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  1. More likely Rome ends up being a waste of talent there. Won't be his fault.
  2. There was a 5 or 6 year period of my life that I was doing a lot of struggling and floating around the south I guess trying to figure out the point of my existence and I wasn't having much luck doing that. A dark moment that had a few not so dark moments in it, one of them being a summer I drove around listening to and singing on occasion (when I got a shot) songs by Jackson Brown, Dan Fogleberg, and the Eagles. Just something about them gave me a little peace. I don't listen to them much anymore, but when I do it takes me back to that little reprieve from my dark era.
  3. I just think we're all going to be surprised this year in a good way for once. I don't care about anyone eating crow or anything. I don't blame anyone for doubting this team's potential. I just want us all to enjoy being a fan again and I really think we're getting ready to experience that.
  4. Yeah go ahead and ride that "we got worse" pony. It's the easiest ride so why not? I just don't see it. On the whole I see an upgraded team. Proof will be in the play, but no one is going to be able to come close to convincing me that we are "worse" anymore than those who just hate everything we do will be convinced that we got better.
  5. one of Cam's first passes did some damage to smitty's hand...separated his middle and ring finger on one hand. that's about all i remember from him.
  6. receiving room is worse? TE is worse? RB is worse? Interior DL is worse? Clowney is a downgrade from Burns?
  7. drafted in '21 from notre dame where he played fullback.... iirc. he's been good for 3 TDs 150-175 yards a year. could be more if involved more. he's got potential and on those rare occasions he gets targeted and catches the ball (about 50% success there) he does something big with it. First downs, TDs, big impressive catches. Solid blocker as well. Guy can hit. he was targeted more than Thomas the last 3 years and has 3 more career TDs.
  8. hmmm...interesting. probably should have read it. figured the 'continuer de' would be something like 'continue on' = keep on. it didn't make sense that he would be talking about a frapucinno (though i could understand it on a hot day and that's is where my mind went first for some reason). frap sounded like it would be someone knocking on a door. lucked out on that. .....or i googled it. i did essentially get kicked out of 2nd semester of french on the first day in 7th grade. teachers didn't like me much back then. kind of a trend that carried on from 4th through high school in two different states.
  9. just seeing bryce in the middle of the pack would be a huge win as well. yeah...not what we'd want for a top pick overall, but it's kind of reasonable for any rookie in his second year. but for him coming off of that year last year and considering we're going to be leaning so heavily on the run i think that's probably a fair expectation for him.
  10. yes. i don't think anyone is going overboard on any projections saying that we're going to run straight into the playoffs and dominate everywhere...just that we will get back to almost average like we have been for a while and from there we can get back to being inconsistently being good. i'm not ruling out playoffs, but only because i know we are in a stupid division and it's usually a matter of one random turd floats to the top.
  11. keep on knocking is what i think it means. that comes from 54 years of not knowing any french. i took french for a semester in 7th grade and then signed back up for a second semester. the first day of class the teacher looked at me and said, "you really don't want to be in here.....do you?" I took the hint and left. i know when i'm not wanted.
  12. that's what i'm thinking. and knowing our history, when we have the least expected of us, we've always done well. where we've always struggled was when people expect a lot from us. i think we are primed to do....ok. not great, but have a much better year than most expect. also, we're in the NFCS...the most ridiculous division there is for the randomness of yearly results. with the exception of when brady was in tampa, no one ever knew who to expect to win it all because it was different every year. we were the first to repeat as division winners, but aside from that it was largely whoever finished last would somehow finish first the next year or something crazy like that. and then there's Bryce, who i think will do a good bit better this year. it just makes sense that we would see a good bit of improvement in him just from having a better OL, better receivers, a more decisive offensive plan and coaching, and a year under his belt.
  13. right on bosa, i knew i was forgetting someone that was kind of a big deal. even with him i do like our D against their O more than their D against our O. and yeah, that was a huge turnaround on offense for them. they basically stripped away Herbert's offense and gave him ours from last year.
  14. agreed. all they have on offense is essentially herbert with rookies and scrubs. it might be enough...but i like our defense against them. their OL is anchored in the center by bozeman. at TE, they've got hurst i guess as their starter. they've got mcconckey and dj chark and brenden rice as WRs. and aside from khalil mack and a couple other pieces, their D doesn't look scary, especially since they are essentially starting over there. i mean their D could look as scary as our offense so it might just be a battle of which side screws up less. but our D against their offense is what i really like matchup-wise.
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