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  1. Remember when the NFL removed a referee crew member from his duties prior to a Panthers-Saints game because the douchebag was actually a Saints fan per his social media account? Pepperidge Farms remembers
  2. Time to put this one away right now. Forget conservative football, attack these fools.
  3. Feels like the plan in this second half was to use McCaffrey less and I don’t think that’s working too well.
  4. There’s no way the “analytics” supported that bullshit
  5. We play four AFC opponents every year, two home and two away, always have. Except now with the 17th game, we play five this season.
  6. It would be the Jets only win of the season, and the Panthers only loss. There, I said it.
  7. Best surprise thread in quite some time. Shitting on Brees, that's when I know the season is here.
  8. Can we block their rush long enough to make those throws?
  9. He’s more of a basketball guy as I understand.
  10. I swear to God if I see us giving Wilson just enough time to dink and dunk around our questionable linebackers I'll flip my poo. This defense needs to get off the field in 3rd down. Can't give the rook any confidence. Panthers win 21-14 because I said so.
  11. All that yapping about our offensive liabilities and how their questionable defense will perform. They might want to get familiar with Brian Burns, Jeremy Chinn, Haason Reddick, Derrick Brown, and Jayce Horn real quick. At least they know our feared O-lineman Tyler Morton.
  12. This is the key. Imagine just converting TD's in the red zone last year instead of settling for a Slye kick.
  13. Damn, that sounds like a typical Panthers season, ngl
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