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  1. I usually hope for the success of former Panther folks but not this guy. After this, nah On site yo!
  2. Nebraska fans may follow him after three years of excuses.
  3. Brian Burns big bro and former Panther himself.
  4. He's a lifelong NFL guy as a player/Coach who happens to be coaching in college again. This is the man who developed Andrew Luck and the man who took one read Kraepernick to a Superbowl and almost beat his brother John. Four years coaching up the crappy disfunctional 49ers to the big game amassing a .695 win percentage in 4yrs in a tough NFL?! There's nobody more NFL ready in my mind.
  5. I also wouldn't be mad at Lane Kiffin. Especially if he had a better second stint as HC in the NFCS. If he became a good/great coach and the Panthers gave him the chance Tampa didn't and we unknowingly create a chicken coming home to roost situation for a division rival?! All the more delicious.
  6. This coaching hire should be top priority and guys who may want the job who have a .690 NFL win percentage may want to talk to the Panthers about the HC job. He was a Panther himself and a longtime Bears QB also. Before hiring Matt Rhule Vegas had Harbaugh as odds favorite. There's a reason for that. It was our best move.....and we brought in the clown. Talk to Harbaugh.
  7. What a d*ck Always blames others. No self awareness.
  8. The prep and in game coaching is miles ahead of Borrego. Cliff is actually using the roster and elevating guys like PJ, Kai, DSJ. Not his fault guys aren't available. Other than that, his staff, his game planning, in game coaching, is a breath of fresh air. He's using Kai, Bouknight and allowing them to contribute late in games. Better coached. Better center play by far. Cliff is making Nick Richards a true starting center. The team defense has stepped up twofold. He's telling PJ they can't guard him and he's believing it. Oubre is having a career year. This team looks good, to those who are watching. When Melo comes back along with DSJ, it's on.
  9. You can live in a world of doom and failure or choose to see your strengths and build on them. I'm giving credit where credit is due. I actually watch the games. Truth is that if not for injuries, yes, this would be a playoff team. IF they get those guys back they can maybe salvage the season. Frankw we know you love the powder but your buddy Malik is gone and this ain't the eighties...
  10. This is a playoff team with Melo and DSJ back. This squad fights till the end. Guys we didn't even know we had are all of a sudden ballers. Nick Richards and Mason Plumlee and Kai Jones... Nobody expected us to all of a sudden have three good options at C with Mark Williams in waiting. Kelly Oubre... 28pts. Miles Bridges who? Nobody knew. Tsunami Popping is becoming a star in this league, balling! PJ Washington... Strong! Pay that man. I was sure. He hit a slump. I wasn't so sure. Last couple games?! Pay that man. He's a leader. Steve Clifford...
  11. From what I got to see Sam was the best QB among him Baker and PJ. I watched fan fest closely while everyone was chatting away. Sam was the only one constantly moving the ball and when Sam scrambled it was for positive yards. He'd actually be a good backup for Corral.
  12. I'll raise you 50 passing yards and one TD. I'm thinking 20-30 rushing yards, but I smell what you're cooking. Just because it's meaningless Sam will have a comeback player of the year type of game. 250 passing, 2TDs, 17.5yrds rushing, 0ints.
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