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  1. LOL you really think Aaron Rodgers is interested in coming to Charlotte of all places to coach up his understudy? Thats one of the major reasons he wants to leave GB to begin with! Rodgers doesnt strike me as the "tutor the young guy, so he can take my job" sort of dude. Also, next year would cost us like 60 million dollars in QB salary if we kept both Sam and Rodgers.
  2. Just seeing if the old filter is still in place: The Golden Calf of Bristol
  3. If we somehow land Aaron fuging Rodgers to be our QB I will eat my shoe on livestream. If this happens we are immediately huge contenders in the AFC.
  4. How the hell are we supposed to know this before we see them play?
  5. That’s Awesome! Morgan was such an animal back in the day!
  6. What makes you think this dude is any way, shape or form similar to KB? Besides the fact they play the same position I see no similarity.
  7. Chinn at FS? Really? Not saying thats good or bad really, but I always saw him more of a thumper, in the box SS. But im sure he would excel no matter where they decide to put him on the field. Hes a superstar waiting to happen.
  8. Panthers go 10-7 or 11-6, shock the world and secure a Wild Card spot. Win their first playoff game. Brian Burns is in the running for DPOY. Horn wins DROY.
  9. These teams can ALWAYS free up money if they really want to sign a guy.
  10. Right - its the same thing that happened with Cam. Once the rest of the teams know you're going to release a guy, why would they trade any resources when they could just sign him once hes released?
  11. If we could go out and land a guy like McClain, and Clay from the Bears, our roster would be SET! Unfortunately I don't think we have enough cap to make both of those moves.
  12. I think it depends on how much cash hes looking for. I believe he was making like 6-7 mil a year in Miami, so that might be too rich for our blood at FS. Although this guy would look real good on our D next year.
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