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  1. This 1000%. We have the #1 waiver claim as well. Lots to still happen before preseason games start.
  2. 17 games. They will give him every opportunity this year to prove himself. Outside of an injury, I don't see them sitting him ever.
  3. TE: Ja' Tavion Sanders, Johnny Wilson DL: Mo Kamara, Edefuan Ulofoshio WR: Brandon Rice, Javon Baker, Malik Washington C; Van Pran
  4. Yep. His walk looked crazy, but running looked normal.
  5. I'm pumped. 4.5 speed on 230+ frame. Sideline sideline player who can also stack and shed. Need some coaching, but that's why he's a third round pick. People crying over missing out on Colson would be the same people complaining when running backs would turn the corner on him if we pick him.
  6. If the second or third round picks aren't a CB, I think you'll see Gilmore signed before the weekend's over.
  7. He is not an online blocker, but pretty special with the ball in his hands. Texas did not have great QB play this year, even with Worthy, Mitchel and Sanders all being legit targets. I would love Sanders here as a catching threat, but in the 3rd or trade back. C, CB, Edge, LB would be nice here.
  8. Andb if they did, not Ladd. Already have Debo And CMC. If Anything they need someone to stretch the field if moving on from BA
  9. Spot on for me. One added piece, if Darius Robinson falls to 33, I would love to add him to our defensive front. Other than that, exactly what you have above.
  10. So you're telling me there's a chance!
  11. Yep. Best of all of these updates are the Bronco Throwbacks.
  12. My hope is Washington falls in love with someone and we get 36 & 40. I know it won't happen, but that is my dream. Other than that I don't want to trade down.
  13. All it takes is one GM to fall in love with someone when round 1 ends.
  14. I have warmed up to Worthy. I thought he was just speed, but he does have some more wiggle to him.
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