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  1. Yeah, it's been a season to be very proud of so far, no doubt. With a win on Sunday, we clinch the NFC South, if what I've read is correct. I would imagine that the players have to know this as well. Didn't we clinch the division last year with a big win in Atlanta last season? I'm not putting anything past the Saints, it's still a division rivalry regardless of how bad they may look, but our boys know what is at stake. Right now the Saints are up next, and the players want the W, and that division title again.
  2. Hey, Jimmy Clausen won 2 games for us in 2010 as well. That is something.
  3. Based on what exactly? This was a 2 win team before Cam Newton came along. Yes we have a very good defense right now. We know that. But our offense is still putting up 20+ points per game. On the offensive side of the ball, so much of our offense is predicated on what Cam Newton is doing at any given moment. The threat of him running opens up the entire offense as a whole. CRA pointed out that Newton is 5th the NFL in rushing 1st downs, and 3rd in the NFL in rushing touchdowns. You cannot understate how huge that is for our offense. Removing that for another quarterback changes everything, and not in a good way. Besides, there are maybe two or three other quarterbacks in the NFL at this moment who could have their team sitting at 11-0 with Ted Ginn Jr as their #1 WR.
  4. Ehhhhhh. I don't know about that. How many of those QB's can replicate what he brings to the run game, which in turn opens up our passing game? Not only pure rushing yardage, and touchdowns, but those crucial 3rd down conversions at critical points in games. There isn't another Cam Newton in the NFL right now.
  5. Not only winning on Thanksgiving, but thumping the Cowboys, in Dallas.. Yes please. Enjoy it peeps.
  6. I don't necessarily disagree with you, but at this point in the game, your special teams shouldn't be whiffing like that regardless.
  7. These uniforms look sharp, don't see what the bitching was about.
  8. I really like that picture of Cam, and Derek. Such a close group we have here.
  9. I'm just about over seeing Bene get burned every game.
  10. But but but Joe Webb is active because he's good on special teams. Yeah, about that....
  11. There is simply not enough pie. So much win in this thread.
  12. Alright boys, enjoy it. I'm going to try to somehow wind my nerves down enough to get some rest. I'm drained.
  13. Okay, Gano redeemed himself, and more. I LOVE YOU GRAHAM.
  14. That's it. Go OL, and WR in the entire fugging draft next year. I've seen enough of this poo.
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