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  1. Sam is the backup 18mil backup. Maybe Cam can be the reasonable starter. Id love to see him with a full training camp. McAdoo likes the TE so does Cam.
  2. I'd said here that FA would be tough for us because guys are choosing. I don't trust another QB trade with this Fhule headed staff. I just feel that Cam would be the only and probably most friendly FA QB for the Panthers. Nobody wants this team to win more than THAT guy. You'd never have to question his dedication AND guys look up to him. Is he the best FA QB? No, but again he's the one who loves you and he looked damn good coming off his couch to truck DBs and LBs. That was beautiful and something I thought I'd never see again. The arm looked live although he wasn't always in sync with his receivers and he looks to be in better physical shape than when he first left. Make things easy, not difficult. The smartest thing to do is to ask Cam to come back and start at a reasonable price with Sam backing him up(learning how to be a professional from QB1, sorry he needs that) and try like heck to draft Strong to learn and sit behind them both. With Cam already knowing CMC(who is moving to the slot apparently), DJ, Robby. I think he's already got a head start on any other FA, plug and play basically. Cam told them he has standards, OK now they have a real NFL OC. We've already told these dummies how to fix this team. It's as if they read this sht and do the exact opposite to their own doom and embarrassment and failure. Let's use psychology... Don't fix the offensive line. Don't draft Strong and don't let him sit behind and eventually compete against Sam and Cam. Sheesh
  3. Rhule is trying to get a bachelor's and graduates degree here at Teppers and the franchises expense and reputation. Ain't nobody got time for Fhule to be learning on the job. Tepper got conned.
  4. The franchise belongs to the community. He owns rights that's all. We should run the team instead we're 25+yrs dedicated. The NFL didn't want the local group.....I was hopeful in the beginning. Too many mistakes though. A lot of flailing. Floundering. Expansion franchise stuff. We put arena talent up against NFL talent.
  5. A coward who's scared of going to a Hornets game. You are a football coach! Wtf?! Balls dude.
  6. Rome wasn't built in a hundred years. Most of us don't have that long. He's a dumbass for saying that. We were knocking on the door as a franchise. 2 Superbowls in thirteen years. It was time to knock the door down an we retreat like cowards to bring college ball "culture" to the PROFESSIONAL Football league. Stupid plan from the start. If Tepper wanted an expansion team he should have bought one. These fools chuckle because they say CAM has standards!? The community does too dufus! We don't need to be taken backwards to move forward that's a con. Some of us aren't easily conned, others are, he's playing that room obviously.
  7. We've been to the Superbowl twice in thirteen years. People don't know what they had in JR AND Marty, not many will agree with that though. From the looks of it the people may want that statue from JRs backyard to go into the circle of honor in a couple years because the trajectory of this clown show indicates long term doom unless someone gets a clue. The bottom feeders of the NFL would love such success. Some of those bottom feeders have never even had a Cam Newton or Luke Kuechly. We've been spoiled like I've been telling the whiners on this here site for years.
  8. If this team "rises from the ashes" in five years don't give the arsonist credit.
  9. Yeah, um, time to really get into those Hornets. These destructive know it all's have captured my Panthers and are determined to make them the Jets. No thanks. Most of us legacy huddlers are as die hard as you can get but these jackasses are killing our franchise and fandom. F' these dummies. GO HORNETS!
  10. 6'4" 215lbs. That and his arm will help him rise. Wouldn't be surprised if he passes up some QB prospects. He won't be there in the second round, he has that prototypical size the NFL loves AND the stats. I like him a lot. He has the measurables.
  11. Those would be professional football coaches. This guy is an amateur learning on the job and getting his ars kicked.
  12. They obviously don't watch the Panthers. Poor performance by QBs is at least 80% play calling and scheme.
  13. No, not at all, it seems like we're stuck with this guy though.
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