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  1. That was funny as hell when they spotted tepper and made the noises like the old And1 Mixtape tour announcer when someone got dunked on or humiliated. To me, tepper has been the worst owner in the history of pro sports because the Panthers were a great franchise and always great to watch and support before he took over and he turned it into the 2012 Bobcats. Even Synder's Redskins, Sterling's Clippers and the Pistons of the last decade have not been this inept. Since the exciting first game with the Falcons when the Panthers scored in the last few seconds and Capers called for the 2 point conversion to win the game (Panthers OL jumped and then had to kick the XP & then lost in Overtime) it's been great to watch until what the carpetbagger tepper has done to Carolina.
  2. Powers-Johnson would be great at 33 but a lot of mocks are showing him gone in the 20's. Zach Fazier from WV is shown in some mocks to still be there at #96 and that would be a really good pickup if the Panthers go WR at 33 which will probably happen.
  3. Reading some comments on reddit about the game yesterday - saw a couple of comments about people not being able to move from their seats when the stadium is empty. Is that true? I can't believe it is. If I was told to stay out of the lower deck on a day like yesterday with an empty stadium and the weather I would never go back. I guess if the asswipe tepper is involved it could be true. Here is an example of what I am reading: "$1 ticket, $5 hot chocolate, $28 for two beers, one really nice usher who said “no…sir literally just show me your phone because they have 800 cameras watching us, and then move down to the sideline because there’s no reason all of these people should be in the cheap seats” Great day, but for the rain and the poor ushers being monitored by Tepper’s penny pinching ass."
  4. Everybody is misjudging tepper. Is he a meddling, flatuent, flaccid, blowhard carpetbagger? Well, it appears to be so far. Is he the living, walking embodiment of Homer Simpson? Well, yes it looking that way. Did he ruin the Panthers when there was a competent, nice looking local ownership group being formed? Well, there's that. But we haven't seen his real skills at work yet - just wait until the Panthers win a few games maybe a 8-9 season. Then you will see a master at work to screw the taxpayers of Charlotte and all of NC to fork over money for stadium improvements and other things he should pay for himself. Then threats to move the team. He will be great at these type of things as soon as things improve.
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