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  1. i'm just glad that for the most part we still have some standards around here.
  2. i may be "smarter" and a whole lot more educated than the folks who work for me, but when there's an issue that's in their area of expertise and experience and that's part of their job...i am always going to defer to them and let them handle the situation the way they think best. put it in their hands and trust they get the job done. why? because i know they know their job better than i do. if they need help deciding what to do, i'll talk them through it, but i'll always let them own it. if it works, they get the credit. if it doesn't...well...i can take a slap on the wrist better than they can so i take it. but the point is i let my people do their jobs their way as long as they give me the end results i need.
  3. btw, he'd be one of the first to go in a demolition and restructure of the team. like the OP said, trade him and he'll never get hurt again. here he has done nothing but get hurt. time to cut bait.
  4. yeah, i think he's checked out. just like the rest of the team. i miss smitty. i miss cam. i miss TD. i miss luke. i miss every player we had who had that fight in them. we got the HC equivalent of David Carr getting sucked down into that abyss of Eeyore. the rest of the team is just sitting back and collecting checks.
  5. "it's not good if i'm out there and can't help the team" it's not good if you aren't out there and can't help the team. at least if you're out there, there's a chance you can do something good. sit on the sidelines (where you have spent most of your "career") and you're no good to us at all.
  6. interesting perspective and he's not wrong. the biggest problem we have right now isn't running the offense (even though that's huge). the biggest problem we have right now is a lack of identity and a losing culture. until we get someone that can instill fight back in them or just dismantle the team and start over pretty much from scratch, we aren't going anywhere long term. it will likely have to be someone that isn't afraid of tepper and who tepper respects. it will have to be someone that can step in and take control of everything to build the team right. let tepper settle in on his vision for the team, what he wants their identity to be, and then find a coach who can build that and give him the control to do it. this collaboration experiment we've got going on is a failure. you don't need a bunch of brilliant minds. you need one decisive mind who will get poo done.
  7. we've got an 8 month old great pyrenees that is finding something random every day to chew on/destroy and for being a giant puppy, she's quiet and sneaky. we are planning on getting a live tree, but we're starting off with a fake one without anything on it first for a couple days, then adding lights for a couple more days, then shatterproof ornaments and just see how she does with it. she's also really rambunctious and runs around a lot and really clumsy so there's a few ways that she can bring that tree down or do some damage. first year in a new house so we're wanting to do up Christmas really big, but puppy has us a bit nervous.
  8. at this point could we do worse? bring him in. let Luke be the DC.
  9. ok...you'd think after 50+ accounts being banned you'd figure out you aren't wanted around here. bye again.
  10. when cam came in, we had good talent on the team, but no heart. they had adopted fox's "it is what it is" spirit. cam changed that around. now we have no heart and very little talent. no player on this team is going to turn that around. we're going to need a coach that comes in and wakes them up. i think we were trending that way with wilks, but then we brought in reich who is just a nice guy, but not one that will fire everyone up. i thought that duce would help with that, but after training camp he went silent. oh well...it is what it is.
  11. the absolutely insane thing is that we can still win the division. i mean we'd have to win out...but you know,
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