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  1. 26-3 We get 2 defensive TDs. Rookie QB has to change his britches.
  2. Screw flying under the radar. Take it all. Claim that damn mountain, take it, and own it.
  3. If TD says it.....imma let him say it and I'm not about to refute it. If he's on board, I'm on board
  4. WR Devin Hester WR Steve Smith OL Jake Long C Nick Mangold DL Robert Mathis DL Vince Wilfork
  5. I guess it was using deception and disguises to get through their walls. That angle wasn't conveyed very well, but everything else was. This defense is definitely fun to watch. Best one I've seen here in a looooong time.
  6. Its not a bad thing. Young....fast... aggressive....quick adapting... innovative....salty. Im totally ok with it
  7. There might be, but there won't be many beyond that.
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