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  1. It all started in my dad's neighborhood
  2. This is just silly. Their net worth isn't going to affect one out bidding the other as no matter how stupid the contract, 20 million a year or hell 50 million a year, doesn't really amount to poo irt either owners net worth. The only bidding war that exists is in reality just about how dumb the owners want to be, not whether it will hurt their pockets. That said, thank god we're not getting Harbaugh. I know lots of people have raging boners for that tool but I'm not one of them.
  3. Well this has been the most panthery of panther games
  4. I mean I get that you're at the 35 and there's 5:30 left but I don't feel good giving them the ball back here
  5. Evans is taking the secondary's lunch money
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