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  1. We are back!! Heavyweight matchup! Let’s dominate at home!
  2. Heard it. Nothing special but it was fun to hear Aho talk about the team.
  3. Bump! Sanko is a cancer and has made florida worse!
  4. oi I said this last month. I new it would happen. sanko is a cancer...
  5. History isn't on the side of the presidents club winner, however, we just seem different. our arrow is going up minus a stinker here and there.
  6. Well folks…we are rolling! Offense looks good, D is great, PP is starting to come back around and PK is just absurdly good. also, with a win tonight and a rangers loss, canes are officially tied in points. Unbelievable compared to where the season started. Let’s go canes!
  7. If it wins us a cup...heck I am! Buch would be good too though. Prob would be cheaper and have term.
  8. Martin in net. Confirmed on 99.9 an hour ago.
  9. Should be rested. Lets hope our boys get back to scoring goals and not playing piss poor on offense.
  10. Thank god for our canes! We are so spoiled right now. Just gotta enjoy the ride
  11. Hopefully he goes the TD route and stops getting hurt while turining into an elite player. Imagine us giving up on Davis after his three knee injuries.
  12. I disagree. Being there live, the team played well. I just can t stress this enough. the goalie play with Raanta is not good enough to stop 1-1s when guys like Orlov have bad breakdowns.
  13. Came here just for this comment! Very good day for us yesterday
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