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  1. This is a lot of what I've been seeing. CJ it seems always has his poo together and always in control of the situation. The game is slow for him it seems. Bryce reacts and moves quickly because he has to, or at least because he feels he has to and it might be that if he saw the field better he wouldn't have to scramble so much...I don't know. Bryce takes advantage of the world collapsing around him and can do remarkable things when it does, but CJ won't let it collapse around him or at least won't let it dictate what he's doing. It will influence him, for sure, but he won't let it control him and force him to give up on the play. Bryce does well when things break down, CJ doesn't let things break down.
  2. someone is going to find out what is goin on here...
  3. i just saw this. glad they are having multiple meetings with these guys. i just hope that it's one of Young or Stroud.
  4. AR is a project. I mean they are all projects, but AR is going to take a whole lot of work compared Stroud and Young. I was fine with AR being the pick at 9. I'd be ok with it at even 5. But you don't trade up from 9 to 1 for a project of that magnitude. You better be damn sure you can get him rolling in year one or at the latest year 2. If they pick him and he isn't ready to go after a year or two then everyone involved in that pick should be fired. That's one big fuging gamble and I'm inclined to think it's a fools bet at 1, especially since that 1 is so damn expensive, costing us 2 first rounders, 2 later rounders, and a first round talent WR. And your right, it would be an absolute waste of resources making the whole team, especially including recent acquisitions making them wait for a year. Its just much more likely to blow up in our faces if we did that.
  5. I think they love the idea of AR. So do I. They need to fall in love with more than an idea, though. It really would be a disappointment if they picked him at 1 or even 2. I mean a serious let down. Not as bad as if it were Levis, but still it just wouldn't seem like a very grounded decision.
  6. true. the hope/expectation that we are finally getting another great QB is adding to the excitement. and that w are doing a pretty good job of building the team around that QB.
  7. it could be. i think it's a good dynamic being brought in. it's a different one than it was with Cam, but it doesn't need to be the same. i think this team will be stronger than it was with Cam. that's not at all a knock on Cam, it's a knock on the people who were building this team. they relied too much on him and forced him to have to be a superhero every game, all game, with very little protection up front and help in the wings. and the coaching staff didn't make it much better. Cam made an impact on the culture. Reich is doing that, too. But while i think Reich's impact won't have as much flair, it will be a lot more widespread.
  8. typically i'm like that as well, but for a long time there was no life to the organization. we had started losing and we were ok with it. there was just a sense of apathy and the fanbase needed a recharge, they needed a sense that it was ok to get hyped up about the team. i think the fanbase was mainly a bunch of wine and cheesers (as we used to call them) and the reputation was that when someone did get excited in the stands, they would call security on them to get them to sit down and be quiet when the game was being played. cam brought not just excitement to the playing, but excitement to the team and the fanbase. he was the guy this franchise needed to get it off it's collective ass. he made it fun and the fact that there were moms in Tennessee complaining about him to the press and players on other teams that didn't like his swagger just made it even more fun. they didn't like it, but they couldn't stop him and wouldn't have until the refs made it open season on him allowing all kinds of late and other douchebag level hits on him. when he got pumped up, it had a contagious effect on the team and the fans. he was infectious and in that way, it absolutely mattered that he was more than just a guy who played the position well.
  9. honestly i'm excited about the idea of both of them and i can't wait to see who it is...i just hope it's one of them. my head tells me that CJ is just slightly ahead and would be the more secure candidate (even though it's barely ahead of Young...imo), but i think that Young would be more exciting to watch (again, just barely more exciting because he's like watching a video game).
  10. it is the whole package that i miss. the personality...the swagger, i think i miss that presence being on the team as much as i miss the talent. it's going to be hard for the next QB to bring all of that back. i mean he doesn't have to, but Cam sure made it fun to be a panthers fan. winning will be great, but there was just something about that big personality that i don't think will ever be matched.
  11. i'm trying to sell myself on that and i can see it, but Cam was a whole lot further along in his development and skill as a QB at draft time than AR is so it will be something that would be fun to watch, but at least a year away from being the QB that Cam was right out of the gate.
  12. I feel absolutely great about either Young or Stroud and can't wait to hear which one it is on draft day...if it's going to be one of those two, which it seems it will be. If it's Richardson...i'll be surprised and i'll find a way to be excited about the future. if it's Levis.... i don't know. i'm at best unenthusiastic about him and feel like if i hear his name called it will bring about an even bigger "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" from me than hearing Clausen's name did a decade ago. then i'd do what i did with clausen and try to be optimistic.
  13. There is this link ne where he goes from Cowherd to Cowturd. He jumped right over that line into the middle of the poo .... no boots.
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