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  1. because rich people in power are good and innocent and incapable of doing wrong, right? otherwise they wouldn't be rich and in power. am i saying it right? wait...almost forgot the
  2. Tepper drank the Kool aid. Rhule is here for a while regardless of how well we do. Bar is set low and the number of excuses will be many.
  3. Considering the poo with Christianson last year, I'm not buying anything that turd says about player development. Rhule doesn't know what he's doing.
  4. @Brooklyn 3.0 here you go.
  5. Too early to tell, but whatever.... Added Mayfield in there because he's a definite possibility. Same with Cam. Left PJ out because...seriously?
  6. it would be close if all your banned alts could vote. the next one you make would put it over the top. btw, bye again.
  7. with sammy you could say (and we said) that we hadn't seen him with much talent around him. of course you could also say that for him last year, but that's another issue. you can't say that for baker. he's had talent around him, and he still couldn't get the job done. what makes anyone think that he'd be more successful here? cleveland was left wanting to go another direction for a reason. we'd be in the same boat. worse, we'd be compelled to start him over corral or sammy. the whole thing is just a mess that i wish we'd avoid, but it's starting to look like him coming here is unavoidable. we'd have a guy that sees ghosts and another that is afraid to throw the ball. QB competition between those two....
  8. true. i mean i can understand some patience being given to keep someone on while they learn....but for a head coach, dude better have his act together. i think rhule just does a great sales job and people want to believe he can deliver. i mean he'd probably make a good politician at least as far as getting people to vote for him. people get caught up in the talk some people give and no one is too rich or powerful to fall for it. if someone says what they want to hear they'll follow. if someone is a persuasive speaker or conversationalist (don't have to be uber intelligent to pull that off), they can get most anyone to do anything.
  9. browns have never done anything right. the best thing they ever did was move to baltimore and change their name.
  10. hmmmm...interesting. could be good. i'm not gonna hate it if we can pull it off. victim of the purge in seattle.
  11. i think that people are creatures of habit and when the pressure is on them, no matter how hard they try they usually resort back to the same ol' same ol'. It takes years to break some habits that have to do with nature and personality. He is a micromanager by nature. He can try to let go of the wheel, but when they start losing or, and this is also a possibility, start winning and see the playoffs in sight, i can see him trying to grab the wheel again. it's like the mythological "riverboat ron" personality. that was really out of rivera's comfort zone, and when it came down to crunch time he'd typically resort back to his "play it safe" mode which was lean on the defense to try and win a game rather than trust his offense. rhule is a micromanager because he doesn't trust much of anyone. part of the reason most of his coaches and a lot of his players were from previous teams was because it's hard for him to learn to trust anyone new. regardless of the amount of experience and success his new coaches have gained over the years, he's going to be struggling to let them do their job. he's going to be like me as a kid (or a guy in his 50s) with ADD trying to sit still in a doctors office with nothing to read or mess around with. The only way really to get him to keep his hands off it for Tepper to either tell him to keep his hands off and mouth shut or Tepper give Fitt the authority to make Rhule sit tight, because if it's Rhule's choice, i just don't trust him not to revert.
  12. he needs to leave the game management to his assistants with years of pro experience. rhule, take your hands off the wheel.
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