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  1. If we do not kill them on Sunday this season is officially lost. NO EXCUSES! This should at least be a win by double digits. They were not a good team to begin with, and they are currently ravaged by injuries to their only good players.
  2. Its the DMT Machine Elves! Somebody call Joe Rogan!
  3. I totally see what you are saying, BUT I highly doubt that Houston is going to get the price they were asking before the season started. They can want 3 firsts and 2 players or whatever but I have a feeling the actual deal they get will be dramatically less than that.
  4. Yes. That is in all likelihood very temporary, and then when its all finally settled, you have your superstar franchise QB for the next decade plus.
  5. I mean, what "work" needs to be done on Watson? Hes one of the top 5 QBs in the NFL. Period. Hes a known commodity at this point. And notice he didnt say that Fitty hasn't done any work on any other QBs...
  6. Thats kinda where I am at too, if I'm being completely honest with the situation. These chicks knew what time it was. And the fact that many of them went back multiple times should be a giant red flag for people claiming Watson legit assaulted all these chicks. IDK what really happened, but people have been known to embellish the truth, or outright lie for fame, notoriety and cash. But.....at the end of the day, the only people who REALLY know what happened is Watson and the women involved.
  7. He should just hire legit ladies of the night instead of assaulting massage therapists against their will - if that is indeed whats happened here. Not like there is any shortage of hot, young tail on Instagram willing to set up a "date" if the price is right.
  8. What do you mean “show up?” It’s not like he can just storm the field with the first team and demand to practice. The coaches tell the team who’s on the field when.
  9. And he still completed 70% of his passes for over 4000 yards and a ton of TDs behind a poo o line
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