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  1. I'm optimistic about the team direction in general. I'm noncommittal on the QB situation; Sam seems like a good kid but I have no idea if he's actually going to turn his career around here. I want to say that I have faith in our coaches to help Sam do so, but they haven't been here long enough or had enough success at this level for me to bet in one way or the other with any level of certainty. I think our season lies in the improvement of four areas: QB, O-line, Linebackers and Defensive backs. If we even slightly improve in any one of them we should be better than last year so long as w
  2. You can't see the tinderbox until you have a certain number of posts. It's a sub-forum on this forum for political, religious, racial, etc discussion.
  3. Glen, Bro. There's a multi-quote button. I suggest reading the entire thread and clicking on the ones you might possibly want to reply to as you go through. This spamming the thread with replies to days old posts isn't the move.
  4. Whatever you say idiot. I'm a fan of many players outside of the Panthers. One thing I'm not going to do though is fuging Stan for Bridgewater. Anybody that's putting as much effort into defending Bridgewater's honor as you are has to either be related to him or autistic. He's a decidedly mediocre QB. He's not as bad as many want to make him out to be but he's a bottom tier starter or solid backup QB. Moving on from Bridgewater is a good decision by the Panthers. Whether or not Darnold was the right decision to make as the next move has yet to be seen.
  5. Yeah and just like TRD was Matt Moore's cousin or whatever, this guy is probably related to Teddy.
  6. Other than being tall, he's literally nothing like KB.
  7. That's where he lost you eh? Lmao, fug this thread right in the booty hole.
  8. It's possible, I suppose, but I took this as that during conversation he was telling people that he didn't know if he would be/not planning on being there moving forward, rather than going out of his way to call people to tell them or intentionally trying to sabotage the team as it were.
  9. Mortgaging the future would imply that if Darnold is bad then the panthers are stuck with him for the foreseeable future because they have no realistic way to replace him. That's simply not the case. They would immediately be in a position to replace him next year if things don't work out. They haven't "mortgaged" anything. They've simply chosen him over the options presented this year. That's hardly "mortgaging the future".
  10. They already announced punishment. 5k fine, no suspension.
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