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  1. Return of the living dead is terrific Poltergeist Altered States also highly recommended
  2. “I see a team that could very easily be 4-0,” he said (with a straight face). “There’s only one game that they’ve won the turnover battle in, and they pretty much dominated that game.”
  3. we might just be the worst team in the league
  4. There’s no question TDK is a landmark film Nolan changed the game with his Batman trilogy
  5. Colts could us a kicker Eddy Pinero has been perfect this season Rams are down to their 3rd sting C Bradley Bozeman could net us a day 3 pick
  6. You don’t hear too much about Vince anymore too bad I liked that guy
  7. We should have known this regime was going to fail when it traded Trai Turner straight up for Russell Okung
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