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  1. KB didn't come to play that day and ran a lazy route out of bounds I think, the pick happens and Cam who cared more that day sprinted to make the tackle when KB couldn't care less. Cam rehabbed from that and TJ Twatt. The problem was and continued to be the same, nobody but Rod Chuszinsky ever bothered to build a offense for Cam Newton. If someone promised that he could play today, they aren't so why then. He's got almost a million subscribers on YouTube, he's good.
  2. We shouldn't pave a yellow brick road to the Lakers by dealing Melo's most favorite guys over there. Thinking ahead will help that. Unpopular opinion here though, I think they should sign the guys we've drafted and developed in Jalen McDaniels, PJ, even Mason and Kelly. Everything I remember about basketball says a team that's been together longer developed sustainable winning. Chicago had the three headed monster during those championship years. Three centers that could all start separately or play together in a pinch. Robert Parish, Longley, Cartwright, others along the way. We've never had as many talented centers to throw at teams in the playoffs when we always lacked half court players and would constantly get bullied. Williams is beasting here of late. Nick Richards was killing it earlier in the season. Point Plumley is becoming Melo at the center position. Mason is having a career year under Clifford, the perfect coach for these guys. This is the FIRST time the Hornets have ever had a surplus of centers and PF. Another year or two with this exact squad with nobody getting hurt, I think would be a contender in the East. Unpopular but I'd run it back with the same squad for cohesiveness sake or at least keep our in house guys in McDaniel and PJ.
  3. You guys judge players on practice reps not real games. Trask, drafted before Tom got there, how many different OCs and turnover since then. You guys can laugh all you want and assume all you want because the way the NFL is structured unless it's a situation similar to Matt Corral, 2nd rounders have a hard road to starting, that's reality. As I've said before for goofballs giggling about a man making more than twice their own salary still living the dream actually BEING an NFL player calling HIM a bust.... Yeah maybe in football but not in life $$$
  4. Too much logic in that post for the huddle to even comprehend.
  5. Most of the players we speak of as being busts is because they had their opportunity in the NFL and couldn't make it because of x. Matt Corral is being counted out by these huddle chuckle heads just for that reason(chuckleheadedness) You could give logic doesn't matter the Panthers draft said player they hate and NOW because they are in charge a guy they drafted and are paying paychecks to has absolutely no opportunity to play because, because....ripp said so. That's the garbage take. Matt Corral isn't there for his looks or because he smells good, they courted him predraft and moved up to get him. The real delusion is the Panthers won't play him. Also, don't forget, EVERY QB got injured by Matt Rhules line early in the season except PJ because they hadn't figured out who was going to start until AFTER training camp. You know, coach by committee. Corral will get his chance because Fitterer and David Tepper were high on him and THEY want to be correct even more than our own huddle mouth breather Panther/Young Lion haters. The Golden One
  6. Trask is still in the NFL and Carson's knee.
  7. Yeah, people here foolishly thinks my picks are for best this best that. Anybody that's been paying attention knows I'm not picking "the best". My picks are the most underrated capable of top performance if given the chance. Justin Herbert was my underrated guy when everyone was all over Joe Burrow. Finding those diamonds in the rough can lead to long term success when you've done your scouting and your homework on a player. IF Matt Corral can be the guy he was supposed to be as a projected (not by Ripp, by many experts) late first rounder, we hit the jackpot with a third round contract for a guy who may more likely than not give the same performances that made him a blue chip recruit we'll before his outstanding 2yrs at Ole Miss a non powerhouse program. The real goal to sustainable success is not drafting Drake Maye or Cam but if you can find a Tom Brady or Russell Wilson of your own so you can pay for elite defenders.
  8. Exactly, the dude that listed the measurements has a huge problem with me agreeing and picks one word to disagree about to say he doesn't agree with me when I agree with him, Baker does suck, Baker IS shorter, fatter, slower, less athletic, a weaker arm and less fresh breath than Matt Corral. I don't know what's wrong with him...
  9. You who take every word literal for the sake of argument aren't worth my time. You ain't talking about nothing just trying to pick sht apart with nothing to add. You want to talk about a word that has a lot less meaning since 2019. Matt Corral is taller.
  10. If you can't include ocular data from different picture angles without being a conspiracy theorist. I can't help you.
  11. The legend of Baker Mayfield has him as 6'3" throwing over mountains.
  12. Was that just a return of the Baker, Baker, Baker boys?! Me and @panthers55 have been in agreement lately. Don't mess that up for me.
  13. Thicker, slower, fatter. Ate more of Matt Rhules donuts.
  14. My point is that Baker is shorter. Your data agrees with that. No argument here.
  15. You know what I think already but the more I look at this draft class Matt Corrals, college stats, accuracy, rushing ability line up very favorably with any of these perceived top picks at QB this draft. Levis isn't on a powerhouse SEC team so I can totally understand why he's shot up in the draft mocks because he always had to achieve more with less sometimes having great showings and wins against the big boys. THAT is every NFL team not in the legacy club. The same goes for Matt Corral, not from a powerhouse program, just a rag tag bunch who looked to their QB for that extra they needed to win. I'd be all in if ANYBODY like Drake Maye was in this QB crop. Not one(don't even come out of your mouths with AR). IF there is a run at the top at QB two MONSTER DEs will be there or we can pick whomever we think the best WR in this draft is.
  16. Corral is closer in stature to Sam than Baker. Shoulders, knees line up.
  17. Oh I did, Baker is still the smallest. I was right behind the bench at fanfest. PJ and Baker were the smallest guys on the field.
  18. Corral looks like he's at least taller than Baker listed at 6'1"
  19. He's actually going to be a good day one guy for somebody. I'm on the Official Will Levis Bandwagon and also the Official Myles Murphy Bandwagon but I'm not saying Will should be our pick. We've been discussing Levis since last season on this here site. His OC going to the NFL as well as talent plus injury, although he still had some good games, wasn't the player/offense we saw last season. He showed off his running ability last season, Will Levis isn't only a QB he's also elite level rushing QB who can deliver blows too at 6'3 230lbs and also runs like a RB if you need him to. Him and Corral to me would be redundant because they basically cover all the same skill sets which are many. They both are balanced QBs, equally good at being a running back when needed but both have damn good arms and Matt, slightly better accuracy and pop on his throws. The only big difference between the two is 1" and 18lbs(Corral draft weight vs today??)
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