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  1. It's like he's trying to convince me that I do need that extended warranty
  2. I have things going on Sunday and will not put those plans aside for this team. That being said, I'll track on my phone and rush to the Huddle when I get home
  3. Thank you, Matt "Mesothelioma" Rhule
  4. Those who have tickets should go, and boo the tits off Rhule and Tepper. Don't let opposing fans have them.
  5. Win or lose Sunday, I'll be doing something else besides watching this miserable excuse for an NFL team.
  6. I can't wait for next Sunday. I'm going to make some plans and I don't even know what they are yet but they won't involve the Panthers. Yay freedom.
  7. I think I'd stick with Baker at QB. Leftwich old asf /s
  8. Yep, do the electric slide in the pocket, whatever it takes
  9. Maybe we would have had more attempts at the plate had the ball be put in CMC's hands more often in the first half. But let's say that first half struggles is why he didn't get the touches. FML
  10. So this is how IDL take plays off, just collapse into the arms of the OL.
  11. That's because the earlier rankings were looking at talent on the roster, not the clown coach who will ruin yet another season
  12. With respect to the OP, why was our gameplan so pass-heavy against a team with vaunted pass rushers against a rookie LT and shitbag for a Center? We have CMC and Foreman, yet we put Baker in some type of "go prove yourself to the team that kicked you to the curb" redemption story. As soon as Baker showed signs of his nerves, or whatever that was, we should have adjusted while the game was still even on the scoreboard. Yet, the coaches doubled-down on the passing attack that wasn't working.
  13. We would pass on first and second, leaving no doubt as to our third down play call. Those batted passes man...
  14. I don't know how anyone can feel like we will win any game at this point under Rhule. He's shown an uncanny ability to lose a game that appears winnable in every aspect. I expect losses, I get surprised with wins. It's the culture here now.
  15. That bullshit camp QB competition man ffs
  16. When you're scratching your head wondering why we are losing to bad teams, and then it hits you. We are the bad team. Next week should be a better indicator of who we are and what to expect this season. I'm willing to give some latitude for this being the first game and Baker didn't get it going until late. That said, without a run defense we will need to score 30+ to have a chance.
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