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  1. Bummer. I was hoping to bring PJ back. Rooting for the kid.
  2. This makes even less sense now. I assumed he was on the last year of his contract so he would be expecting a big payday from NY. $11M per year for Waller is cheap. Great movie for them, but I don't know what LV is doing.
  3. May not be popular opinion but wouldn't mind hanging on to PJ to run with Stroud/Young + Corral/Eason. Kid is scrappy and has had to fight his way into the league. That is a good mentor in my mind considering our staffs knowledge.
  4. This 100%. Even the first minor injury, and everyone here is going to be up in arms if we go with young. Tweaked ankle, sprain finger, anything and it's going to be mayhem.
  5. The more I see on this kid the more I like. His blocking looks great for a TE and can make tough/contested catches.
  6. Long shot, but does anyone have the old goodbye video back when Moose left to go to Chicago? It was set to the song Bye Bye Love. With Moore leaving it got me thinking about Muhammad.
  7. I'm I the only one that doesn't hate that trio of WR? Not saying we don't need to add but it is a decent core still.
  8. Nuk, Paris Campbell and Darious Slayton would be my targets in FA.
  9. Loved ya DJ. Hope he shines in CHI. Anyone look into this year's wide receivers crop in depth? Who you guys like out there?
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