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  1. Chinn isn’t that good. Not sure why people think he still is. Luvu is our best player on D.
  2. I’m sorry. Sell it for its value and by a Jarvis Sweater. Get it now before he explodes!
  3. Makes me nervous. I hope he is properly cleared not by whoever cleared patches.
  4. I think burns is massively overrated. Should have taken 2 1st and a 3rd
  5. So a fan telling another fan how to feel and be a fan? Is that what you are saying? You are telling me Your way of being a fan is THE ONLY way?
  6. Can you blame us? We have been through absolute hell with this team.
  7. So you would rather lose football games with Frank/Bryce vs win and be excited with Sanders?
  8. Peyton Manning throwing 22 ints is a million times better than what we have.
  9. I would pay money for PrimeTime and his son to run this team. We would go from boring to fun instantly.
  10. The bears will have both picks. Panthers will panic and trade for Fields and keep getting worse.
  11. Imagine going 0-17 and not getting the first draft pick….
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