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  1. Elite picks?! Again, wrong. None of my picks were considered elite until AFTER. Pitts, we couldn't get him, Parsons, IF everyone knew Parsons or Herbert we're elite the Panthers would have moved heaven and earth for Herbert and would have took Parsons instead of Horn iirc? Picking isn't easy Jimmy. Watch and learn. Who were your picks?
  2. NO . I was on the Kyle Pitts in the first Kyle Trask in the second that year. I was also on the Parsons in the first Trask in the second bandwagon. Pitts was picked ahead of our pick so Parsons was available and we passed on him. I can remember sht Jimmy YOU forget.
  3. Your boy Baker, you Baker lover, I never was. Who you got Jimmy?! Who are your picks? Past picks? You talk, back some sht up bro. You leave out Justin Herbert and Micah Parsons and Kyle Pitts to try to make your foolish argument seem plausible. Give credit on hits as well as missed if you are actually trying to be honest instead of a knuckle dragger. Corral and Trask are NFL players living the dream, where was I wrong? They obviously deserve to be there or they wouldn't be collecting CHECKS.
  4. Watch Will Levis tape from last season with his true OC who went to work for the Chargers. The offense was much better run with more talent and Will obviously was more familiar with that now NFL guy running things and his offense. Yes, he didn't look as good with a "new"OC as he did when he broke out last season.
  5. I cannot acknowledge a 5'10" actually 190lb guy should even be in the top ten at a size position like QB despite"skill" level. He's a risk. If he is good, how long can he hold up in that environment filled with super athletes bigger stronger faster than everyone on the planet? It's a cool dream to have but nobody wants to be witness to his worst case scenario which, due to his obvious lack of size could very likely be just around the corner. These aren't college players, these are grown men who could easily rag doll him on any play. No thanks, and you should know better.
  6. Don't call me into your midget love threads.
  7. Yeah, all jokes and "schticks" aside, the guy really is a very good QB prospect. He has the toughness and that weirdness (not like everyone else) that leads to greatness. Being normal will get you nowhere in life and he knows it. The body, the arm, the pedigree (QB family), running ability along with some tape of him running like a damn FB in the open field. If Payton Manning comes out and says you are his favorite QB, f' what ripp says, listen to that guy. If we weren't picking #1 I'd be LOUD for Levis.
  8. 1. STROUD 2. Levis 3. Young/Richardson (same risk/reward value big IFs)
  9. If we didn't have a top 5 pick I'd be all in of course, but although im a fan I never saw him as a top ten pick more like 15-32. Bryce Young's lack of size has pulled Will Levis up into top ten consideration, that and Payton Manning on his bandwagon too.
  10. Much more athletic than Adam Morrison much more body control on his drives. Great shooter who can drive at will also. Nice dunks. A scorer and a tall #2 guard who has quick enough feet to defend at the next level. Don't sleep on Dick.
  11. If we kept LiAngelo we'd have two Balls and a Dick...
  12. The Dick jersey would instantly have more name recognition than Jordan himself. Jersey sales would go through the roof and we'd have a younger, better Gordon Hayward(that's his comp).
  13. As a compliment to LaMelo and HIS game, yes, athletic enough to become an even better defender, has more height than Terry or Bouknight to give us a very tall starting unit AND can shoot. A 6'7" point guard and a 6'8" shooting guard?!
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