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  1. The biggest difference so far this season to me is that our higher level goal goal scorers are producing well and when it matters.
  2. That's why it was so infuriating! it really was the best play we've had and cardboard raaaaaanta couldn't catch a cold.
  3. They were scared of going to Necas-time gave up the goose early
  4. The NHL is to lenient on the repeat intentional scumbags like Wilson and Trouba
  5. This and he has like a 20-1 record fighting to boot I like him too he beat the breaks off gudas last season.... Trouba is gonna be after aho on Jan 2nd we need svech or Lemieux on the ice with him the whole game.
  6. Speaking of plugs Lemieux has proven to be a pretty good 4th liner whenever he draws in I'd love to find a way to get him in more and Drury out..... he definitely needs to suite up next time we play the rags
  7. Ooooh 11 seconds of 5-3 from center ice a lot of space if you win the draw
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