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  1. I know we love to pile on, but he was not the only one with these concerns.
  2. "Waaaa! We better not win! Waaa! But our draft position! Waaa!" How miserable are you guys? Nothing is guatenteed in the draft. Would love to see a 50-0 drumming of NO to take some momentum back to Tampa.
  3. Seeing 3 DT on this list is not surprising.
  4. It has not been a good day if your OL is that dirty.
  5. This is great. Shows that good OT dont just grow on trees. They tried, but not much out there.
  6. https://www.panthers.com/news/panthers-acquire-cornerback-stephon-gilmore For a 6th
  7. I am still very optimistic about this team. Today was a tough beat, but I still see a lot to be positive about. Quarter through the season and we are 3-1. Before the season started I'm sure 95% of you would be happy with that outcome. No CMAC out there today and the offense still produced. More importantly the team didn't implode. Love that the team didnt give up. Yea, the OL sucks. Not much to really do about that now. We got boned on that forward progress call. How does that change the game if the fumble is called correctly? Def had a rough game. Looked great in the 1st qtr and I am excited to see how we adjust for next week. This place gets way to negative after a loss.
  8. How does this correlate to the game? I dont remember Sam running for his life.
  9. I liked it. I hope they can make it fight other team mascots at some point. The bannner shred was ok, but would live to see a buccaneers being mauled!
  10. Tough break. It is hard to not root for this kid. Hope for a speedy recovery.
  11. Rhule’s confidence in Santoso’s leg strength I think this is more about not having a rookie kickers first kick be 50+ yards. Wait and give him a chance to succeed out the gate with something more manageable.
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