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  1. Considering that at my house in mooresville we already have pretty close to the 3 three inches of snow that they predicted, I'd say it's not gonna bust.
  2. I mean I definitely said that he's the head coach so the fault ultimately lies at his feet but his previous experience as an O-line coach really doesn't mean much in this case. He's the head coach and he has separate O-line coaches and offensive staff that he presumably trusts. So he's going to take their recommendations and soforth with regards to how well players are progressing and practicing. Now as a head coach when you aren't seeing the results you like you generally, at least temporarily, take a more active role. We just don't know how much of one he's taken in that regard.
  3. Obviously all things fall on the head coach but one thing that people always leave out is that a large part of this falls on the offensive staff and o-line coach. It's through their evaluation of the players from practice and whatnot and then through various meetings and consultations that the decisions on who's playing where and who's starting are made. I mean obviously the buck stops at Rhule because he's the head coach and he built this staff but he's not making decisions on who to play unilaterally. Everyone responsible for the O-line seems pretty incompetent.
  4. My favorite responses are by people who have no clue what Cameo is and think that Pickles just did this of his own volition.
  5. I'm not gonna lie, that was fuging great. Someone's a legend for ordering that cameo. I can't wait to try to explain that video to non diehard panther fans and just get a blank stare in return.
  6. Oh, don't get me wrong. I'm pretty much 100% certain that he's not. I was only stating that this isn't surprising to me considering the position that they find themselves in. I have exactly zero expectation of them doing anything but making things worse.
  7. I'm not overly surprised by this. I've long expected that the Panthers were going to look for ways to offload perceived luxury players in order to try and gain much needed draft assets. Rhule needs to rebuild the line and fix the QB position to save his job. There's going to be some serious wheeling and dealing this off season.
  8. I'm sure this thread is going to be a worthwhile venture in discourse.
  9. I enjoyed the show for the most part and didn't mind most of the changes until the season finale. I feel like they absolutely butchered it.
  10. How much have you had to drink on this Tuesday afternoon?
  11. Here we have Coach Rhule practicing his signals after being taunt ASL for "lets try a shitty screen pass" by Cam Newton.
  12. Overt racism aside, that message board gave me a stroke. What a terrible layout.
  13. I'm not sure what he drives now truck wise but the one he flipped that time was a Dodge ram.
  14. I feel like this game has lasted like 7 hours.
  15. I'll forever remember watching that game in a bears bar in Wilmington with a former poster from here, KingKlong. Worst football game I've ever seen from anyone.
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