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  1. Soon to be Brady's spot when Icky is the LT
  2. I can see the future. Baker will solidify the starting role, get us back to our winning ways, and mentor Corral in the process to be his eventual successor. Also, Sam Darnold will be managing a Cinnabon in a St. Louis mall in 2023.
  3. Not necessary, BB saw us last year and we know Rhule hasn't changed.
  4. Lack of practice? Isn't this the guy who read the playbook before it was even published, and has put in eleventy-billion more practice hours than anyone else on the team?
  5. Very sad to hear of her passing. I've been a huge fan since I was a kid and Grease was released in theaters. We were on a cruise this week when the news broke, and incidentally the musical Grease was being performed on board. They dedicated the shows to her, it was really a nice touch.
  6. As a side note, this entire Panthers TV broadcast production is ass all the way around. I guess they are in preseason form as well.
  7. If only Matt had gone to Temple or Baylor, he would have gotten more favorable linemen on the field with him.
  8. My first jersey was a Marino circa 1984
  9. One series for Baker? Hopefully one for Sam then we turn it over to Matt. If I have to watch Sam possibly shine against W's backups and get that narrative going, it's going to suck hard. Wait...Sam shine, wtf am I drunk already?
  10. Taye Biddle as the Preseason All-Pro
  11. One year ago, during the preseason, was when we all witnessed Rhule "coddling" Darnold and giving him hardly any reps. We were all left wondering what we would get out of him once the season started. You think Rhule will coddle Baker the same way as he's clearly emerging as the opening day starter?
  12. Lolwtf this is great. Let me guess this was taken this morning before practice?
  13. I was gonna say, he got every last one of them
  14. Did they bring a lunch pail out there too?
  15. I've been trying to reach you about your vehicle's extended warranty
  16. I pray to the football gods that Darnold, seeing the writing on the wall, decides to retire and forego his remaining guaranteed salary. A man can dream.
  17. Seriously, I'm sitting here wondering what deal with the devil did this city make to get a new NBA franchise after the O.G. Hornets bolted for New Orleans. We're clearly cursed. For the record I still hate Shinn/Woolridge and will forever.
  18. I have this condition where I don't retain traumatic times in my memory. It's a blessing.
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