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  1. If the "issue" that drives your voting choice is whether or not a politician will fund sports facilities you might be an idiot voter.
  2. Not really, unless you're in various design industries. Most use Windows based systems. IBM/Lenovo ThinkPads being very common.
  3. Yeah. I've spent plenty of time in Davidson/Cornelius. 3 exits down, but it's like a different place entirely.
  4. I grew up in Boone and lived in the Wilmington area for two different stints that totaled 12 years. I've been in Mooresville for 5 now. Its.....different.
  5. I live in Mooresville. Love the location but for the most part hate the people that live here.
  6. The Panthers social media team puts out entertaining content on twitter, regardless of if you're actually a fan of the team. If you follow the team then their content will show up on your timeline/feed. If you don't follow them it won't show up unless you go to their page specifically.
  7. I left a 5 gallon bucket of paint in front of my garage door over the weekend a few weeks back. I had taken it out of my truck on Friday and took it back to work with me on Monday. When I got home Monday afternoon I had a letter from the HOA with a picture of the paint bucket with an "Immediately remove miscellaneous items from view or pay fines" letter.
  8. I live three doors down from my HOA president. I hate them so fuging much.
  9. What lame ass children are actually reporting thread titles? What a bunch of babies.
  10. Oh man, almost had a heart attack there at the end but thank god we got over that Boston hump. fug Boston.
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