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  1. Literally every report about a possible trade has us included in the 2 or 3 teams who have actively inquired about it recently.....so IDK about all that.
  2. LOL gotta be some kinda fetish type thing. You think hes one of those "pay pigs" that gets off on being financially humiliated?
  3. We are one of the teams that consistently keep popping back up in all this. Where there is smoke, there is fire. All I know is that if they do somehow swing this, I hope we somehow manager to keep Brown, Burns, Chinn, Moore and CMC. Can't neuter the core of this young team to land Watson. Although I guess 3 1sts and whatever else it takes will do that by itself. Since we now have Sam, I am of the mind to just hold tight this year and see what we have with him. He only cost a 2nd.
  4. His public image was "outstanding". This often bears no relation to the actual person.
  5. Defense is built to EAT right now. Offense is loaded with speed and talent at all the skill positions. Only thing lacking right now is the left side of the O-Line, and the HUGE question mark we have in GEQBUS.
  6. We are ABSOLUTELY a QB at the level of Deshaun Watson away from challenging for the division right now.
  7. This has Philly written all over it. Don't they have 2 1st and 2 2nds next draft?
  8. I foresee Sam with 4200+ yards passing this year. Hell, if Teddy were any kind of QB at all he would have had 4500 last season.
  9. I hope there are packages with both Tremble and Arnold on the field at the same time. I feel like Arnold could be used more like a 4th/5th WR, so that would give Tommy a spot next to one of the Tackles.
  10. This guy is going to be a beast for us.
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