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  1. How does this correlate to the game? I dont remember Sam running for his life.
  2. I liked it. I hope they can make it fight other team mascots at some point. The bannner shred was ok, but would live to see a buccaneers being mauled!
  3. Tough break. It is hard to not root for this kid. Hope for a speedy recovery.
  4. Rhule’s confidence in Santoso’s leg strength I think this is more about not having a rookie kickers first kick be 50+ yards. Wait and give him a chance to succeed out the gate with something more manageable.
  5. Winston will balance out the year with 5 interceptions!
  6. Man. I thought he looked different last night, but I couldn't puy my finger on it. Can't believe I didn't notice the hair.
  7. Love having a RB as kick returner. Should have better vision and strength to break arm tackels.
  8. I really enjoy Tim's content. He also has all the 1st round QB breakdowns for week 1.
  9. Yes. Tepper may have tons of miney, but the salary cap is still a thing. The dollars saved releasing Gano went to other free agents. People seem to forget Gano was also injured a bunch the last couple of seasons
  10. And pick up who exactly? I love everyone calling for Slye's head, buy top tier kickers are not just out there waiting to be signed. No kicker is 100%. I personally love his power. Butler > Gano. Hurney messed up. Slye > Gano+ high salary
  11. Am I the only one who saw that as a COVID nightmare? I would be asking players to hold off on high fiving everyone.
  12. Yeah, I'm not sure why these are taking so long. All the contract values are slotted according to draft spot.
  13. Happened to a kid at my high school back in the day. Dribbling down the court and boom heart attack. He was 17-18 years old. Very scary stuff.
  14. I agree. The job doesn't seem to big for him.
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