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  1. We need goalie help. It’s our last missing piece. Let’s get us a win tonight.
  2. Hope everyone had an awesome thanksgiving! Late home game tonight! This is also the last of 3 meetings with the lightning. let’s stay on that gas!
  3. Great win Vs Buffalo Tuesday. Canes dominated all aspects of that game minus the score. They should have won 7-2. But, Mr Overtime wins again! Tonight, we have the Panthers who broke our hearts this past year in the playoffs. Let’s get a little revenge tonight! let’s go canes!
  4. Yeah I hope they go back to how it was last year the previous. Ive already had to change 5 games around this year.
  5. The old school “go to hell Buffalo” rivalry is back tonight. Let’s get Us 2 points! I’ll be there! Let’s go canes!
  6. Canes played an ok game Thursday. Just couldn’t find the back of the net. I suspect that will be different come tonight. We play very well vs the islanders. let’s get us back in the W column!
  7. The officials were fuging trash That was a missed icing.
  8. Tony D is a major liability Bad things seem to happen when he is on the ice
  9. You saw that goal coming....they were owning us the last 4 min
  10. Calling it now. We kill the power play we get a goal soon after and hang on to win. Its Turbo time afterall
  11. Work has been loaded this week so I have the game on one screen, the huddle on the 2nd, and work on the third
  12. Lets score one early and forecheck them into the ground then score an empty netter.
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