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  1. At a very minimum this should have happened the moment we signed Cam to come in as the spark the team needed. Truthfully it should have been before that. Carolina Panthers giving new meaning to the BYE week
  2. OP nailed it. Exactly how I'm feeling and to see all the incompetence and mediocrity laid out in that post makes me marvel at the mystery of passionate fandom. I love this team, live and breathe this team, and never think I will make it through the long offseason because I miss Panther football so much. Am I like the abused that keeps going back to the abusive spouse, even though I know it's bad for my health? Why the fug do I get suckered in every year that it will work. What's the definition of insanity again? No back to back winning seasons in the NFL in 26/27 seasons, I mean that seems hard to do if you try.
  3. Oh, you mean what happens after every play in every NFL game ever? Must be just targeting the "most penalized team" in pro football, because I guess we take it so well. So much fun being a Panther fan
  4. Did I miss what he did? I swear the broadcast never showed it.
  5. Ron ruined Cam, Rhule ruined CMC, love this team right now
  6. I asked the Panthers for a Christmas gift. They said they were going to get me the same thing they got me last year. And the year before that.
  7. Kunkel with the humble brag that former players text him. However, we are all embarrassed by the quit in this team.
  8. Rhule loves analytics, but not these PFF analytics remember? He'll pick and choose the data he likes.
  9. When we called that cute HB option bullshit on 3rd and 1 when Cam most certainly could have gotten that yard, I officially saw the end of Joe Brady. It's a matter of formality at this point. His ass should have been gone.
  10. Yep, time to cut bait on the college-to-NFL experiment and get an NFL caliber head coach. Preferably an offensive-minded coach. Give me Eric "sleeping with" Bienemy
  11. So glad Cam is back. Now get Rhule the fug outta here
  12. Getting told to "Ice up son" by Smitty is priceless. Happy Birthday!
  13. Don't let the beatdown the Falcons took last night distract you from the fact that Mac Jones is a bitch and I'm pissed he hasn't been punished yet on the field for his bush league bullshit.
  14. Getting healthy at the right time, and we still have our bye week ahead for rest before the critical stretch.
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