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  1. Youngest to score a *Rushing touchdown. Sorry, I had to be that guy.
  2. That "incomplete pass" call was so bad. The refereeing last night was a fuging comedy of errors. Might be the worst I've ever seen and I watched the Carolina - Denver Superbowl.
  3. Maybe it's just me but you posting like a hundred pictures of your kids on here is fuging weird bro. This isn't your Facebook.
  4. Can we not play this defense for fugs sake?
  5. Wow we got a call?! I can't fuging believe it
  6. Y'all haters can suck it but Darnold is a baller.
  7. Thursday night games are the dumbest bullshit no cap.
  8. We're still going to win by 10+. I'm not worried.
  9. We're about to let them score huh? Cool cool cool cool
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