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  1. poo I don’t know. Not my area of expertise. I’m just saying I’m sure it’s possible if they really want to make it happen.
  2. The Saints manage to do it every year. I’m sure we could figure it out if we really wanted to.
  3. Probably complete bullshit but I would be all over this poo.
  4. Yeah, the entire Jags organization was a complete mess last year, awful coach, and a rookie QB. The year before that he had 5 TDs, and hes already scored here on 2 catches. And 60 catches and 600 yards doesn't put him in the "weak" category to me. He's a good 2 or 3 WR, which is exactly what he will be here.
  5. LMAO, well it HAS been 3 games, so he's right on schedule. He will probably miss the next 5 or 6 games, come back for another 2 or 3, then miss the remainder of the year.
  6. Both the D Line and O Line have been pretty damn good the last 2 weeks. Week 1 was a struggle. Have we all been watching the same games?
  7. And obviously you don't either, considering you come on here day after day simping for fuging Sam Darnold of all people. Jesus...
  8. And Rhule and Fitterer et. al. HAVE done a very good job fixing our previously abhorrent defense and offensive line. We've gone from the defense overall (since Luke left) and the o-line being the worst parts of the team, to being strengths over a couple years. Now we all need Baker and the rest of the offensive to at least put up middle of the pack passing stats, and we could be a formidable team again.
  9. I dont think so. Even with all the bullshit so far, we are 2 55+ yard FG's at the end of the 4th quarter away from being 3-0. We have just as much talent overall as any team around. Like always it comes down to execution and coaching...2 things that have not been great thus far. Im not saying we're gonna beat all of them, but we definitely have a shot IMO. Maybe im just being optimistic, but I am hoping they turned a corner last Sunday. If we even just get middle of the pack QB play from Baker we can be really dangerous.
  10. Is all that rain from the Hurricane still gonna be around the area on Sunday?
  11. Ehhhhh I wouldn't go that far right now, unless you are just really down bad in the WR department. I'd give it another couple weeks to see how they integrate and use him in the offense going forward.
  12. I mean, people are acting like the guy was completely invisible his first 2 years with the Jags. With some of the talk about him you would think he had 15 catches for 250 yards. His only 2 seasons in the NFL hes gone over 600 yards receiving both years, with around 60 catches both seasons. 2020 - 58 receptions, 600 yards, 5 TDs 2021 - 63 receptions, 619 yards, 0 TDs (already did better than that here on 2 catches) He has shown he can get catches and be a productive member of an offense. I think he could do the same type of things here.
  13. IDK, there is plenty of room for improvement coming up, and our schedule the next few weeks isnt the murderers row it looked like before the season started. We always own AZ, SF is REALLY banged up, and not playing well with Jimmy G, and now their great LT is injured and wont be playing. The Rams and Bucs have not exactly been lighting it up either. Its not gonna be easy but we have the chance to get into a rhythm and pick up a few wins.
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