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  1. Uhhhhh.....Texas has zero state income tax as well.
  2. I wonder which one of Drummond and Easterby LaCanforna has been talking to about this? This is kinda out of the blue if there has not been any chatter going on behind the scenes. Is Drummond our back channel into Houstons Front Office? Perhaps Drummond has Easterby's ear, and hes using that to negotiate directly with Cal McNair? Their new GM probably wouldn't appreciate that very much though.
  3. Hell yeah! At least we have something fun to talk about! I can only read so many write ups on the strengths and weaknesses of the first round QBs.
  4. The simplest, most elegant solution is staring us all in the face. Suck for Sam. Easy.
  5. Yeah they just need a whole new offense and they’d be great!
  6. His shoulders never going to be the same, and thus his arm strength is never going to be the same. Once you go into the shoulder and start messing around you build up lots of scar tissue and lose range of motion. Sucks because he used to have a Howitzer for an arm.
  7. Yeah they kept winning with Taysom Hill starting at QB. They’d still drag us with Teddy playing.
  8. Yeah, but Caserio is not Belichick. I think we've learned over the years that simply working with BB, and being around BB cannot turn a guy into BB. There is no gaining of knowledge or insight or instinct via osmosis. How many Pats coaches and front office guys have gone on to great success in the NFL? How many have been hired and failed?
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