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  1. too shitty of playcalling for this game to be turned around! sorry but im a realist and i just cant see us pulling it off
  2. until the defense can get back to its normal play. this team is done in the playoffs already
  3. time for cam to show why hes the best player this team has ever seen put on a panthers uniform
  4. carolina doesnt look like they care today and its showing on the scoreboard they need to clean this poo up otherwise they will be sent home early in january.
  5. this might be the wake up call the panthers needed! its best to lose rather than 3 weeks from now.
  6. get a td here and get momentum, stop them, score again, hopefully game over.
  7. first round pick should be spent on a DE wouldnt mind double dipping like we did with star n short.
  8. time to rest the starters for the game. no reason to risk injuries to anyone. this game is over
  9. the d needs to wake the fug up one fuging stoopppp
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