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  1. Those trees you speak of are becoming new houses by the minute.
  2. I'm a fan of former Panthers working in the organization first of all so for Chase to continue to work and stay in the area means that much more. I hope he can build the best ST since Scott O'Brien.
  3. Good. Cheap. He was just killing it with the Blazers. Don't know what happened there.
  4. Whiteside has been beasting. I know people say this and that but aside from his present motivation that produced a career year for him, playing for his hometown Hornets with a guard like LaMelo may hush that fuss.
  5. I think he's settled in and sees a dome doesn't make sense. Plus, when you don't have a "star" pushing sales your goals become more conservative obviously.
  6. See, I can work with that. 6'11" 265lbs. Heavyweight. More suited to be an NBA center. Great production in limited minutes. This is a Center. Going on potential based on limited minutes on a stacked roster he has put in some work. Guys like Garza and Cockburn are more proven. Started longer. But this guy has the NBA Center body. Some nights he'll overpower that 215lb #1 pick of yours if they put him at 5. I generally think you've got to be 250+lbs to be effective against the other bigs. If you're looking for a Center start with the scale.
  7. This draft may actually be a double up on Center draft. Although I don't agree with CBS on their current rankings, their rankings show depth at C this year. Good for us. Mitch said several. Kofi is my sleeper in this draft.
  8. https://www.cbssports.com/nba/draft/prospect-rankings/centers/centers
  9. He's a PF they expected to become a center. Not his fault. They drafted him at 240lbs, now at 25 he's 250lbs.Not his fault. I'm VERY sure he found it difficult to guard some of the bigger , heavier centers in the NBA, thus the Pacers disappointment leading to underappreciating a player for what he is, a very good PF in the NBA. He's only 10lbs heavier than their starting PF and the same height. Not his fault.
  10. Oh yeah. 7' 285lbs. 6'11" 265lbs. Big bouys
  11. Yup. Kai Jones is supposed to go late first, I think. I'm so into stats and what you've done and can do over potential alone. I'm on the Cockburn, Garza bandwagon because they've put up serious points and rebounds and have been the focus of the offense at times, they've both done that in their own separate ways. As we get closer to the draft unfortunately both will rise. If the NBA was completely stupid we could get both and solve our problems in the post for years. I'd be quite intrigued to get either though. Kofi is going to rise, 2nd round potential, Garza will to
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