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  1. Constantly trying puzzle pieces that may or not fit is an act in futility. THIS is a man Tepper CAN hand the keys to the fleet to. He's proved it. Over and over. Pay HIM.
  2. He's a former QB like that smug ass Sean Payton. Good match of minds there. He would KNOW exactly how to fix this OLine. I'm a realist, IF Tepper makes that offer... He has worn this uniform. Don't forget that. Perfect candidate.
  3. $$$$$$. Superbowl/s. He could use Cam and this defense to crush the NFCS. He's doing Michigan a favor. If he gets that call.....from Tepper!?
  4. Looks like "Woo tap that ars" I may be wrong. Must have been before Michigan once again beat somebody down. Hire a man not a mouse.
  5. Jim Harbaugh. THAT is the "college" coach who needs to be back in the NFL. Do you think when he was wearing his Panthers helmet, throwing, that he may one day coach the Panthers to a Superbowl? David Tepper. This is your next move.
  6. He should go after Jim Harbaugh get an answer and go from there. Stop all this foolishness Put this team in the hands of a former Panther and a damn good coach. *OFFICIAL GET JIM HARBAUGH BANDWAGON MEMBER* Sometimes you gotta recruit folks that have been here already. Things may work out better. Steelers have been notorious for that.
  7. This is what happens when Cam Newton is your quarterback. Eyes on you.
  8. Yeah, either you can do the job or not. No shame in failure at the NFL level. Many good college coaches have suffered the same fate. The sooner we part ways the better though.
  9. Love me some former Panthers and Jim Harbuagh was here if only for a short stint. He's doing very well at Michigan though. I really think he deserves another shot in the NFL.
  10. Robert Kraft is still an owner. Cheatriots get to do whatever they want though.
  11. 1.Jim Harbaugh 2.Scott Turner (pedigree) 3.Jon Gruden (after NFL drops lawsuit) 4.Rod Chudzinski All have been NFL head coaches except Scott Turner but Scott can lean on Norv for the help he may need.
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