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  1. fug! I have no clue what is going on but it looks like we can’t score.
  2. It’s crazy that bucs removed from a superb owl are in tank mode while the panthers are getting better and getting ready for a run. next years will be crazy.
  3. Matt you have some weird fascination with elite players. Canes players aren’t elite. THEY SUCK!!! Burns isn’t elite. THEY SUCK! Smitty was elite as elite gets and I can find you games that he didn’t have a single catch. Luke was elite, he had games they he didn’t play well. Peppers, they same. Hell I’ve seen Brady and Mahomes have bad stretches. by your standards everyone should be elite or they suck. I don’t think you know sports at all. I think you show up here just to post negative crap to get people worked up. How have they not banned you yet?
  4. Burns is what he is by now. 4 years into the league is a lifetime. Good a rushing the passer. Ok and stopping the run. No more. No less. He isn’t going to get better. If they are ok paying for a pass rusher then great but let’s not act like he is the 2nd coming of Peppers. Pay him what you think he is worth and keep finding pieces around him.
  5. So by your standards Aho should be gone based on his ECF play. These guys kicked absolute ass in the regular season. That’s what go us here. There were game the Skeji was the best player by a mile. I watched it live 42 times in the regular season. Im not even close to delusional. I’m being realistic. We get worse without Skeji. Don’t go to child mode. This team is good. Very good.
  6. I can’t wait to see Nikishin. Him with Slavin could be dope.
  7. Not a chance. Dude was unbelievable. Y’all wanting to get rid of A players is laughable.
  8. I just whitenessed the mother of all flops. These soccer players are such pusssssys. in order of toughness. NHL NFL MLB NBA MLS
  9. This was his first full year in the NHL. regular season was great. Playoffs will come with experience. Couple that with his love of the team it’s a no brainer. 2nd team right now is Pece and skeji. Those two aren’t going anywhere with Burns and Slavin as 1s. This is an embarrassment of richest having him at the 3rd. I honestly think Ghost held him back. Chat man do will be a star in this league. Keep him at the the 3 until one of the 4 Dman moves.
  10. I disagree. Chatfield is a star about to blossom. Keep him at all costs.
  11. Now that the canes are out. I need my fix. Where can I watch these guys? Seemed like last year it was easy to find them. Now I can’t.
  12. I have 1945 Winchester long barrel semi auto 12 gauge. A lever action 1973 3030 and and a 1943 bolt action 22. All fully restored and functional from my grandfather. Couple more shot guns and rifles, a Glock 9mm. My pride and joy is the Springfield Saint Edge 556. we love target practice and shooting back at our land in the mountains. We grew you training others to shoot and believe that if you or carry you need to be fully trained and respect your firearm. Military families will do that. fun fact I have a fully functional replica of a flint and ball pistol from the civil war. Pretty cool stuff. That thing is fun to shoot!
  13. I have a strong feeling this team is going to run it back with a couple tweeks. ……that’s a good thing. Whoever said complete rebuild on this forum a couple days ago is DA. We didn’t get destroyed by Florida. We actually outplayed them. run it back with a couple additions and we can win it all.
  14. As Someone like myself that has had conversations about adoption this hits home. What a fantastic guy. Also speaking of Jacob would you argue that he’s our best player? Maybe our most important player?
  15. Nah. Necas was a beast in the regular season. Once Svech went down he clearly was trying to do too much. Our guys are fine. Just need a couple more pieces.
  16. That man is svetch. But we need that dirty guy.
  17. Jeff Daniels does helm our best PK. But the PP is historically bad. Need that fixed. I just go to all the games but I don’t know. need a goal scorer. That simple. Staal is done I think he retires. Aho is our captain. pool party and ghost where absurd absolutely busts. Ghost couldn’t stop turning it over. will KK step up next year. I hope so. freddie raanta and Koochie. One goes. My guess raanta. ohhh and we need a goal scorer.
  18. I know it’s not our outcome we wanted. I’m pretty pissed off that we STILL don’t have a cup under Rod. But we played some pretty good games the first 2 rounds. We played well these last 4 games. Just didn’t go our way. This was a still a hell of a year. Tons of last min goals to win. Tons of hat tricks. Tons of good memories at PNC. The outdoor game. Thank you boys for being the best pro team in the Carolina’s these past 5 years. Thank you for a great post Covid year. Glad Tripp came back from recovery to deliver some fun calls with Mike. we need to solve the power play and get a true HEALTHY goal scorer. With some tears in my eyes. see you boys next year…
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