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  1. As an unlimited contractor I can tell you that those numbers in today's market are not outrageous and actually, depending on the plan, relatively frugal unfortunately.
  2. While I suspect he's lying about going to 20 games over the last 5 years, if he did, considering he lives in Raleigh, that's pretty respectable attendance.
  3. Regarding the helmet. If he's actively engaged in the play when he loses the helmet he's allowed to continue through that engagement. Now he did kind of stand there for a few seconds after he was no longer engaged before skating towards the bench but it wasn't really that egregious.
  4. No, Charlotte is literally where the money is. It's the largest banking/financial center outside of NY in the entire United States.
  5. Well I didn't mind the silver in unis near as much as I hate the goddamned silver helmet. That said I'm stoked we're actually getting the right blue back. That's sick.
  6. I see some of you are not familiar with Rodeo.
  7. Yeah, I was born and raised in Boone. I definitely wouldn't draft him until the 6th/7th just because I think he'll still be there then but he's a beast. He always had his best games against the toughest competition.
  8. I think Peoples is made for the NFL game as a power back.
  9. Like you talking about getting into your bed with that dried saltwater feeling makes my skin crawl. fuging no thanks.
  10. I lived in Brunswick county and Wilmington for almost 15 years. It was time for me to get the fug out. I might move back someday but I doubt it. I definitely had fun, but after all that time I realized that I don't really like the beach at all.
  11. Yeah, it's crazy. I was thinking about this earlier as well. It's a ground up rebuild at the skill position and it's fuging insane to think how much different it's going to look. But you can tell there's real football evaluators making decisions this time. They said "Ok, O-line is a strength keep it intact, let's use these other assets to reform and mould exactly what we want."
  12. Good deal. Goddamn, let's get the draft over with and get to camp.
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