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  1. Future Alt of Panthers Fan 69 here. Im mean when teams goonit up against us it doesn't wok out well. Look at that first round vs the islanders. They had no shot when they gooned up. Let Florida play dirty we will just rack up goals.
  2. 95 to 02 Dylan Dylan Dylan Dylan and Dylan 03 to 10 Dylan Dylan Dylan Dylan and Dylan 11 to present Dylan Dylan Dylan Dylan and Dylan
  3. When was the the last time we actually had a 3500 yard passer? Can it actually happen again?
  4. Young Downs The TE from Georgia Nick Hampton The NC State kid we got
  5. I have a local HOA board of DIrectors meeting tonight but Ill be getting home asap to watch the Rags v Devils.
  6. Great win being there in person! Woke up a little hungover this morning but ill take the punishment for getting the win!
  7. Kooche just needs more time and work. Last night was the worst ive seen him play
  8. Well we are half way there! whhhhoooaaaa ohhh living on a prayer
  9. Nebraska is going to want to sell their team after 5 games. Hearing Fatt Fhule gives me bad memories.
  10. KingKucci

    First Team

    What was everyone's first team that got you into football? Mine was the Packers in the early 90s because of my dad.
  11. MJ has been a pretty bad owner from a win standpoint Arena is cool but its going to be empty if we cant get some players and wins.
  12. I wants Stroud in the 1st Josh Downs in the 2nd Somehow get Nick Hampton from App State in the 3rd Trade for D hop and lets fuging party
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