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  1. It's his desk and the trash beside it. You can see his keyboard.
  2. Yep as soon as Bean and McDermott were poached the whole thing came crashing down.
  3. It's mostly that the form he comes in with is always hunting the strip sack. It's almost the same as a corner wrapping one arm around while going for the pass deflection. It allows the QB to basically just turn out of it if they see it coming. He legit needs to stop that bullshit and just drive through the QB.
  4. That Jerry Richardson was a fuging moron for letting Bean walk to Buffalo while retaining goddamn Hurney for a redux tour.
  5. That was pretty good coverage by Taylor. Tough catch.
  6. Burns wtf bro. He misses more sacks than anyone I've ever seen.
  7. Chinn getting caught just staring into the back field.
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