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  1. Not having an embarrassing coaching staff that doesn't have a clue how to run a pro team in pro games probably helps.
  2. No. It doesn't even take two. That whole pile of poo is the dumbest philosophy to hold onto. We're run by incompetence.
  3. These guys are too dumb to figure this poo out. And they'd still find a way to fug the whole thing up.
  4. Bar is set pretty low there and so would the level of expectation. Seriously....we suck and as long as Rhule is managing the team and Tepper is stupidly letting her m do his thing it's an embarrassing dumpster fire. These morons don't have a clue and I'm seriously tired of the whole thing. It's a waste of a team and, because of that, a water of devotion.
  5. Could you imagine going from Saban to Rhule? Why the hell would you EVER do that? Screw jumping from college to pro. Choose competency always.
  6. This is like trying to add a dash of cinnamon to a flaming hot turd to cut down the smell.
  7. not enough "ers" for the title of this movie. how much dumb can we pile in here? it's like a clown car we keep piling into.
  8. yeah, that's the downer. it doesn't really matter as long as rhule is here.
  9. not horrible. experience and some success would make him heads above every other coach that has been on rhule's coaching team.
  10. So he'll fit right in with Rhule and Tepper will bite just like he did with Rhule. Awesome.
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