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  1. Yup thats what he said. He said he didnt want to just be a 1 year rental "here is your check, thanks for the 6 months" type of thing. He said he wanted to be part of building something special, which is what he sees happening here. Said he wants to be part of building a Super Bowl winning team, and he really sees that happening with the Panthers. They must have impressed the hell out of him, because he said that he was not really thinking about signing with us before he came for his visit.
  2. One day when I win the lottery I will have a complete Full Swing Pro set up in my home. Damn that thing is SICK.
  3. Thielen just said on Pat McAfee that we were talking to "a couple more WR's"....so far I know we've only been linked to Chark. I wonder who else he was talking about? OBJ could be one of them. THAT would be interesting.
  4. Because middle aged white guys make the world go round.
  5. I saw a tweet by somebody yesterday saying teams have contacted him about backup roles, but he still wants a chance to start and to be close to his family.
  6. Hopefully it’s to introduce Deandre Hopkins.
  7. Seeing A LOT of smoke on social media today that we’re about to make a trade for Hunter Renfrow….
  8. Maybe to make room for a trade for someone like DHop or Tee Higgins?? I’m sure they know plenty well that the only thing this offense is now lacking is a WR1 and a QB1, and we have an obvious plan for QB. With how aggressive they’ve been so far you have to think they’re not done, and will make a big splash at WR sooner or later. I really think it’s gonna be Hopkins.
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