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  1. Sewell all the way but what if he's gone do we take Rashawn Slater over Pitts?
  2. It won't matter how many offensive weapons we have if we can't consistently protect Sam Darnold
  3. JAX - QB Lawrence NYJ - QB Wilson SF - QB Mac Jones ATL - QB Fields CIN - LT Sewell MIA - WR Chase DET - WR Waddle If Kyle Pitts and Rashawn Slater are there at #8 who would you take?
  4. One of the reasons we traded for Darnold was that we would not have to trade up! If Fitterer trades up I will personally lop off my penis and feed it to my cat.
  5. They have their 1st rounder from 2 years ago at LT Jonah Williams and they signed former Vikings RT Riley Reiff. There is a good chance they cave to Burrow and their fan base and take a WR or Kyle Pitts.
  6. https://www.panthers.com/news/a-change-could-do-sam-good
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