t want to be too loud.
  15. Their forecheck is relentless because they are so physical and heavy. It’s just a perfect mashup for how they play. Florida before Paul Marice played just like us. Speed but with finesse. Paul made them but into playing heavy. They went and got players that added to that style he wants and it works. Plus they have the best goalie in the league. That helps more than anything. The canes have got let Koochie be their guy he will never become the star that most think he will if rod keeps sticking with vets that flame out. 1. Koochie or a Soros type player 2. Switch to zone defense 3. Get heavier. like I said, I love Rod. Best pro coach ever in the Carolinas sports buy he is holding us back with his philosophy and style. He is the reason. He can change all of that with decisions.
  16. Of course. That’s what I said. Bad goalie play and the style of defense. Florida played amazing. Rods decision to stick with a struggling Freddie cost us. Plus, Florida may be more talented than us and they play a very heavy game. Something we don’t do well minus Svech. Glad the rangers lost.
  17. Florida takes game 1 with excellent goal tending and zone defense. Something we don’t do in the playoffs. Kinda a blueprint their rod. Not a shot btw…just an observation.
  18. I thought Freddie was and free agent?
  19. Would he be that kind of successful in rods system?
  20. No to Freddie unless he is ok being the backup and mentor to Koochie
  21. https://www.espn.com/nhl/insider/story/_/id/39936448/nhl-offseason-schedule-keys-draft-picks-trades-free-agency-cap-space#car The article really makes a good point in saying what Most of us are thinking. Gentzel is a top priority and letting Koochie start over Anderson and find Anderson’s replacement is big for us.
  22. Where are you hearing those rumors? Btw I would love if we got to keep Jarvis Guentzel and chatfield. That’s a great off-season. KK is toast. Bad contract. Skjei would be great too.
  23. Paid attention a little bit last year now that the Canes are done I need to pull for another team. Strengths, weaknesses, standings outlook this year. Help educate me so I can enjoy some soccer in the Carolinas this summer. @MillionDollarCam @Anybodyhome @PantherChris
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