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  1. His ass will end up leaving in FA with nothing in return, won't he? I mean, I have lost all faith in the competence of our F.O.
  2. If the Saints fans have the Caravans, and the Bucs fans the PT Cruisers, Falcons fans definitely roll in the Prius PS Mods, please permaban this @austin1227 clown. He dropped a steaming deuce on the OP, completely outta line
  3. Capt Slant is all talk. I wish DB would have dropped his ass.
  4. Sucks that he got hurt on extra action after the play. I'll miss him as he's likely done as a Panther.
  5. Panthers fans would later learn that Reich was actually an offensive coach, telling off-color jokes and farting in public. Tepper hornswaggled again
  6. I'm not writing him off yet. Our receivers are trash from top to bottom, and none of them other than AT give a fug about getting separation. Maybe those two picks to the safety last week had Bryce gun shy to let it rip tonight, but I think that can be fixed. Our shitty gameplan of running up the middle for no gain when the defense stacks the box knowing we won't throw, that's horeshit.
  7. In 2010 we had a lame duck coach who no longer gave a fug. Now we have a supposed offensive coach in his first season showing no creativity and no heart. I’m way more discouraged in 2023 than I was in 2010.
  8. Season is toast. fug Tepper for this 5 year suck fest.
  9. Reich has the look of a clueless fan who was handed a headset and play sheet
  10. Get this Browns Steelers poo off my god damn screen
  11. Already 1PM and no official game day thread yet?
  12. So glad I stayed up until 2:30AM watching that Colorado comeback, Sanders is special. All the Sanders'.
  13. I know they have the two strikes then election for personal fouls, but that bitch should have been tossed for that. And to think targeting gets you tossed and the next game.
  14. Holy Christ, I’d like to see Blackburn get decimated by a blindside block
  15. Hot damn this is fun. Colorado is must see tv!
  16. JFC, that Tennessee coach is a piece of poo. Called a useless timeout when FL was just trying to run out the clock, forcing that pointless fourth down play, then his shitty players start throwing punches. fug them
  17. I'm going to take the positive spin here, although it's a hail mary. That type of 4th quarter ineptitude just can't last forever. Regression to the mean should start now hence more pull-ahead 4th quarter games and wins. Either that or the stat won't matter once we put an opponent down early and we aren't trailing in the 4th at all. brb, time for another hit of acid
  18. I just realized we are one of two games on Monday night, and the A crew (Buck, Aikman) will be calling Browns Steelers at 8:15, so since we're not the only game, and the lesser-attractive game, we may just have a shot here. Nahhhhhhh
  19. It's a primetime TV game, we're fuged regardless of the opponent
  20. First half he came out on fire, looking for the pay day and sending a message of what he brings to the defense and his value. In the second half, his message to the F.O. was "fug you for not paying me"
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