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  1. I agree. The job doesn't seem to big for him.
  2. 2 of those attempt were record breakers from 66+ yards. Skews the numbers a bit, but at least he has the leg to make them. Gano contract $4.3M per year avg. Slye $800k per year avg. No brainer from a dollars point of view.
  3. This fan base is crazy about kickers. Slye last yeat was 29 of 31 on FG from 0-49 yards. I will take that all day long. 33 of 36 extra points. Not perfect but some teams have much worse. This coupled with his leg strength is why I'm content with him for now.
  4. Two from 2003: Week 1 Vs Jacksonville. Jake comes into the game. @ Tampa. Blocked extra point to keep the game alive. I was at both games and will never forget those moments.
  5. Our field always ranked very high among the players in the league. This seems like a strange choice.
  6. Man did this bring me back to Earth on Pitts or what...
  7. If it's just picks, or picks + Teddy, I'm all in for whatever it takes. Giving up our younger Talent just doesn't make sense.
  8. Hey Igo!  I wasn't sure the best way to get this to you, but I wanted to let you know. When I access the Huddle on any mobile device (Phone, tablet, etc) the Post Titles are all written with just one letter on each line. See attached. Thanks. Love the site, keep up the great work.


  9. Love Luke! I love our all of our LBs! oh yea, @‌Heist4 on twitter.
  10. 5th year option. This is why we didn't move down and out of the 1st. We locked up the player the FO wanted and we get a 5 yr option on a LONG TERM prospect. I am happy with the pick vs who was left on the board.
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