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  1. Follow me @chaos_cltsports

  2. underachievers

  3. First up - Seahawks. Deep fried.

  4. God I hate Steelers fans

  5. Draft Night - C'mon Hornets!!!

  6. Someone get me a sammich!

  7. Eagles...ugh, worst fans in the history of the world.

  8. Hey Tampa...where did you get those clothes...at the...toilet store? #realsmack

  9. It's all ball bearings nowadays!

  10. I promise...the Panthers WILL NOT LOSE this weekend

  11. Seahawks - unfortunately you will fall victim to our revamped secondary. lol

  12. Falcons week....ugh

  13. Please crush the Giants - if I have to deal with yankee transplant gloating in my neighborhood, I may commit a crime

  14. Forget the bucs, bring on the cheaters!

  15. bring on the sucs

  16. bring on the sucs

  17. Fug the Texans

  18. Ready for Training Camp

  19. He finally got his ring - congrats, Juwan Howard

  20. Happy Mother's Day

  21. Welcome, Skywalker

  22. Oh Noes!!!! The Schedule!!!!

  23. Hurry up, draft!

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