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  1. Pretty much the reason the shot clock was invented.
  2. I said it sounded like a drug overdose. I'm not sure what you're getting at. It appears it was alcohol related. I mean I'm sure CTE lead to his alcoholism and it would have for drug use. Again, I'm not sure what point you think you're making. I literally never even brought up CTE.
  3. Ok? I'm not sure why you're quoting me with that response.
  4. Cary has looked real good in the G league. Dropped 31 last night.
  5. HOLYSHIT, I completely forgot about this picture. HAHAHAHA
  6. Oh yeah, the calf pictures. Lmao. Trying to convince us that he was a giant tub of lard. He went on like 20 pages rants about his BMI.
  7. I do, the bed was a giant running joke. I also remember when he posted some picture he had paid like a 100stacks for from some famous artist after Katrina of some blue dog that was supposed to have some nonsense significance. I just photoshopped his fatass face into it.
  8. The pictures he would always post of like his counters with random stacks of hundreds on them trying to flex.
  9. I originally migrated here from the CBS Sportsline team forum. There were a few of us that ended up here but I don't remember any of their names now.
  10. Here's the screenshots of the messages for round 5 and then some from the final round. It would be like a million screenshots if I showed the whole thread.
  11. So I just went through my old messages and it was @The Huddler that organized the message chain.
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