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  1. We don't have agents and family and homeboys in our ear telling us we would dominate elsewhere. I'm on the Miles Bridges bandwagon his BEST career decision would be to stay here with Melo the grass isn't always greener for 6'6" forwards
  2. We've got to sign Miles but Miles needs to help us keep LaMelo and others in the future. It's tough I really really really hope they work this out. That's Melo's road dog. It was a long time ago but the Larry, Zo situation tore us apart. It was never the same after that. What could have been if we'd been able to keep LJ, Zo, Dell together. History would teach us that keeping your core together is paramount in order to become the 90's Bulls or Golden State.
  3. I don't see why Terry doesn't backup LaMelo and Bouk. That's an option if he'll do it.
  4. The Cliff reunion may come with a Kemba reunion at backup PG. I wonder how the huddle would feel about that. With Cliff here and Kemba available it's a very possible, possiblity.
  5. If you want to be Golden State on the East Coast act like it. Work it out.
  6. The media would like nothing better than for Melo and Bridges to be elsewhere.
  7. The last thing you want to do is develop a player out of college into star just to clutch the purse when they ball out. At the same time Miles needs to look at a guy like Kemba, he probably wishes the negotiation to stay in Charlotte some way, some how would have been achieved. Miles said publicly that he wants to stay a Hornet. It's more up to him than anyone. Of course the team wants a team friendly deal so they can keep more talent. So tell your agent to make a deal that doesn't embarrass the player and keep it teal. Sometimes you actually have to give the discount your agent doesn't want you to to stay where you want to play. NBA players make a lot of money anyways, he'll be rich regardless. Chase happiness not the damn dirty $$$.
  8. You got to give them some slack. They thought they had their perfect coach in Atkinson and then they didn't. They obviously didn't want Mark Jackson and Jordan and Mitch oddly want to retain most if not all of the coaches. In their eyes they were jilted and embarrassed in public by this guy and the negative media afterwards. They turned to somebody they could trust, somebody that already wanted the job and wouldn't say no and has always been a coach that was good at making something out of nothing. I'm not mad here. The trust factor is already there. They really really know each other, Mitch has done waaaaay better than Cho. I would have gave Mark Jackson an interview but I understand why Jordan hired someone who would be more loyal. Unfinished business apparently. It is what it is now. Cliff doesn't shoot. I've already moved past it. You should too. If they sign Miles, Mitch has done well this off-season and this squad is automatically better defensively with 7'2" Williams and Kai coming into the lineup after killing the G League. Experience at coach is what we were missing, a young defensive big was what we were missing. Beelieve!
  9. Aaron Rodgers 2.0. I'm calling it now. We don't have Brett Favre and this is 2022. Play him.
  10. It was also cool when fans could video because guys would post some exclusive stuff from TC which we used to all enjoy, then the tone deaf front office banned it all.
  11. I wouldn't have hired Clifford but he's coach again so we gotta get over that and support our team. The Hornet's may surprise you guys. I'm going to go ahead and get on the bandwagon. This is a better coach than Borrego. Mitch has set the next coach up for success with an all of a sudden tall all of a sudden athletic frontcourt.
  12. This roster could make a good coach like Cliff a great coach like a Brown, Jackson. This is a much better roster than with Cho, Mitch did this. Jordan just took a huge weight off his shoulders. He knows Cliff has got this. Honestly I think Cliff would have had these guys better prepared for the playoffs the last two years. He's a much more seasoned coach than JB AND the organization just happens to know and trust this man. I'm starting to feel better upon having slept on it, much like Duren.
  13. OK, time to move on folks. Let's show some class and behave ourselves. Welcome back Coach Cliff!!! Let's Go!
  14. Kai is a good blocker too. The length on this squad is intriguing and the defensive potential here is pretty outstanding if these two guys can become your permanent 4,5 combo. Mitch is the man. I can see it coming together. Cliff never had a better roster and this is a huge opportunity for him to lift himself as an already experienced HC. Clifford will serve the squad better in the playoffs this season as a coach. I truly think he would have done a better job of having them prepared for the playoffs.
  15. 6'11" 220lb Kai Jones really showed that he deserves a roster spot this season. He earned it. I don't think Clifford changes things much as far as the potential here with this group. Clifford MUST get Williams on the floor. We can't afford to have a 7'2" 245lb Dpoy playing with the Swarm. That defense needs to be plugged in immediately. Kai is a natural scorer. I think he has Shawn Kemp potential. If Cliff can plug those two bigs into the current roster with Melo and crew we'll be on to something finally.
  16. If he doesn't get his stuff together BEFORE that he will have crashed a once good franchise. He's not smarter than any other owner group, not more innovative, not the richest(soon), hasn't succeeded in hiring a winning FO. Lacking, lacking, lacking. I've heard better ideas on the huddle. What does he have to do? Listening to the fan base is a great start. Demand that the staff get Matt Corral ready to play. McAdoo would enjoy that challenge and so would Matt. Give the team some damn direction instead of "optionality" which has proven to be directionless and rudderless.
  17. You got dissed by the pretty girl in the middle of the lunchroom and you get back to your ex. I get it. You're safe now.
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