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  1. Ya'll are reading way to much into that nonsense. Icky is going to start at LT and it's looking like Brady will be the LG. As far as Bozeman goes, he's looked decidedly mediocre all camp according to pretty much every report so....
  2. Honestly. I kind of like the fights. Shows some toughness. That is that we're not the ones starting them just not backing down.
  3. If you had no plans of playing him this year to begin with, the argument could be made. I don't think that they ever planned on playing Corral this year even before bringing in Baker.
  4. I was impressed by Mays. Lets hope that his play continues to progress. Especially if Corbett's play in limited snaps becomes the trend.
  5. I was really impressed with the offense in general outside of it falling apart in the 4th quarter with Corral and a cast of scrubs. I thought the scheme and pacing were great, especially considering it was kept very basic with it being a preseason game. It looked and felt like a professional offense. We consistently had receivers running free and the routes weren't a clusterfug and stacked on top of each other. Outside of a few miscommunications and a blown screen I really liked the way it looked. I also felt like every receiver that has a legitimate chance of making the team looked very good and this again may just be the by virtue of our offensive scheme as a whole being improved. However, the route running seemed crisp and the technique was clean. Defensively, even acknowledging that a few starters and key backups weren't playing I feel like our run defense remains a concern. I'm hopeful that with our full regiment that this won't be the case but our depth is extremely thin on the Dline trenches. O-line.....fuging figure it out Rhule or whoever you're delegating that bullshit to. There was no reason to run with that starting line. They weren't bad but it's obvious that there's a better grouping than that bullshit. Also, our depth gets REALLY bad after the top 7 lineman or so.
  6. fuging yikes. His throws are horribly off target.
  7. Terrible play on the ball by the corner there. Christ almighty
  8. Corral kind of staring down his read on his first two throws. Got Kirkwood killed there.
  9. I agree. It's a completely different feel from the last couple years.
  10. Ok I swear to Christ if we roll out PJ on the next drive I'm gonna lose my mind.
  11. I also really like our overall offensive design. Even with a basic preseason scheme we are consistently having receivers open.
  12. I tell you what. I really like our receiver corps
  13. fuging Smitty calling our color teal is driving me crazy
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