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  1. The whole CD, but currently it's on this track...
  2. I love the Panthers and we haven't lost any of the games I've been able to attend for the last three seasons....
  3. "If you see this face..." When he asked DJ why he was talking to the media instead of watching film "You don't think I'm one of the best? You better check your reference!" “Hey, I know you feel like crap. I mean, you’re not a very handsome guy anyway, so. But, the performer, the quarterback … I never really liked you as a quarterback. But as a person, that’s who I love. I love you as a person.” "I got a new pair of shoes and my momma gave me a kiss today, I'm feeling great!" "Hell they might as well put my momma out there now.....and I'm a beat her like a drum too" I mean seriously....if you think Ice up son is the best....educate yourself https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBdaHiUz1DU
  4. Mid round pick and a player for a 36 year old WR who's retiring at the end of the year?
  5. Heard it was because Arsenal wouldn't pay the entire fee up front myself. Either way, he's staying.
  6. Right, but coming from someone who watches every RM game I can say that Benz defers a ton to Ronaldo and others. That's one of the reasons that RM who want him out do. They feel he's not ruthless enough in front of goal and he's willing to pass up a good chance to pander to his teammates. What they do with his passes is a whole other story.
  7. How many would he score if he didn't defer to Ronaldo though?
  8. In fairness, Benz isn't really just an "above average" striker.
  9. So like I said...I'll believe Karim is going to Arsenal when he's presented with an Arsenal shirt.
  10. Man....I hope so, but I just don't believe it.
  11. Strong evidence that RM have signed Mateo Kovacic from Inter.
  12. Ronaldo loves Benz because he's willing to defer to him on many occasions. If Benz didn't do that he would have been gone a LONG time ago. I still won't believe this till it actually happens. This transfer has been "close to done" about 6 times in three years.
  13. IF (and that's still a pretty huge IF) Arsenal does finally manage to sign him, I would expect Real to turn their attention to either Reus or Aguero. They're not letting Benz walk out the door without bringing in another big time goal scoring threat.
  14. Nobody wants this more than I do, believe me. I'm a huge Marco Reus fan.
  15. It's Benz. It sounds like as soon as Real gets the word from Dortmund they could be shipping him out.
  16. Real Madrid interested in replacing Coentrao with Ricardo Rodriguez. Would be a great signing, but Wolfsburg has a ton of money so it won't come easy.
  17. Are we really arguing about City spending 10m above market value? Really? Sterling is talented but has a long way to go to reach his potential ceiling. If he hits it he'll easily be worth the 50 million and one of the Spanish teams will likely pay 70 plus by that time for his services. If he doesn't then everyone will laugh at City for the business. That's really all that matters. Whether him being English factored into the decision to purchase really has no relevance. If they only wanted to buy an English player they would buy an end of the bench roster spot who logs less than 10 games throughout the season. This transfer is more about Sterling's ceiling than his nationality, and that's pretty damn obvious. Denying and downplaying Sterling's talent because of bias is pretty asinine.
  18. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.
  19. Iker Casillas to Porto. Official announcement should be coming later today. David De Gea deal sounds like it's been reached. Transfer fee rumored to be 28.6 million.
  20. Madrid is going to sign Vidal, and Arsenal will sign a doppleganger. Problem solved!
  21. He gets both if he waits five months though. It's not like De Gea is hurting for cash. I just can't see him signing a new deal unless Real Madrid has moved on.
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