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  1. He'll probably be feeling some kind of itch in a few years when the bucket list items are mostly checked off.
  2. Two games in a row now we've had the chance to win and both were bad 3s chucked up by Tae. I like JB but lately don't understand his rotations. We got owned by Robin fukin Lopez in the paint today. Scott Brooks should have been fired if he didn't play Lopez down the stretch because in his limited first half minutes he dominated us with his "prehistoric" post moves. It's pathetic but there's not a big in this league that Cody or Biz can stop. We're toast this season and got as far as we could with young athletes and shitty injuries, but if we don't get creative with a Center solution in th
  3. We very well could be out of the 7/8 race by then
  4. Anyone heard any updates on when Miles could return?
  5. Damn, thought that Pats game would get national run
  6. Some sweet Chinn music for the rook
  7. That's the PTSD talking. It's like seeing a QB wearing #2 and crying in a corner.
  8. Whilst nary a QB was mentioned
  9. Hell no, just let him ride off into the sunset as a judge on America's Next A Capella Sensation
  10. I'm happy we're back in the draft before the 6th round. Great job so far. Goodnight!
  11. Good pick. This kid is tough and not scared to hit somebody. I like that in a TE.
  12. Oh look, a commercial when we're on the clock
  13. I'm ready for a fifth. Of vodka
  14. Yep. He expects you to eat your steak with ketchup like a real man.
  15. Frankly, I'm underwhelmed. Thanks Detroit, go fug yourself
  16. What a waste of a talent to go to the football wasteland known as Detroit, fug
  17. We've been thinking that since back when fat Alice was stinking up this joint.
  18. Yet tomorrow never comes for those dirty fugs
  19. I just don't see us keeping all three. And we need a legit center in the worst way, I hope that's where Mitch spends some money.
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