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  1. When Hurney went out to Oregon to see Justin Herbert during lockdown I felt sure the Panthers were going to move heaven and earth to get him. Nope.
  2. No, I like Darnold. I'm hoping he's Favre incarnate. It scares me that they're hiding him from being seen playing QB.
  3. They should have sat Fields behind Darnold for a year or just in case.
  4. They've done absolutely nothing to fill seats. Rhule is caught up in the front office's honeymoon ending. They've botched the QB position more than once now.
  5. Hornets are gonna hurt that box-office.
  6. People poo'd when I said six wins may be a miracle. The defense is beast mode. Prime time. But the offense remains a mystery. There are potential weak spots that are very concerning. Offensive line still hasn't been figured out and it's almost time to play. Everybody knows a line without chemistry won't do well. We still don't know who goes where. Backup QB should be a veteran guy who has played in the league in order to keep going if Sam gets injured. It just seems to me that those types may intimidate our young OC. Haven't seen anything that says Brady or his scheme is special. Remember how much fun Chudzinsky was, yeah, nowhere near that creative as of yet. Nothing in preseason has changed my mind. That's why, in a tough NFL, you have a bunch of questionable QB decisions from the staff, an upstart online that hasn't been together with any kind of reps, Average OC (so far) and a great defense. Not enough points to win at the end of games UNLESS Sam is secretly a franchise QB. AND the kicker.
  7. Which lends to the mystery. Those games aren't televised. We are a fan base screaming out for access. Are they hiding him from the public? Do they think he's fragile in some kind of way?
  8. I give you your due when you are correct, but in return you're an ass.
  9. Go to bed. You've got nothing to contribute, as always. Yawn.
  10. Wtf are you talking about insider information? Did I ever tell you that I had insider information? Please get some sleep, you and Scot need it.
  11. I read more in a day than you ever will in a year. Get off my jock scrub! No reason to lie to anybody and I'm not back tracking for your education or lack thereof.
  12. Exactly, but the apologists are out defending every thing a (so far) failing regime is doing. We want them to succeed but when they do silly things we should all link arms and nod yes while in lockstep over the abyss like the people who were wrong about Teddy?! No. Scared is scared. Fear doesn't win football games.
  13. Yes I did, and was looking forward to seeing him play. Agree to disagree as always Scot. You defend mediocre to the hilt.
  14. Starting him would bring about a rude awakening, and your right, some don't recover after getting thrashed and exposed. They should bring him along slowly, no rush. He needs another year to learn how to use HIS body in the NBA.
  15. The fact they're Hiden Sam says a lot. I read that he was supposed to get significant playing time today. Leadership through deception never works. "Fooling" your opponent in the NFL doesn't work for long. They're trying to fake it and faking it ain't making it.
  16. More than six wins may be a miracle.
  17. Where's Sam? I think somebody bet the house and is terrified of losing that bet.
  18. Somebody knows the Patriots playbook.
  19. https://www.si.com/nba/hornets/news/charlotte-hornets-rookie-kai-jones-driven-to-excel-as-a-pro-determined-to-leave-a-legacy He doesn't lack confidence.
  20. He must secretly own the NFL because they seem to do what ever they want over there without repercussions.
  21. I understand. Not everybody is a saint. People can be manipulated. Not everybody wakes up with good thoughts. Most of us don't get that.
  22. All I know is I like that you have the testicular fortitude to be drafted to MJs franchise and choose #23. To do that and not have that dog in you on offense AND defense would be shameful.
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