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  1. Neither am I but at this point we just need bodies to get through the season
  2. Tepper will give Johnson the opportunity to come back home (he's from Charleston, SC played QB at UNC) he will also give him blank check, full 7 year guaranteed contract, the opportunity to pick his GM, he will also offer Nicole Tepper as a personal sex toy
  3. https://x.com/dakrandall/status/1729962632436670470?s=46&t=xeIgh_-Vr2aKxBkBJdfnKA
  4. Seventh Floor Crew [Verse 7 - G-Reg] (What’s your name?) G-Reg (What’d you do?) Get head (How you do it?) Drop my drawers and let her see me third leg (True) Chillin' on the 7th flo' I gotta let these chickens know Big Greg is in the house And I’m fi’n to make these hoes choke On my balls, on my dick Then I bust a nut quick On her face, on her chest Stick my dick between her breasts Come on fellas lets get weird Sick your dick up in her ear While I’m laughin’ at these guys I second nut all in her eyes (Wait a minute, in her eyes?) In her eyes
  5. Worst of the defense 19. DE LaBryan Ray: 56.3 20. LB Frankie Luvu: 49.2 21. CB Troy Hill: 48.0 22. S Alex Cook: 44.2 23. CB Donte Jackson: 42.6
  6. Best of the defense 1. LB Deion Jones: 92.8 2. OLB Brian Burns: 82.3 3. OLB DJ Johnson: 80.7 4. DT Derrick Brown: 77.1 5. CB D’Shawn Jamison: 70.4* *Played two defensive snaps
  7. Worst of the offense 14. G Nash Jensen: 48.7 15. TE Tommy Tremble: 46.9 16. WR Adam Thielen: 45.9 17. G Brett Toth: 44.1 18. G Chandler Zavala: 40.4
  8. Best of the offense 1. WR Ihmir Smith-Marsette: 76.7 2. RT Taylor Moton: 75.8 3. TE Ian Thomas: 65.8 4. QB Bryce Young: 62.7 5. WR DJ Chark: 62.3
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