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  1. The only non OL I want in this draft is Pitts, especially in the first couple days. And I would prefer big and brutal OL at that and a smart center. 1) Pitts> Sewell> Darrisaw 2) Little (if Pitts is the pick) > Vera-Tucker> Creed Humphrey 3) Quinn Meinerz > Aaron Banks
  2. Not everyone who smokes dies from lung cancer, so let's stop blaming cigarettes for lung cancer.
  3. He'll definitely be a lot more interesting to watch than teddy.
  4. It would be frustrating move but it may be a necessary one to get our guy.
  5. Either we trade for it or someone else does and takes the available QB we have our eye on. That's the only way it makes sense.
  6. Kind of how I see him trying to defend his "athleticism"
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