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  1. This. He was out default "MLB" in dime formarltion last year. Also when we run 3-3-5 fronts.
  2. I feel Higgins is more of a lock to make the team. He was sneaky good for the Browns.
  3. How much was his deal worth? I wonder if he saw Brady's deal and tried to renegotiate.
  4. Jarrod Cooper was a perfect 10? I would not have guessed Muhammad would have been that high either.
  5. Fixed. Auto correct got me twice on that one.
  6. I want LB Nephi Sewell out of Utah. Tweaker saftey how could learn behind Chinn. Auto correct is a pain!
  7. Forget mentor, he isnt even cordial to his backup according to past reports from NE. I remember reading a quote like, I'm not a coach I just play.
  8. We trade back with Phi for their 1st (15) + 3rd + Minshew. Cross falls to 15.
  9. Good! Let him drop and we can trade back a bit and still get him! Or just pull the trigger at 6! I don't buy this without more sources coming forward.
  10. Would love JJ to pair with Burns!
  11. My dream would be to be able to trade down a bit and get Johnson and OT in round 1.
  12. Love the burst on some of those delayed blitzes.
  13. No-one wins with the Jets. Call it blind optimism, but he's shown me enough good that I want to see what he can do with a competent coordinator outside of NY.
  14. I put the blame on Brady more then Sam. You can work in a predictable system and succeed in the NFL. Brady was supposed to be the wonder kid, but absolutely fell off a cliff in year 2.
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