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  1. permabanned lolcow


  2. Lol. I really don't think it's Levis. I'd be happy though. Can't lie. Any one of the four but the mouse.
  3. https://ftw.usatoday.com/lists/will-levis-odds-nfl-draft-top-pick Levis is going to be the No. 1 pick OK, so I consider this to be the most unlikely scenario, but maybe Levis actually is going to the No. 1 pick. What if teams have been high on him all along and were trying to keep it under wrap so as not to confirm what other teams were also thinking? It’s not weird that he’s getting the hype right now, considering all of the other top QB prospects have received top pick consideration throughout this pre-draft process, including Young, Stroud and even Anthony Richardson. It would be weird if it actually happens though. It’s not often a guy goes from consensus No. 3 or 4 player at his position to first overall pick. Cry Bryce Babies! There is a challenger.
  4. Says a Bryce Baby poo bird. You poo facts. Like I said I'll take the slings and arrows to oppose the real clowns like you and @Pantherzilla91
  5. Don't forget the diapers so you can match your QB.
  6. I'm just having fun. You went there with some serious sh*t. F' you.
  7. I didn't come out of my mouth with some pedo poo homeboy. You wouldn't do it in my face. You are a coward.
  8. The huddle is my only social media. I would thrash those Twitter fools.
  9. Damn Brycers. Worse than Cowboys fans.
  10. Stats and percentage is the only good way to predict future performance. Youngs stats don't indicate a better career than a dual threat Corral who has a running component to his game much like Cam, Levis, AR. Why would the Panthers bring in a QB at the opposite spectrum. The media told y'all that. TD said they loved AR. If AR and Bryce had a baby it would be Will Levis. Compromise without great loss. Will is a much better QB than even his stats say in comparison to frontrunner school QBs with everything at their fingertips. Will had to work harder.
  11. See @ForJimmy The amateurs come in here and think we're really fighting.
  12. I'm just having some fun. They think it's life or death.
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