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  1. Yes, it's more about being done with it all though. The mismanagement. I'm starting not to give a sht. Shoulder shrug. Move on. Tearing apart the team to fix his biggest mistake is enough. The players don't deserve this.
  2. I know I was joking about Cam in the other Watson thread but seriously, this has to stop. I was all in, believe me but enough is enough. Trading for a pick from one team to give to the next. Paid TB, who we all knew was a backup QB, starter money. Booted a healing Cam in the ars while playing games in the media and coining the phrase "I'm not a doctor, are you a doctor?!". I was all for this but now it just seems cheap, desperate, and a bit irrational, like creating the QB debacle in the first place.
  3. As ownership, your terms are forefront. New chance to re-evaluate. Rhule,free agent Cam,Brady?! That really sounds good. Fit is not a question. Again, last season @QB. Not again. Deshaun was cool. I wanna go back home. She might still be there.
  4. I'd take free agent Cam and keep all my assets instead of giving everything to Houston. What do you think about Newton #7s ? Nice.
  5. The Jersey sales? C'mon man! It'll be like the Jordan #45. Don't give him #1.
  6. You bring in a former MVP that happens to know your WHOLE team. You think Curtis Samuel would come back for this? C'mon man! The marketing?!? C'mon man!
  7. Square peg into a round hole, exactly what we've said here about Cam and we knew you couldn't do that with him AND he doesn't have a DJ, Curtis, or CMC to throw to, just slappies.
  8. Some of ya'll are still in your emotions. I'm taking football here. Again, I wouldn't bet against Cam Newton. I've seen to much to do so. THAT would be foolish.
  9. Even Jake Delhomme went on to play for Cleveland with the damn TommyJoan. I'm saying Cam is your best free agent. I'd give him a shot over Teddy THATS ALL. And he can retire here
  10. He'll give the Panthers 110% of whatever he's got left. I know it and YOU know it.
  11. I was on the Deshaun Watson bandwagon and came back to reality just this morning. Cam and the Panthers need each other. It's time to heal this. Together. Now.
  12. Stop thirsting on a chick that ain't yours and may never be yours and call the girl that loves you.
  13. Says you. Prove either. Can't. If Trask gets the opportunity, he will be a good NFL QB. His stats and measurables are better than all but one QB in this draft. Truth. Don't bet against Cam, I wouldn't.
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