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  1. Can we believe that the Canes had a 3-1 lead with 15 min left in the third and Freddie poo the fuging bed. I don’t ever want to see Fred choke job ever in a canes uniform again. 3-1 3rd period lead and our wack ass coaching and goalie play let us down.
  2. Calgary will be an AHL team before it’s over.
  3. @LinvilleGorgehey man anyway to pin this thread at the top and rename it Official WWE Thread. ESP since we can’t create a new sub forum.
  4. Indeed. Loved how Gable was bloody. In fact I love the use of color again in WWE. When it goes to Netflix it’s going to be wild.
  5. Maybe….he was a traffic cone last year in the reg season that caused him to get benched. This is now what bad goalie play looks like. Glad Edmonton won.
  6. If wasn’t for the canes, NC would be the worst sports state in the history of sports.
  7. What could have been. This is what great goalie play looks like. Bob is a monster. We will never win a cup with Freddie or some other vet that chokes in the playoffs.
  8. The only two panthers that come to mind are Todd steussie or Jeff Mitchell. Without that oline this team wouldn’t have done anything.
  9. Florida is much better at playoff hockey than we are lately.
  10. That’s fair but we must trust the process. If rod doesn’t trust Koochie then we are doomed. He wants to keep trotting out very after vet vs a promising young developed player. The key there is developed. They moved on from Ned. Koochie is that guy. I talked to Shane in person about him and the consensus is they believe koochie is the future and will absolutely be a star.
  11. The fact that Smitty TD and all of our other black players love JR, it was probably another made up cancel culture BS to go along with the times.
  12. Why do you think Bryce is the guy after one of the worst overall 1st overall pick’s rookie years in nfl history?
  13. Koochie is much better than any 1st round goalie. And he is proven and ready. From December on Koochie was the 3rd ranked goalie in the league. Rod blew it not playing him more.
  14. Or…. Sign him and bet on our prospects like Morrow and Nikishin or How ever you spell his name.
  15. Jarvy will be that dude next year but we are signing that guy long term anyways. This team must bring Gutz back
  16. This team is going to fuging suck. It’s why wads left. We had our shot and blew it. We have the assets to keep Gutz but dumb ass ownership will keep us from getting there. Gutz for a mid round pick?? Man fug off DUMBdon
  17. I don’t know. Bob has been fuging stout. Also, Edmonton has two top 10 players in the league with honestly having the best player. And the oilers coaching change took that team into a different level mid season.
  18. First game I watched start to finish and it was a blast.
  19. Rangers are THE WORST fanbase in pro sports. Still pissed seeing Florida back in the cup finals when we were the better team minus goalie play.
  20. You are telling me Paul Maurice is a better coach than Rod??? Yes!!! It’s because he plays a better system and has a better goalie. Our system sucks in playoffs and he refuses to roll with Koochie. Dallas cowboys level poo
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