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  1. Luke as a coach would probably burn himself out quickly. He'd have to learn to delegate and trust. He'd probably be a great coach though. His coach, Ron Rivera played LB for another great coach who used to be a player, Mike Ditka. If anyone Luke could follow in their footsteps.
  2. Anybody ever see Miles play the 2? Just a question. I'm just curious. He's a ok ball handler. You got Melo, Miles, PJ, Kai, Williams on the floor all at once! Oh boy! That's bully ball.
  3. Make the Charlotte pipe foundry into practice facility, retail, hotel space. That and some imaginative upgrades to B of A we gain even more ability to host big events in Charlotte. Hotels are still going up here in town.
  4. I think the Panthers project would have all their attention. So much so, streets be damned. I just think Charlotte has a much much bigger headstart in coding, zoning, infrastructure development that SC can't match. I'm a homer but uptown Charlotte is built very very well. The city itself demands it from builders especially a project like a practice facility for the Panthers.
  5. That's a huge undertaking. They're still building. They've done a great job. I haven't got on the train in years but they look fly.
  6. I like how they're not looking at last season as a success and demanding more before giving out max contracts like fools. I'd imagine if your boss is the best to ever play the bar must be very very high. I do think LaMelo will get a max from the Hornets. Anybody else?! Miles needs to understand that rich is rich. He'll be rich regardless. Don't nickel and dime happiness and uproot your family for who knows what, who knows where. He loves Charlotte he's said so. Melo is here. The grass may not be greener for a 6'6" forward.
  7. Should have built it in Charlotte anyways. It would have been done by now. Charlotte knows how to get sht done and built.
  8. https://theathletic.com/3384108/2022/06/27/pistons-free-agents-max-nba/ "As I reported last week, even with room to sign a player to a max contract, the Pistons are unlikely to throw max offers at the likes of restricted free agents Deandre Ayton and Miles Bridges, though things can change. Instead, signs point to Detroit looking to add quality, veteran role players to pair with its young core as it furthers this rebuild." Starting to hear that Hornets aren't giving out any max contracts so Miles has to consider taking a lot of money instead of max money. Max money is all-star money. So for Miles, there goes at least two potential max contracts including hometown Detroit.
  9. We don't have agents and family and homeboys in our ear telling us we would dominate elsewhere. I'm on the Miles Bridges bandwagon his BEST career decision would be to stay here with Melo the grass isn't always greener for 6'6" forwards
  10. We've got to sign Miles but Miles needs to help us keep LaMelo and others in the future. It's tough I really really really hope they work this out. That's Melo's road dog. It was a long time ago but the Larry, Zo situation tore us apart. It was never the same after that. What could have been if we'd been able to keep LJ, Zo, Dell together. History would teach us that keeping your core together is paramount in order to become the 90's Bulls or Golden State.
  11. I don't see why Terry doesn't backup LaMelo and Bouk. That's an option if he'll do it.
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