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  1. I just rewatched Superman (1978): how'd you get out of the glass prison in time for gameday?
  2. I'd like to believe you, but Mixon was not running well until he played Carolina. Lamar's passing has fallen off, for sure. Is Andrews hurt? He is a serious weapon, and our second level defense has not been great. and it'd go a long way to keeping it closer if he's not a factor.
  3. It's not gonna matter who is under center unless the defense can stop Lamar and company from running all over the place.
  4. Given that we saw all three other ankle sprains happen live in games (including Corral in pre-season) - with lineman rolling on their ankles - do we know how PJ got his? Did someone roll on him in practice? The turf is catching the blame (as it should be removed regardless) -- but the turf didn't take out Corral, or Darnold, or Mayfield.
  5. The bigger issue is McAdoo's offense. DJ gets plenty of targets, but how many yards and TDs is a guy who catches the ball behind the line of scrimmage getting?
  6. As bad as I felt for Corral, I didn't think it'd be good for his development to see the field this season, so I was happy for PJ to stick around. I just think, and I think the games have shown, he's just not a starting caliber QB, but I think I'd dig him as a coach having him as an actual 2nd team back-up, as he seems to be able to turn it on quickly when needed and he is mobile, which is an undervalued trait for a guy coming off the bench.
  7. Of course some of it is on him. He's the one throwing the ball and making pre and post snap calls. Having watched a ton of gamefilm, I don't think I saw that many in-game boneheaded decisions in his starts, just bad execution and a dysfunctional offense - but clearly Mayfield has made some dumb decisions off the field (to the tune of millions and his health and reputation). The morons coaching is the bigger problem. This defense should be much more consistent but I put that on the coaching, alongside the offense.
  8. I think the locker room loves PJ. I don't think they dislike Mayfield, from what I've seen, but they've known PJ longer and this is his shot at the big-time. Of course, who knows. I mean would you like a guy who headbutts you all the time?
  9. Hahaha. Mariota was sure also trying to give the ball away last night.
  10. I'm totally on board with PJ being the backup. He's actually great for that role. I would have argued for PJ over Darnold at the beginning of the season in that capacity.
  11. Lol. I think a more reasonable reason assessment, based on the game film, is that drive killing dropped passes, and untimely sacks, poorly run routes, bad scheme, questionable playcalling, superior defenses, no Bozeman or TMJ, no Foreman, shortened off season, and Matt fugging Rhule are more likely reasons. But hey, people like blaming QBs, especially a headbutting jackass like Mayfield.
  12. That's what's driving me crazy about this (aside from the fact I don't think tanking works (see 30 years as a former Brown's fan). It seems like Wilks is trying to win, or maybe he's tanking, or maybe he can't decide, but it seems like he's not doing either right.
  13. I don't know if Blue checks matter anymore, but i know he was a journalist from Cleveland days, before the sex predator was traded for. He's an Oklahoma guy, who I'm always leery of, but I've yet to see him throw up fake or misused stats, unlike David Newton for example, so I still at least read what he says.
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