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  1. Hunter Henry will definitely not be the pick. Derrick I can definitely see but Hunter is a very below average blocker at this stage and there are other TEs with better athleticism that will be available later. No need to go TE that high.
  2. If Broncos win, it will only be 3rd time in SB era a team with a passer rating differential outside of top 10 does so (2007 Giants finished 24th). Carolina is 2nd (behind Seattle), Denver is 18th.
  3. If we're talking about evading guys with his subtle quickness, sure, but as a Michigan fan I would continuously get frustrated by him going down so easily at first contact, especially by smaller corners. He's pretty much a more explosive version of Greg Olsen IMO, which isn't a bad thing by any means.
  4. For me it's is YAC. Dude never broke tackles at Michigan. Otherwise he's a great pick due to his ability to make contested catches.
  5. Someone will probably reach for Dorsett in the 1st, I hope it's not us. Luckily I feel as though this is not a Gettleman-like pick.
  6. You're right, I shouldn't have mentioned his name, I was just more or less trying to state that I believe someone will take him earlier than expected.
  7. I love Fiedorowicz. I remember watching his highlights when he was coming out of high school and following him all the way through college. If we got him at the end of the 4th, it would be a major steal IMO. Unlike the other TE's listed at the top of the draft, CJ is a tremendous blocker which is why I think he'll go much earlier than our 4th RD pick. Scouts have been raving about him lately and I wouldn't be surprised if he was selected before either Amaro, Ebron, or S-Jenkins
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