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  1. Not arguing with you dude. This is silly. He can catch and he's pretty damned fast for his size period. For u to assume I'm speaking out of my booty hole is crazy. He burned top CB talent on 9 routes. I guess you're calling him a possession receiver because he can catch? It doesn't even matter. Key will beat out Hill for the job easily. You don't have to agree, and I won't brag when I'm right.
  2. You better look up his pro day 40 times bruh... And even if it's a tenth slower, he CAN catch
  3. No way Hill beats out Garrett. Same size, same speed. One has hands and one doesn't. Garrett is the guy I have been on record rooting for Hill, but Garrett replaces him easily. You have to keep in mind too though, that we didn't draft Garrett because the FO has said, that we already had that type of receiver. In fact we have two in Funch and KB. Barring an injury on Garrett's part, he's a lock to make this roster; unless of course they choose a smaller faster WR in Byrd. Theres no way Garrett stays on our practice squad either. He'll be gone the very second his name is put on the PS list. Garrett > Hill period
  4. I had no idea that turtles did this poo bro! That's CRAZY! most gangster turtle of all time, no doubt. Snatch and drown
  5. I have a ticket to the game, but if I were to win the on field passes I would pluck someone from the Riot Tailgate to go in with me for the field pass. 2 true winners! After reading some of these stories of like to share a couple of my "cool story bro" stories as well. I could start in 95 when my family moved from Miami FL to NC, and my grandparents sent me a panthers hat before we moved. I could fast forward to Iraq in 2002 and Super Bowl 38 in 2004. I was at the MEK compound in Al Fallujah, Iraq. This is actually a pretty good story. We had gotten rocketed earlier in the day, and luckily they missed pretty badly. Being Signal my entire career, we were in control of the AFN tower and transceivers for the base. Basically an antenna on the roof that transmitted the game throughout the Forward Operating Base. It was nearing the end of the game, and our brand new LT (fuggin idiot) decided to start messing with it because the picture wasn't all that great at all, but it was still watchable. We were in Itsq after all. Long story short, he hit the power button which made AFN go out throughout the base. Everybody's panicking. I wish I could describe the scene as hundreds of Soldiers in all states of dress are running to the DFAC with their weapons and gas masks strapped to their legs. The Brown and Root DFAC had its own satellite. Naturally I was there first pounding in the doors for them to open it up, keep in mind it's the middle of the night there due to time differences. They open the DFAC and I set up the TV just in time to see Moose'sTD. Our LT was well known and not liked the rest of that trip. We all know how that game ended. I was deployed for many football seasons and have made sacrifices to to either watch the games in the middle of the night IF* they were even on AFN or I would go to NFL.com and constantly refresh the game track, with the pretty little arrows and play summaries, often for entire seasons. This was before it was legit as it is today of course. Then I can fast forward to 2008 season. This time I'm leaving Afghanistan, so it's a joyous day, the Panthers were playing the Cardinals in a game we were projected to win easily. Jan 10 2009... Our bird (plane) home was delayed by an hour so a few of us ran over to the newly minted Pat Tillman MWR lounge that runs very close to the flight line. I ran over there in time to see us go up 7-0 and then I left. It was the opening drive and I felt confident that seeing that we would win handily. 1st SGT came and chewed out asses for leaving the contonement area and it was time to load. Sweet I thought, up 7-0 and going home. No worries and slept like a baby all the way to Germany where we were to deboard the plane to refuel and get meals. I went to a gift shop and they had a tv. That's the first time as an adult that I literally poo myself! Not sure if it was the jimmy dean I had eaten earlier or not, but I'm gonna say that it definitely contributed to it. I saw the final score of the Panthers game and literally poo myself! Boxers in the garbage and free balling all the way back to the good ole USA. I was in Central America during the pickles year. I remember watching Cam make that epic comeback vs Alabama and knew right then that if we could just lose out, he would be our QB. Pickles didn't disappoint and we indeed drafted Cam obviously. Fast fwd again to last year where I attended and took my wife to our first Panthers game ever. It was vs Cleveland. Johnny Manziel was to start, so I figured lets splurge and watch two former heisman QBs go toe to toe. We attended our first Huddle Tailgate that @Boo put on. Totally awesome experience. Riot was there as well. Then I went to the Arizona playoff game and what I believe was the last Huddle tailgate. Got to meet Mr Igo and sent him the pic of the monstrous crew in the rain. Great time and great vibe both pregame and post game. FF again to this year, where I took my 4 yr old son to his first game against the Bucs week17. He loved it, visited the Riot tailgate, had a great time. FF to last weekend, I had made my wishes known prior to the game that I wanted Seattle. I had initially tried to get tickets like many of you when they went on sale but no luck. Watching the Vikings game, I told myself I would buy a ticket if Seattle won, and the well, Minnesota missed the kick. I immediately went on Ticket Exchange and scored a ticket in section 103 for $357. STEAL! Im a huge Panthers fan obviously. Not even gonna try and play like I'm the biggest fan ever cause everybody seemingly is. Oh, I was a member of the DoubleTrouble3428 fan club as well, that was pretty cool. I may not win, especially cause it's random, but I figured that sharing a couple "cool story bro" stories would be kinda cool for someone to read. I also love the Huddle. I hope that whomever wins has a great time. Like I said I'll be at the tailgate and game, if I did win, I'd pick someone to go onto the field with me. See you guys Sunday
  6. Bring on Seattle! Plus, I got poo to do this afternoon and don't want to watch that game, but if Minnesota pulls it out, I'll be forced to do so
  7. MFin AP!!!! Keep giving him the fuggin ball!! If he's running like that in the 1st qtr, he'll be breaking runs off in the second 1/2 lets Go Vikings! butch ass Cardinals are over rated!
  8. I hope AP has a career night after just 8 carries last week. So FUGGING SICK & TIRED of hearing about Arizona! Go Vikings!
  9. As a current Soldier, I just want to say that CBS did an absolutely horrible job with that tribute piece.
  10. HERE WE GO BOYS!!!! We have Coverage now! PS Fug Dr Phil
  11. It is a shame that we're 6-0 and Smitty's not here to enjoy the franchise record start after the horrible years he endured here. I also feel bad that he won't be here to hoist that Lombardi later in the year. Having said that, I firmly believe that we wouldn't be 6-0 with Smitty here. I love the guy, and he'll go down as one of the best Panthers of all time, and he would be an upgrade at WR but it's not gonna happen. Woukd it be a textbook storybook ending for him? Sure, but it's not gonna happen folks.
  12. that's just evil bro. Had a couple beers and gotta drive home. NOT DRUNK at all. Literally two beers, but nobody wants to get in a car and drive with all those 6s on there
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